joachim, in PHP Attributes In Drupal Development: All You Need To Know
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@symfonystation Because attributes are a native PHP feature, they support comments. This is a big improvement over annotations!

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Anything that simplifies Drupal is good.

joachim, in Drupal - Ajouter des champs au formulaire « Paramètres de base du site »
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@symfonystation Changer la classe du formulaire ça casse si qq d'autre veut faire pareil. Il faut plutot utiliser hook_form_alter().

kreynen, in Just Say Drupal
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@symfonystation i stopped reading at "Upgrades have been painless, for the most part." It is clear this person wasn't doing anything "advanced" like simpleSAMphp for SSO that needed a new release for Symfony 6 or using a CKEditor plugin that had to be rewritten for 5. Version ignorance is still ignorance. Let's say you you own a Jeep and want a 3" lift. If I asked you what year your Jeep was & you said "don't know, doesn't matter", I'd know you were going to pay too much for that lift.

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@kreynen It’s certainly not painless for me. And all of my sites are on 10. Even Drupal knows 7 is not great. At best.

kreynen, in Global City Website Trends: Analysis of CMS Usage on Official City Websites
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I opened an issue about the fact that users cannot select images when creating a link... or rather the UI appears to allow it, but the user uploaded image is ignored. I just tested the same process on an MBin instance and the image I wanted to use overrode the default from the URL as expected in https://kbin.melroy.org/m/testing/t/128618/Global-City-Website-Trends-Analysis-of-CMS-Usage-on-Official. I've been watching the MBin fork and the way that developer community is approaching the project in a very transparent way seems like it would be more compatible with what the Drupal community expects.

This is the image I wanted to include with the post.

kreynen, in The Essential Drupal Commerce Modules for building Online Stores
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@kreynen TIL that if a Lemmy user comments on a Kbin thread a Mastodon user will not see that.

kreynen, in The Essential Drupal Commerce Modules for building Online Stores

Spoiler… these modules are all part of the Commerce ecosystem. Commerce is great and a very robust, well-designed solution… for large e-commerce use cases. It would have been nice to see other modules like www.drupal.org/project/stripe_pay included.

kreynen, in Drupal top open-source options for large city websites in US. Inspired by TDT's research about higher ed usage, Grzegorz Pietrzak checked the CMS used by US cities with more than 100k inhabitants
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@kreynen it's also worth noting that Acquia recently acquire the Mosido accessibility scanning service from CiviPlus (#2 in the large city CMS market). https://www.civicplus.com/news/nn/acquia-to-acquire-monsido-expanding-commitment-to-digital-accessibility-website-optimization-and-compliance/

kreynen, in Drupal top open-source options for large city websites in US. Inspired by TDT's research about higher ed usage, Grzegorz Pietrzak checked the CMS used by US cities with more than 100k inhabitants
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@kreynen I wish links on Kbin that allowed me to choose which image to use as the thumbnail. One of the downsides of using links over articles is the thumbnail comes from the URL. While I can edit the prepopulated title and body, the image just reappears/reattaches when removed.

kreynen, in To Patch or Not To Patch | bPekker.dev
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@kreynen Worth noting that even the 2.x beta documentation recommends avoiding patches autogenerated by PR/MR URLs.

> "The contents of these patches can change by pushing more commits to a pull request or merge request. A malicious user could abuse this behavior to cause you to deploy code that you didn’t mean to deploy."

The recommendation is to download a patch & apply it locally, but I'm guessing we'll see devs continue to add patches in queues & include those URLs



@kreynen I completely agree, and as the post states, using the GitLab provided patch in a composer.json without downloading it and referencing it from a local directory is also a security risk. Although, I'm curious how this recommendation will change once GitLab allows .patch to be appended to any compare URL.

kreynen, in Style Made Simple with Acquia Site Studio’s Style Guide Manager
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@symfonystation Interesting feature. Unfortunately, it's a proprietary, closed-source solution. Anyone interested in an open implementation of this type of feature should check out https://www.drupal.org/project/simple_styleguide. The module allows users with permission to create pattern entities. We recreated the components from https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/components/accordion/ with it for https://online.uccs.edu/simple-styleguide in D9. For D10, we are using https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap_ui_kit which includes the Bootstrap 5 components on install.

kreynen, in Following Kbin communities from Mastodon is as easy as searching for the Kbin community as a user

@kreynen Commenting from Mastodon is just like replying to any other toot thanks to the open ActivityPub standard!

kreynen, in Drupal.org states that 71% of the top 100 universities use Drupal, but the page lacks precise data or references to support this claim. The Drop Times analyzed 300 top universities worldwide and found Drupal used in some form by 80% of the universities.
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@kreynen if are a working in higher ed (especially at a top international school) or an agency that works in this space, please help us generate the most accurate statistics possible about usage in higher ed.

kreynen, in Drupal 10 will be supported until the release of Drupal 12 in mid-late 2026
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@kreynen a predictable release schedule IS something everyone working with Drupal will be thankful for!

kreynen, in Test-driving GitLab CI templates for Drupal contributed modules
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@ultimike great article. We've been following the GitLab migration closely since our group in the University of Colorado's University Information Services group recently transitioned from a private, internal-only GitLab instance to GitLab SaaS where we can finally do more with GitLab CI. We've always used Pull Mirrors and Pipelines to pull any updates that pass Pantheon's Auto Pilot back into GitLab and deploy our development, but limited in both CI minutes and services we could integration with

kreynen, in ActivityPub now available on all WordPress.com sites. Why isn't there more ActivityPub interest in Drupal?
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@kreynen @rachel_norfolk @swentel According to FediDB, ~47K users on 2,737 WP sites have already published 3mil posts to the fediverse. I can't get over the feeling that the community is just watching the type of innovation all our development retooling was intended make easier. Instead of embracing new "off the island" technologies, we're talking about new policies for the Drupal Planet RSS feed aggregation to discourage low quality and/or AI generated content. https://fedidb.org/current-events/wordpress


@kreynen @swentel @rachel_norfolk @kreynen Might also have something todo with the changed focus of the drupal project. It's target audience is shifted from enthusiastic tinkerers to larger enterprise styled projects. And most of those businesses have no clue that there is a Fediverse let alone are willing to invest in it.

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@renebakx @kreynen @swentel @rachel_norfolk Fair, but there is a large and active part of the Drupal community working on .edu sites where we ARE aware of the shift from enshittifiable (sp?) platforms to federated. Mastodon links are popping up in site footers like https://www.colorado.edu/lab/medlab/ before we officially support it. Hoping to see more of that as CMS updates include support and people ask where these Xs came from during the "down" time when higher ed content/design refreshes typically happen


@kreynen @kreynen @rachel_norfolk @swentel That's good too hear. Here in the Netherlands most of our clients are dropping X and focus mainly on the Meta products. Even the non profit, educational and the workingat... ones.

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