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⚠️🇩🇪Scholz stubbornly refuses to provide Ukraine with Taurus missiles, drawing ambiguous redlines to save Putin’s illegal supply bridge (Sky News VIDEO)

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🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s very clear that Scholz from #Germany is a dangerous traitor who is doing everything to protect his Russian friend Putin

#Scholz has warm ties with the Russian terrorists and he doesn’t want to break those ties

The #German people should kick this traitor and danger for the Western world out of his function

From day one of the war it’s clear that #OlafScholz doesn’t want #Ukraine 🇺🇦 to defeat Russia

#War #WarEconomy #Taurus #TaurusMissiles #Germans #Europe #EU

thejapantimes, to worldnews
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China is rapidly emerging as a major spying superpower and its agents are becoming increasingly bold, in a shift that Europe has so far been slow to counter, analysts say. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/25/world/politics/europe-china-espionage/

CultureDesk, to food
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After a barrage of noise complaints, the Italian city of Milan is proposing a new law to get late-night ice-cream lickers off the streets. The local government has filed papers that could lead to a ban on takeaway food and drink sales after 12.30am coming into effect next month. Here's more from Euronews.


For more stories like this, follow @euronews's Culture Magazine, @culture.

nhoizey, to Travel

“An evening on the Trälhavet shore”

🔎 https://nicolas-hoizey.photo/photos/an-evening-on-the-traelhavet-shore/

📅 3 February 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 10-24mm
🎛️ ISO 320, ƒ/11, 1/340 s

jsrailton, to poland
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NEW: "shocking and depressing"

"...even in this room I am speaking to people who were victims of this system"

's prosecutor general testifies to 🇵🇱 parliament about hacking of 100s with spyware.

Story: https://apnews.com/article/poland-spyware-pegasus-nso-group-israel-413bb3cb27daac011d52b524c6d16160


CelloMomOnCars, to climate
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Everything from heatwaves and flooding to renewable energy resources:

"The European State of the Climate report (ESOTC 2023) provides descriptions and analysis of conditions and variations from across the Earth system, key events and their impacts, and a discussion of climate policy and action with a focus on human health."


hanse_mina, to Europe
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German Chancellor Olaf said Wednesday that must continue to step up its help for even after the approval of a big aid package, but made clear that he’s sticking to his refusal to send long-range cruise missiles to .

“As far as the weapons system you mention is concerned, my decision won’t change.”


unnameduser, to news
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EU elections: Former Frontex director and far-right candidate in France accused of complicity in crimes against humanity

Two organizations filed a complaint in against Fabrice Leggeri for having participated in the pushback of migrant boats by the Greek authorities to Turkey and in the interception of migrant boats by the Libyan coastguard.


#News #France #Europe #RN #Frontex #Journalism #Election #Parliament

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How a second #Trump presidency
could tear #Europe apart

This is the moment most of Europe’s leaders hoped they would never see. The date is November 7, 2024, two days after Donald Trump edged out Joe #Biden in the #US presidential election, and already the once-and-future president has announced he will force #Ukraine to strike a peace deal with #Russia and cede territories the #Kremlin has claimed as its own.



nhoizey, to Travel

“Remains of the frozen sea”

It's not every day that you see the sea freezing. Here, it was in Sweden, a little north of Stockholm.

🔎 https://nicolas-hoizey.photo/photos/remains-of-the-frozen-sea/

📅 3 February 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 10-24mm
🎛️ ISO 320, ƒ/4, 1/1000 s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #Europe #Sweden #Akersberga #Photography #Fujifilm #Fuji #XT3

tness16, to Europe
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Espionage in the #European #parliament What kind of information might have slipped out? | #DW News

Across Western #Europe, anxiety about Chinese spying is growing. A man working for a prominent German politician from the far-right #AfD party has been arrested. Prosecutors accuse him of passing on information from the European parliament, where he worked since 2019, and of spying on the Chinese opposition abroad.

#espionage #germany #china #Journalism #News #actu

GottaLaff, to Ukraine
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Senate passes a long-delayed $95 billion package sending aid to #Ukraine, #Israel and #Taiwan. The bill also includes language that could ban #TikTok -CNN

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Therefore #Israel #Ukraine, #Taiwan and #Europe can be full of Joy about that Decision.

Hip hip HOORAY !!!



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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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mediapartblogs, to Europe French
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Aux rencontres de Marseille, la convergence européenne des activistes

Nos combat ont besoin de se nourrir des expériences concrètes de nos camarades de lutte partout pour être solides et puissantes! Nous devons faire entendre notre opposition à une forteresse, néo-libérale et austéritaire. Attac France participe aux rencontres de de l’ auprès de dizaines d’organisations européennes du 26 au 28 avril.

✏️ Par @Attac | En accès libre › https://blogs.mediapart.fr/attac/blog/230424/aux-rencontres-de-marseille-la-convergence-europeenne-des-activistes

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The BEV market is still plunging. This will continue until people realize that BEVs are a terrible idea and not suited for most people. Eventually, everyone who wants will have one, and sales will drop to negligible amounts. Any talk of making transportation 100% green will require alternatives. BEVs have already failed at this goal.


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nhoizey, to Travel

“Ice shards”

The biting frost opposes the movement of the water, producing shards of ice.

🔎 https://nicolas-hoizey.photo/photos/ice-shards/

📅 3 February 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 10-24mm
🎛️ ISO 200, ƒ/9, 1/35 s

s1m0n4, to Bulgaria
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We make fun of US citizens who lack geographic knowledge and yet many people from different European countries now believe that the UK has left Europe.

Let's make this clear: Europe is a continent and the UK remains in Europe. Even part of Turkey is in Europe.

The British did instead leave the European Union, which is a group of member States agreeing to a common legislation and free movement of people and merchandise (no tax, no visas).

#Brexit #EU #Europe

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br00t4c, to Europe
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