'Warmongering' EU Commission boss must leave post, European Left chief says

Ursula von der Leyen’s tenure as the European Commission president has been the “worst” in years due to her “warmongering” and insensitive handling of migration, the president of the Party of European Left, Walter Baier, told Euractiv, confirming that the party is against her possible second term.

dumdum666, (edited )

I personally don’t agree on much with that woman but at least she isn’t a warmonger. I have lost a lot of respect for a European left that cozies up with Putin and other terrorists though.


And the far right. The Kremlin is supporting both sides in order to create division. Divide and conquer with a keyboard.


Yeah, that is true. In Germany for example the far right AFD and the, soon to be, far right (Geert Wilders Style) BSW / Bündnis Sarah Wagenknecht, have solid 30%+ of the votes in Germany, if the polls hold true.

The only positive thing I see going for Europe is, that we are not yet (!) as fucked as the US, because most of the time the politicians still actually discuss and are willing to work towards a solution. That behavior is deteriorating in my opinion though.


Yeah. IMHO citizens in developed democracies let their guard down after WWII and the Cold War disappeared into history books.

Now there are increasingly authoritarian and violent dictators like the Xi and Putin using social media to spread dangerous propaganda directly to younger generations.


There are the old soviet era left who lean russia and new far right populist who lean Putin

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Funny how everyone is latching onto the war-monger comment (even falsely attributing it to Ukraine because reading is hard), while nobody gives a shit that the migration narrative has reached the Left, because that's a fairy tale happily accepted now.

rufus, (edited )

That article contains little to no information at all. I don’t follow what she does, because I don’t like Frau von der Leyen, at all. What warmongering does she do? Frontex? Ukraine? What’s with being supposedly corrupt aside from just the Pharma deals? And I mean she’s always been working for the dark side, pushing for surveillance and spending taxpayers’ money generously on experts with little results.

Did she accidentally do something right this time? And that offended someone?

Edit: Okay, found it in a small subclause in the article. It references to stands on Israel-Palestine back in October.


To the idiots talking about Ukraine war, you’re mistaken. The comment is about Israel/hamas war.


It would not surprise me to find Walter Baier on Putin’s payroll.

Infiltrated_ad8271 avatar

It would not surprise me to find von der leyen on Netanyahu’s payroll.


You didn’t read the article. The matter is the Israel/hamas war, not the Ukraine war.


Ukraine-supporting Comission President must resign, says Putin-financed traitor



It’s not about Ukraine, it’s about Israel vs hamas.


Besides that point, what i dont know anything about:
she was also shit minister during her time in german politics. She was part of Merkels CDU which spent their decades in the government slowly fucking up most things they touched either through bovine inaction, or grossly misrepresenting our best interests for lobby money and corruption.

VDL herself was seen as one of the worst ministers of defense, grossly mismanaging funds, abusing her station and kicking off a corruption scandal all by herself.

Same thing for other positions she’s held.

Don’t form your opinion on a politician by a single action, or even worse, purely by political allegiance.


She was but in the EU she is actually nowhere near as bad as I expected back when she was elected based on her history. And for someone with former military related posts she really isn’t anything close to war-mongering.


Moreover - the EU has no military. Not a single soldier.


Shhh, don’t tell the Brits or they might try to rejoin.

The “EU army” was apparently a big thing during the referendum.

J/k, I’d love to see the UK back in the bloc.


Me too. But I think it won’t happen for several decades - they’re too proud to admit they fucked up. Those that voted to leave and apparently most politicians, at least.


Opposition opposes incumbent

In other news, water is wet

@tal@lemmy.today avatar

confirming that the party is against her possible second term.

I assume that they also didn’t support her first term and that it would be unexpected if they did support a second term for her, so…


Stfu warmongering would be to support either Palestinia or Russia.

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