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DaleTrexel, to drupal
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I recently created my first @ViewsField plugin, which apparently is unique among plugins in that you also need to implement a hook (hook_views_data_alter) to tell Views about it and how to use it. The properties you define in the hook seem very similar to what other plugins take as annotation.

Is there something especially complex about this plugin type that regular annotation isn't enough, thus the hook? Or is this just a case of a plugin type that COULD be simplified but hasn't yet?

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@DaleTrexel I don't have an answer to this, but I love that the Drupal community is moving away from the walled gardens our questions and conversations helpd build to new open source, open standards based social options!

bud_t, to boulder
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Lots of power outages planned and eminent for my part of #Boulder county due to this #wind event. Our section of town has not received notification of outage from the provider yet, but most of the town has.

Batteries are charged on everything, backups and in place, and my hybrid truck with its 7.2 kW onboard generator is ready to power critical things (refrigeration, heat, cooking) if needed.


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@lisafw @bud_t I'm in Louisville with 2 EVs as well, but I'm not sure how I would power my anything with these. Are you using some type of inverter to get 110 to specific devices? I know the F150s work with $5K in hardware to power a home, but I can’t figure out how I'd even power our fridge with our CX40.

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@bud_t @lisafw We still have power off Dahlia near Safeway too. We have a camper van with a generator that runs off the van's gas. That's what we'll be using for the refrigerator if we lose power for more than a few hours.

We don't have solar yet, but I'd be really interested in a system that included a V2H option.

Xcel cutting power seems like it is going to be new normal during (now normal) 75+ mph winds.

si, to drupal
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After a great experience with Orbstack - with absolutely zero issues in DDEV and a lot of speediness - I'm now trialling Rancher which is more open source. Very good times

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@si I recently did a clean install of DDEV on a new M3 Mac with Orbstack. The only issue I had was second guessing whether to install Rosetta when prompted. I wanted to read more about that, but opting to not install Rossetta on the initial install doesn't end the install. It just skips that dependency. Rosetta can't be installed independently. I had to manually delete some files Obstack created by the initial install to get the Rosetta option again when reinstalling.

danilo, to random
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We really had it all, for a moment

RSS, for a moment, was an invitation for every single website to participate in any sort of application developers could imagine

And they DID it was the thing

Everyone had RSS. News sites. Social platforms. Indie blogs. Government portals.

It enabled a fundamentally new chapter of the web, while simultaneously being invisible, save for a few affordances sprinkled between UI chrome and page content

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@danilo with Automattic adding ActivityPub support to the ~6 million blogs hosted on Wordpress.com that users just need to enable, isn't this the new RSS?

We still need a better discovery pattern like the RSS icon in the browser's address bar when a URL has public nodeinfo. Most sites supporting ActivityPub aren't even linking to it from a Mastodon icon in the footer. That links to an account someone is manually maintaining created before federating the site itself.


popey, to random
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In this week's @linuxmatters @marxjohnson continues his home server migration, @wimpy stresses his server with some delightful stress-free tools, and @popey does some coding in PHP for "Fun" - would you believe?! WIth thanks to @bigcalm for a tip used in this week's show!


kreynen, (edited )
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@frenchguych @popey @linuxmatters @ddev Things "just working" is great, but I :blobcatheart: DDEV because of the culture this community has when DDEV stops working. My issues often relate to MacOS or PHP updates. I can realiably search for DDEV & error knowing I'll be pointed to a temp work around until the next DDEV release. Randy Fay deserves a lot of credit for setting a tone for this community of being extremely friendly, transparent & collaborative! Thanks @platformsh for funding this!

rachel, to mastodon
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It has just struck me how similar the various people shouting about how cannot connect to other systems, like , sound to the religious street preachers we get in our local town every Wednesday.
He loves to tell all those who don’t follow his religion how they must follow his rules.
is not a religion.

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@rachel reminds me of when AOL users were being given access to the unwalled www for the first time. There were some people concerned that the mass influx of users from that walled garden would forever change our quirky corner of internet where sites like Justin's Links from the Underground and Cool Site of the Day were popular destinations. They weren't wrong.

bud_t, to random
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Does anyone know if there is a web or desktop based Mastodon client that allows scheduled posting/sending? Tusky on Android is great for that. It would be nice to be able to do that from the laptop too

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@bud_t https://nicolasconstant.github.io/sengi/ has a scheduled feature. Ivory for MacOS does not, but I prefer that UI.

stpaultim, (edited ) to random
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Took this about 2 weeks ago on the Mississippi River in Brainerd, Minnesota.

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@stpaultim in case you ever wonder if anyone would notice if you stopped posting your drone photos, I would. I don't always comment, boost or favorite, but I appreciate every post. Many of them make me miss growing up in MN. Not every post can be exciting as the "drone in a tree" series or "f#ck Biden on a lake", but I enjoy them all. Someday I will get into "droning" with my kids. At 7 and 10, I worry that every post would be a "drone in tree" saga.

elfin, to random
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I'm getting an API Key at Weather Underground and their Sign In form asks for Gender. Perfect it isn't, but it does include "Other" and "Prefer Not To Say".

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@elfin @FirefighterGeek @juliewebgirl I love this approach. It looks like https://www.drupal.org/project/bad_judgement might need a refresh, but that was a great way to discourage the use of a module you didn't really think anyone should use.

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@symfonystation i stopped reading at "Upgrades have been painless, for the most part." It is clear this person wasn't doing anything "advanced" like simpleSAMphp for SSO that needed a new release for Symfony 6 or using a CKEditor plugin that had to be rewritten for 5. Version ignorance is still ignorance. Let's say you you own a Jeep and want a 3" lift. If I asked you what year your Jeep was & you said "don't know, doesn't matter", I'd know you were going to pay too much for that lift.

ntnsndr, to random
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I’m starting to move back to the old way: making posts over at nathanschneider.info, syndicating them on social. Hello, world. Wish me luck.

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@ntnsndr Did you consider enabling https://wordpress.org/plugins/activitypub/ ? The number of fediverse posts already coming from WP instances is impressive... and a logical evolution of RSS syndication for blogs. I love the idea that CMS instances are declaring a canonical thread to discuss a URL. I would love to see https://www.drupal.org/project/activitypub be an option to enable as part of https://websupport.colorado.edu/article/357-newsletter-bundle for CU sites, but it would require "unstacking" the sites

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@ntnsndr I've asked the same question to several early adopters of this approach. How does someone know @lookslikenew exists when the Mastodon icon in the footer of https://lookslikenew.net/ links to @medlab and the "syndication" icon links to https://lookslikenew.net/feed/podcast/.

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@ntnsndr @lookslikenew @medlab I like the idea of direct federated syndication because it the namespace validates the content source, but I feel like there is a difference between interacting with an official organisation account and following a site and have yet to see a good UX.

ultimike, to drupal
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Yet another example of the technical staff of the Drupal Association (and their partners) bringing value to our community.


If you or your company isn’t a Association member, why not?

Blog post by @hestenet

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@ultimike Why not? Because DA membership benefits are geared towards agencies. The recent TDT research showed how popular Drupal is in higher ed. We have our own Slack that peaked at 2700+ members (< 10% active now). I have a half finished email to @hestenet about this.

There are a few people who have managed to get their university to join, but I'd really like to see joining be the default for the large, higher ed orgs that are VERY invested in Drupal.

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@ultimike @hestenet It would be great to see the DA extend SSO support to drupal.community w/ https://docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/optional/sso/. It would make it easier to shift from providing content being used to train AI in the various walled gardens our community currently (unknowingly?) supports. I managed to show that 5% of donors could come from Mastodon in a recent fundraising campaign for CU. Those were mainly early adopters & FOSS advocates, but we're nearing the tipping point on Mastodon adoption.

electrek, to random
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@electrek TIL about "potted" battery cells. Thanks.

kreynen, to random
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@smellsofbikes I'm not above begging... or resorting to very personalized appeals. A trials bike is about the only type I don't own. My current fleet:

  • 29" carbon single speed
  • 26" full suspension
  • 700c gravel
  • 26" hardtail (wife)
  • 700c road (wife)
  • 700c tandem
  • 24" fat tire (son)
  • 24" hardtail (daughter)
  • 24" gravel (kids)
  • 20" tandem

Unless specified, these bikes are mine. In the last 5 years I sold a 700c fixie and cargo bike so I can fit at least 1 car in our garage.

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@smellsofbikes now that we're friends, can I have $1? or can CMCI have it?

This morning we were showing the source of 5% of donors being Mastodon, but as the total number of donors has increased in the final hours of the campaign, we're now at 22/680 = just 3%. If you can donate any amount to https://buffsallin.cu.edu/o/university-of-colorado-boulder-55/i/fy24-cu-boulder-giving-day/s/cmci-deans-fund?utm_source=mastodon&utm_medium=organic_social, I'd really appreciate it.

kreynen, to random
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@edwardlau We're maintaining ~5% of donors to coming from Mastodon. Only 14 hours left. It only takes 5 min. Donating any amount helps keep Mastodon listed in the reports.

Can you help?


kreynen, to random
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With only 16 hours remaining in the campaign, Mastodon users currently make up 5% of the donors (12/246) this morning. A HUGE thanks to everyone I'm connected to who already donated. The fact that most of the centralized, closed-source, limited API access platforms had an outage yesterday only helps make the case for shifting attention and resources from these platforms to federated, ActivityPub based solutions like Mastodon. There's still time to donate! https://buffsallin.cu.edu/o/university-of-colorado-boulder-55/i/fy24-cu-boulder-giving-day/s/cmci-deans-fund?utm_source=mastodon&utm_medium=organic_social

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And now, according to https://www.linkedin-status.com/ LinkedIn.com is down? I couldn't have scripted a better story for why universities should ad federated options to their social mix.

kreynen, to random
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I chose the CMCI fund because of the amazing work they've been doing like...

https://theconversation.com/what-is-mastodon-a-computational-social-scientist-explains-how-the-federated-network-works-and-why-it-wont-be-a-new-twitter-194329 - @bkeegan

https://www.colorado.edu/today/2022/11/04/freethebird-stayandfight-expert-talks-future-twitter - @cfiesler

https://kgnu.org/looks-like-new-how-did-open-social-media-platforms-originate/ - @ntnsndr

I've thought about using CU's fundraising structure to start a FOSS Fund at CU, but I now have a newfound respect for everyone who raises $$ for any organization. Getting people to donate even a few $$ regardless of how much I like the technology/organization is much harder than I thought it would be.

kreynen, to random
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I still need 2 more donations to win my "friendly wager" w/ our fundraising team. I bet I could get 10 Mastodon users to donate to a CU Fund during the campaign. If you can spare even $1 and 5 min, PLEASE consider donating to CMCI using this link https://buffsallin.cu.edu/o/university-of-colorado-boulder-55/i/fy24-cu-boulder-giving-day/s/cmci-deans-fund?utm_source=mastodon&utm_medium=organic_social. This is a great way to show marketing groups that Mastodon is worth adding to their social media mix.

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At this point I'm reaching out to anyone I know who is an advocate for open source/standards to ask for help moving this needle. I'm really focussed on the number of donors over the amount donated so even $1 helps.


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@stpaultim THANKS! It's pretty humbling to be this wrong about a community's willingness to part with even $1 and 5 minutes of their time. I thought it would be easy to blow past 10 donors to make a point about the potential of open, federated social. Really respect the folks out there asking for donations for any organization every day.

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