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:HackerCatRainbow:​​ is open for registrations!!! :HackerCatRainbow:​​


we're a small scrappy relatively fresh-faced underdog instance of glitch mastodon. we have but one humbly stated mission: to put the PUNK back into cyberpunk here on the fediverse


i'm vanta. trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist, the fediverse's favorite pirate radio DJ, DIY clothing auteur, and rogue wordsmith extraordinaire. i've been a hardcore fedi user since 2017


not only is this instance a fedipact instance that has blocked, but... i'm the one who made the whole pact to begin with lmao

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@vantablack how can I switchover my posts and account?

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@vantablack congratulations on the new instance. Sick domain and mission statement!

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@vantablack i am very tempted to make the switch....

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@vantablack @imkali @vantablack im like 99% sure i get it, but just to make sure, advertisting a crypto (i.e. 'come buy XYZ its the best money thing ever' is against the rules, but 'hey if you want to donate to me you can use XYZ, heres my address: 123456789' is allowed?

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@imkali precisely, yes

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