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#Drupal @ http://cambrico.net

Small business owner, pro union and leftist. I'm interested in technology, cats, #lego and #afol, #chess, sustainable living, food, rural living, indie music... (He/him).

I co-run the Drupal.community mastodon instance.

Currently in Asturies (Neopaisano de Piloña). Before that: Galiza, Andalucía, 沖縄, London and Barcelona.


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sophie, to random
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Recently I learned we have a microservice at Monzo called “service.greggs”

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@brucelawson @sophie what a cornish joke

joachim, to php
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What's the generic term for keywords in #PHP like 'static', 'public', 'final', etc?

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@joachim public, private, protected I know as visibility keywords

pcambra, to random
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When the review is better than the game


X_net, to random Spanish
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"El MIT quería comprobar si de verdad ChatGPT mejora nuestra productividad. Los resultados de sus pruebas son muy claros "

La respuesta es...
SÍ 🥳
Digan lo que digan los tecnófobos moralistas.
(La privacidad es otro tema)


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@X_net no, la privacidad no es otro tema 🤦🏻

pcambra, to animals
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Valentina picked up the flyswatter and is ready for business

mandclu, to random
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pcambra, to drupal
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DDEV is such an important part of our workflow in @cambrico since 2018 that we've finally decided to sponsor the project, many thanks to everyone that makes @ddev possible!

pcambra, to random
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"There's no safe way to use TikTok" - @protonprivacy


DrupalCampCemaes, to drupal
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Show me the money! A bit of clarification about the finances of DrupalCamp Cemaes as well as sponsorship information.

#Drupal #DrupalCamp #foss #events #Wales


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@DrupalCampCemaes it's awesome that you're exploring an event supported by community alone

jeni, to random
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launches app


OK updates app

App relaunches after update.



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@jeni I am now in search of a simple notetaking app because I was using Joplin but every time I open it, requires an update through downloading the installer and closing the app 🤦‍♂️

pcambra, to drupal
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e0ipso, to drupal
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If you haven't filled this survey yet, it might be time to help @pcambra improve


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@e0ipso gracies :)

drupalthoughts, to drupal
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Any ideas why a service might severely slow down loading of a 10 site?
🐌Overall network speed is the same
🐢vpn is using the system DNS
⌛the vpn doesn't have any ad-blocking or other filtering features enabled
🙃async or defer could be applied to fontawesome and some tracking scripts
🪳dev tools does show it is likely related to many/all of the various externally hosted tracking scripts not being able to phone home how they'd prefer, so probably not a cache/bigpipe issue

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pcambra, to drupal
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As part of my thesis research, I'm doing a survey about the need for a bookmarking tool in core

It would help me a lot if you could fill the short survey I've prepared, more details on https://blog.cambra.io/survey-on-bookmarking-tool-needs-your-input

pcambra, to random
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This was a fascinating read: "The WiFi only works when it's raining" https://predr.ag/blog/wifi-only-works-when-its-raining/

samkap, to random
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There’s this funny thing the Apple TV does when I listen to an album on Apple Music. I listen to them through the tv because it’s where the receiver and the good speakers are. When the album ends, the tv, Apple TV, and receiver all shut off completely. Every time. Like “okay, you’re done listening to Cowboy Carter. Have a nice day!” 😂

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@samkap yeah, I have the same bug 😭, not a fix but there’s a setting on the Apple TV for turning off everything when it turns off, something like remotes and devices

maursilveira, to random
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Finally creating my Mastodon account. And even happier for doing it in the @drupal.community channel.
Looking forward to getting in touch with Drupalers over here!

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@maursilveira Welcome!

blaine, to random
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I'd like to speak to the manager in charge of the Microsoft/Hotmail/Live/Azure/whatever they're calling it today OAuth credential management system. 😶

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@blaine his name is Sam L.

ddev, to random
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Script wrappers can help with team adoption, see Alberto Viu's new blog post, https://ddev.com/blog/extending-ddev-commands-with-scripts/

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@chrisfromredfin @ddev for core you’ve got https://github.com/justafish/ddev-drupal-core-dev just in case you hadn’t seen it 🙂

pcambra, to LEGO
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is the piranha plant from Mario Bros. It is a quick build but the result is awesome and comes with a surprise! It doubles down as a piggy bank and I wasn’t expecting it 😍


pcambra, to telegram
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Spanish court rules to ban temporarily, not a great day for net neutrality around here.

They respond to a claim from main broadcasters saying that there's media piracy on the platform.


ultimike, to drupal
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Interesting that coding standards have spaces before and after equal signs - except in the case of “declare(strict_types=1); "


I wonder what is the logic behind this.

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@ultimike interestingly enough, drush generate has just generated this for me:

"<?php declare(strict_types = 1);"

So I'm guessing it doesn't matter?

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@ultimike which one is wrong?

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@ultimike thanks!

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