Unravel The Talos Principle 2's Mysteries In November (2nd)

The Talo Principle II has a new trailer that includes a release date of November 2. The follow-up to the acclaimed 2014 puzzle game was first announced during the PlayStation Showcase in May.

Set in the distant future after the events of the first game, The Talos Principle II unfolds in a world ruled by robots after humanity has gone extinct. These machines preserve human culture in their day-to-day lives, and the story centers on a unraveling the truth behind a megastructure hiding a great mystery and immense power. The story-driven game takes players across several futuristic locations and includes multiple endings. Gameplay features familiar mechanics and new twists, including challenges centering on mind transference and gravity manipulation.

Release Date Trailer


Excited to play “multiplayer” again with my friend. Discord and streaming wasn’t possible for me back then so we just used Skype voice to describe what we found in each puzzle. Of course we’d give each other a chance to figure it out ourselves first, but we had so much fun for a couple weeks.


This is exciting news. Talos Principle really filled that void left by Portal for me.

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