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Just finished the series.

It was so good... sigh.

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The jurors for the Peabody Awards, which reward excellence in broadcasting, have announced the nominees in the documentary, news, public service and radio/podcast categories. Deadline has details on who is up for an award, including Oscar winner "20 Days in Mariupol," a look at Clarence and Ginni Thomas's rise to power by "Frontline," and USA Today and The Tennessean's film, "Inside Mississippi’s Maternal Health Crisis."

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March 5, 1988. Oprah Winfrey of the syndicated The Oprah Winfrey Show.
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Today, April 22, is Ancestor’s Eve, an evening of reflection in honor of those who came before. The holiday was established by Neelix in 2375 and celebrated on board USS Voyager, NCC-74656 (Star Trek: Voyager, s05e23 “11:59”, 1995)

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A mixed group of humans and aliens, mostly in Starfleet military uniforms, are posing for a photograph, raising their glasses of champagne and smiling. The caption reads, “(All) To family!”

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Christianity had a small impact in Japan. First, it only existed in certain specific provinces. Second, the daimyōs in those provinces only cared about Portuguese trade and the economic benefits they could obtain with it. Christianity was just the price they had to pay for it.

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What are you watching tonight?
Sunday 1995 Barbra Streisand Concert
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Welp, I'm not getting into The Harvey House anytime soon.

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You can also spank your wife with a SPURTLE!

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@RickiTarr Slotted or smooth depends on how kinky you get in spanking the wife.

Oh gosh, I always found those infomercials highly amusing. This made me smile.

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Sci-Friday – The Questor Tapes – Scifi 'The Questor Tapes' is significant when you consider its scifi pedigree.

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"Some have wanted to see in this show a conflict between 'European colonizers and Japanese people.' I’m sympathetic to and generally agree with these arguments. But here’s the thing: you can’t apply them to Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries."

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This heist series has a gay Black man as the protagonist and numerous excellent women characters. , too.

plays the mastermind behind the heist.

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. Now here's an action series with great women characters and the protagonist is a gay Black man. Enjoyed it very much.

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I sat down and watched "Ghost Basket" and "The Sign" with my kids this afternoon. They liked it but were doing other things at the same time, while I, on the other hand, was watching with rapt attention. I'm sure now more than ever that #Bluey is an adult show that appeals to kids instead of vice versa!

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The writers of "Sesame Street" have authorized a strike if they don't reach a contract by tomorrow. Thirty-five WGA members are asking Sesame Workshop for industry standard raises, improvements to residuals and more. Picketing outside the New York City office could start as soon as next Wednesday. "Millions of parents and families around the world are going to have a lot of questions," WGA East President Lisa Takeuchi Cullen said. "They might ask why the bosses at Sesame Workshop are ignoring their company's own messages of kindness and fairness." Variety has the full story.

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Peacock's "We Are Lady Parts" returns for its second season, with all six episodes available to stream beginning May 30.

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Classic Conan O'Brien and Old Timey Baseball! I can't believe that one lady didn't break character while talking with Conan.

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Apple TV+ has renewed "For All Mankind" for a fifth season, and will expand that storytelling universe with the spin-off series "Star City", a paranoid thriller set when the Soviets put the first man on the Moon.
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"But without radical intervention, whether by the government or the workers, the industry will become unrecognizable. And the writing trade—the kind where one actually earns a living—will be obliterated."

For Harper's, Daniel Bessner writes a thorough analysis of the #entertainment industry:

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On May 10, Ncuti Gatwa starts his first full season as the Doctor — the first Black and first openly queer man to take on the role. Entertainment Weekly talked to him about the responsibility he feels to get things right. “I was really cautious about getting it right throughout filming,” the Rwandan-Scottish actor explains. “It’s 60 years’ worth of legacy and 60 years’ worth of a show that people have loved and watched with their families. It lives in people’s hearts, so I really wanted to protect that.”

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"The bottom line is that protagonist John Blackthorne could have arrived in Japan aboard the Millennium Falcon, and I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. Because we’re no longer talking about the English sailor William Adams. We’re talking about a made-up character."

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