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📣 ¡Llamada a oradores para la Drupalada! Si eres un apasionado de Drupal y tienes algo interesante que compartir, ¡queremos escucharte! Estamos en busca de profesionales dispuestos a impartir charlas y talleres que enriquezcan nuestra comunidad. No importa si eres nuevo en la enseñanza o un veterano de las conferencias, todos tienen algo valioso que aportar. Será una oportunidad increíble para ampliar tu red de contactos. Apuntate en https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/drupaladas #Drupalada

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Thinking about contributing to an open-source project other than (gasp!) - how about ? Bernardo Martinez provides step-by-step instructions to get you started:


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New! Drupal 10: Adding Extra User Account Protection - A look at some techniques and modules to protect your Drupal users.

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The good folks at Ironstar are doing their annual survey of the #drupal community about Local Development. These are really useful numbers for our community to help determine which tools we are using.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey today: https://buff.ly/3TWdNJ7

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Reblog via Drupal Developer Days

Welcoming our Silver Sponsors: Drupal Austria & E-Sepia 👏

#DrupalThanks for joining #DrupalDevDays team this year. 💙 Learn more about our sponsors at:

You can become a sponsor too: https://ddd2024.drupalcamp.bg/become-sponsor

#DDD24 #Drupal #OpenSource


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How can you apply agile principles across your home and family life? Some concepts, such as "ruthless prioritization", participatory problem-solving, incremental iteration, and safe-to-try experiments, are universal! https://www.palantir.net/blog/agile-and-self-organization-real-life

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@palantir Ha, I tell my kids they have to speak out if they are blocked! E.g. child is supposed to be getting ready to leave, but can't find socks. Their tendency is to just wait until I come and check on them, by which time we're running late. I tell them they should straight away tell me they can't manage to do what I've asked them.

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DDEV is such an important part of our workflow in @cambrico since 2018 that we've finally decided to sponsor the project, many thanks to everyone that makes @ddev possible!

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@pcambra @cambrico Thank you so much @cambrico for this next step toward the project's sustainability drive!

ultimike, (edited )
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Episode number six of the Skills Upgrade podcast/videocast where I mentor Chad Hester on going from 7 module development to Drupal 10.

In this episode, we set the table for him learning about a basic PhpUnit functional test.


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Show me the money! A bit of clarification about the finances of DrupalCamp Cemaes as well as sponsorship information.


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@DrupalCampCemaes it's awesome that you're exploring an event supported by community alone

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@DrupalCampCemaes took me a while to work out this was Cemaes bay rather than Cemaes down south! Great to see this on Môn.

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Join us for Ghent 2024, happening in just one month! ✨

Immerse yourself in insightful sessions, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and experience the vibrant city of Ghent. 🏰

Tickets are available! Register at https://www.drupalcamp.be/en/drupalcamp-ghent-2024/tickets 🎟️

kgaut, French
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Lors du #Drupalcamp de Rennes, j'ai présenté mon nouveau sideproject : Un ensemble de templates pour factoriser et industrialiser les déploiements de ses sites internet via Gitlab CI. Retrouvez plus d'explications ici : https://kgaut.net/blog/2024/templates-deploiement-gitlab-ci.html?pk_campaign=sharing&pk_source=mastodon&pk_content=article #drupal #dcrennes #gitlab

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Working on my community sites some. Creating an type in . I want to make sure I get all the important information an entry should have for this, prompt, models, things of that nature.

I especially want to be sure I can offer stuff for people to play with from the fan sites and my own projects. I started trying to use AI Image Generators to kick start my brain for ideas for writing.

The prompts will eventually be open for people to use for anything of course.

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A Image and the Metadata, maybe a second file type for json workflows.

Having a self-generating image would require me being able to setup StableDiffusion on server to run each time, and that would just be beyond my ability both technically and with how much a base server would cost.

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@CWSmith Yeah, the cost would be astronomical. But it got me intrigued by the idea of an image that is different every time it is viewed.

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I would love for the IXP-Fellowship community initiative (to encourage organizations to hire new, inexperienced Drupal developers) be identified as an “impactful contribution” so that it can earn organizations extra commit credits.


To do so, I think we need more people involved:


artusamak, French
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One the most impactful behavior updates in the latest changes in Drupal, Super user access policy can now be turned off (aka user #1 superpowers) > https://www.drupal.org/node/2910500

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