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Let’s not forget ’s future depends on a healthy ecosystem for . When we have discussions about the future of Drupal or or any other project that depends on PHP, we shouldn’t forget to also discuss how we can ensure a future for the programming language that powers these. https://mastodon.social/@palantir/112292234589621144

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Have an idea for an article for us to write on Symfony Station? Contact us here on the Fediverse! And please sign up for our “newsletter” to get the latest news communiques and original content delivered to your inbox.



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Impact and compliance are becoming a central part of running an project. Are we prepared? (me), and joined a workshop at @OpenForumEurope in https://typo3.org/article/where-to-building-the-road-to-eu-policy-compliance

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Nice overview of Symfony events in from Manish Saharan.


If you’re comfortable with implementing Drupal hooks, then learning the event system is a logical next step. 🖖🏼

Via the Specbee blog.

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Coder 8.3.24 released! Comes with a new coding standard check for multi-line function declarations 🔍 https://www.drupal.org/project/coder/releases/8.3.24

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Reblog via #! code

New! Drupal 10: Adding Extra User Account Protection – A look at some techniques and modules to protect your Drupal users.


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Reblog via Martin Anderson-Clutz

A new release for Smart Date contains long-awaited fixes for tokens and entity definitions


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Oh yeah! Starter Kit themes just got easier - any theme can be a starter kit theme with a bit of .yml (and then “drush generate-theme” can be used)!


Via a bunch of fantastic Drupal contributors!

tallship, to fediverse

Ghost is an excellent platform for publishing. I used it a lot a few years back for publishing articles when it was headless - that was optimum. Compose at your leisure within your own local environment, then push it up to your own self-hosted instance.

Unfortunately, they let it fall into disrepair, left it unmaintained, and last I checked the Ghost desktop was nowhere to be found in the repo. One of the maintainers explained to me that they just didn't have anyone willing to maintain the app and so I migrated away from the platform myself.

Integrating is a fantastic idea, and will give a run for the money, but the reasons for leaving and to publish on aren't so compelling with editors like exist now, along with the plugin.

I'm going to give it another looksee to review what happened to the elegant, nature that Ghost used to espouse as one of it's key ingredients for using it in the first place. I just hope that they don't try to go the way of , , and other projects that were forked, and somewhat marginalized, as a result of decisions to force community versions into products that lacked most functionality without fee based subscriptions. Lord knows, the last time I checked their managed hosting solutions for Ghost it certainly wasn't even competitively priced.

With this newfound revelation in the form of some kind of epiphany, let's hope their commitment to and FOSS exceeds that of their grasp for excessive monetization.


RE: https://todon.eu/users/MediaActivist/statuses/112302834109929024


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So, my first contrib module Field Label Override finally has a stable version and it's covered by the security advisory policy. 🎉 :drupal:

Please check it out, if it'd be useful at all in a project of yours! I'd be very glad to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and even bug reports (if there is any). 😅


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New 1.0.1 version of the #drupal Markdown Easy module now available: https://buff.ly/3U1JuRb

Includes a single minor bug fix, some default config, Drupal 11 compatibility, and a bunch of code quality improvements.

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Excited to welcome Anvil and Level 27 as Silver Sponsors, Anvil as Breakfast Sponsor and 3Sign as Design Sponsor for Ghent 2024! 🎉

Join us this May, get your tickets today, https://www.drupalcamp.be/en/drupalcamp-ghent-2024/tickets 🎟️


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Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Symfony-Station-Communique-19-April-2024 🇺🇦

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If you couldn’t make #drupal @midcamp Chicago last month, my session on maximizing VSCode with DDEV for Drupal development is now available for your viewing pleasure: https://buff.ly/3PXSu8Q

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You don't have to be a programmer to contribute to open source. All you need to do is be able to file a good bug report.

  1. What you did, step by step. This might include information about your computer and software configuration.
  2. What you expected to happen.
  3. What actually happened.

Celebrating my 334th Drupal issue.

#FOSS #Drupal

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If you want people to use your open-source software, make it easy to use and update.


#dev #SoftwareDevelopment #drupal #php #OpenSource

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Upgrading existing Drupal 10 sites to PHP8.3 is a really, really, really good idea at this point in time. Luckily, the community has great tools like to help us along.


plossra_a, to drupal French
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#RPLL2024 - j-53 #exposants

Axess vous accompagne dans le choix, la mise en place, le paramétrage et la formation de tous vos #logicielslibres.

Parmi les solutions proposées : les suites collaboratives #Zimbra et #Nextcloud, la solution de GED #Alfresco et l’#ITSM #GLPI.

Axess est également spécialisé dans la conception et le développement de sites web d’envergure sous le CMS #Drupal.

Pour les rencontrer, inscrivez-vous 👉 https://www.rpll.fr/inscription-visiteur-2024

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@drupalassoc CEO, Tim Doyle, goes deep in this wide-ranging interview, discussing open source, the innovation that will steer Drupal's future, and Drupal's recognition as a Digital Public Good https://www.thedroptimes.com/interview/38423/drupal-remain-well-and-alive-exclusive-conversation-with-tim-doyle

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Episode 7 of 9 of Skills Upgrade is now available.

In this episode, I mentor Chad Hester on running some existing #drupal #Phpunit tests.


Thanks to @talkingdrupal for making this all possible!

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📣 ¡Llamada a oradores para la Drupalada! Si eres un apasionado de Drupal y tienes algo interesante que compartir, ¡queremos escucharte! Estamos en busca de profesionales dispuestos a impartir charlas y talleres que enriquezcan nuestra comunidad. No importa si eres nuevo en la enseñanza o un veterano de las conferencias, todos tienen algo valioso que aportar. Será una oportunidad increíble para ampliar tu red de contactos. Apuntate en https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/drupaladas #Drupal #Drupales#Drupalada

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#PHP talks 10 years ago: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

PHP talks nowadays: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

@Crell@phpc.social avatar

@SenseException I blame popular libraries and frameworks that are still array-based. ( and AWS-SDK at the top of that list. , less than it used to be but still.) And people who cut their teeth on CodeIgnighter et al and never grew past that.

One of the many reasons I detest Laravel.

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