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the internet is an ocean
working at #MNT in #Berlin these days

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this spinning skull is really doing it for me :skull360: :skull360: :skull360:
I want a whole bunch of pixelated spinning emojos now, where do I find them?

update: :flyingbat:

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@WhippoorwillSong nope thats not at all what I mean. this is my server so I have to install all the emojo that I use...

liaizon, to random
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I got had the pleasure of meeting Maurits Fennis of @unbinare at @CCC last year and some of the things they talked about have been popping into my head again lately but I couldn't remember how to spell their name and google was giving me no results for "unbinary hacker"
Luckily @mntmn came to the rescue today with the spelling and I ended up listening to a talk they gave at that was super inspiring:

:skull360: An Ontology of Electronic Waste :skull360:

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After I finished listening to that I clicked on one of the related videos which turned out to be a talk by @tomasino about the small web (are we really calling it smol web?)

:skull360: Rocking the Web Bloat: Modern Gopher, Gemini & the Small Internet :skull360:

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And then of course the algorithm is never ending so next I ended up listening to Marcin Jakubowski's introduction to Open Source Ecology (tagging @OSEGermany cause it seems the non German one has no account)

:skull360: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization :skull360:

liaizon, (edited ) to debian
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Exciting day at Research working on the Pocket Reform! Today I am attaching CPU modules to adapter boards and then attaching adapter boards to logic boards. Almost ready to start flashing the system image (hello ) onto them soon after @mntmn finishes the final touches!

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@trevorflowers @mntmn I enjoy your build updates as well!

liaizon, to random
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Hey @glsbank, is there any way I can get my IBAN number without logging in? I would really like to use my account to receive money but I am waiting on you to snail mail me this SecureGo plus code and I am running low on time...

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@compl4xx @glsbank spent an hour on the phone with them yesterday just trying to figure out what was going on. I don't yet have the card cause it was returned to sender but they said my account is active.

liaizon, to random
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How would you collectively describe the whole ecosystem that federates?Everything that uses ActivityPub, XMPP, Matrix and SMTP/IMAP?

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@shadowwwind I feel like they could if chat gets more widely known about

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@shadowwwind ability to self host feels like its intrinsic to this but maybe not?

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😱 pixelfed.social has 47,775 custom emojis 🫠 https://emojos.in/pixelfed.social

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@cheeaun wow my browser really doesn't like loading 47,775 images at once

liaizon, to random
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So with emulators now fully allowed and alternative app stores for iOS I wonder how long it will be before someone brings roms to the iPhone

theverge, to random
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@theverge @tech @dansup did you already start your alternative?

nickmofo, to random
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Coming from the MIT Press October 15 — pre-order now!


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@nickmofo hey @memexikon did you see this?

liaizon, to iOS
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Congratulations @altstore! Becoming the first official 3rd party app store for iOS is a mighty achivement and doing it open source from the begining is incredible.

Lovely announcement on @rileytestut's blog about the whole thing which I recomend everyone read:

mntmn, to random
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firmware and system image for MNT Pocket Reform is ready, starting to flash first devices tomorrow

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@mntmn wow that was fast!

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The code will keep spreading stronger than ever this fall as we are set to perform on our longest tour ever in Europe and the UK.

New album will be released right before the tour!

Tickets & tourdates on http://mbrserver.com


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@MASTERBOOTRECORD woah nice to see you here!

arjan, to random
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should I expect to get harrassed for wearing keffiyeh or other Palestine solidarity symbols in Berlin?

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@arjan I see tons of them around, I think you should be fine but it probably depends on what neighborhoods you are hanging out in.

markuslatvala, to Playdate
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In case you have somehow managed to miss it, AmigoTracker is a Protracker module music player for Playdate. It plays most 4 channel mod formats and has nice mustache.

Available on itch (sorry, didn't make the cut for Catalog).


Sound on.


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@alinanorakari @markuslatvala wow what broke in it? They dont provide a warrenty?

dook, to random
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If a device is registered with the FCC in America, it seems the internal photos are in the public record! Was able to find some photos of inside Teenage Engineering tech which are hard to find teardowns for!

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@dook woah thats a tip! where is the database of photos?

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I wanted to restart doing thingaday and its almost 12am and was like oh no I need to start something and then I realized I just filed 3 bug reports and that totally counts as things!

April 1st /

profile picture from Friendica friend not displaying

refresh Notifications button only works the first time on page load

only displaying punycode version of url in share dropdown

liaizon, (edited )
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April 15th and 16th (the 4th and 5th day I have missed this month)

April 17th /

posting text only fails from Pixelfed

export .json fails

Shuffle button for randomized station playback

liaizon, (edited )
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April 18th /

typed emojo not rendering style when in beginning of sentence

ability to remove accounts without having to switch to them

nanographs, to random
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Introducing the first open source SEM digital image capture solution, the Open Beam Interface!

GitHub: https://github.com/nanographs/Open-Beam-Interface

Bring your analog SEM into the digital world, all over one USB type-C connection.

Taking orders now for our first batch of 6 boards, DM for details.

FIB image of a diatom with a chunk cut away
FIB image if a MEMS microphone
FIB image of an ICE40 with a large trench cut in it

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@nanographs woah thats mind boggling

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