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Checks out

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This person is not only lying their ass off, but made clear they don’t even speak a second language. Just because you learned colloquial italian or whatever doesn’t mean you actually know a single gramatical rule, or better yet, how that language is written in formal texts, documents etc.

sanpedropeddler, (edited )

I know how English is written in formal documents. I don’t know in depth grammar but in general I wouldn’t need to. I just say what sounds correct. Why would an Italian person be unable to do the same?

edit: To be clear I’m not saying he isn’t lying. He definitely is.


He’s lying but not because of his language ability.

Nobody writing greentext drowns in pussy.


Yeah, bet that went as well as all the Hispanic kids in high school taking Spanish as their 'easy A'... It was hilarious when they realized their easy A course turned out to be their hardest one because they didn't speak the particular dialect being taught and had to relearn their language to pass.


Italian is a newer language, it doesn’t have dialects


Can you have a degree in a language course? Like I get you can minor in languages, but can you major in it? Also what’s his minor going to be if it is possible to major in a language course.

I’m not even American and I can see that this story is made up BS.


You can solely major in a language.

University if Washington’s offerings for Asian languages are included here:…/AsianLanguagesandLiterature-144.…


Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and others:…/ScandinavianStudies-281.html

And there are more like German, near eastern languages, Spanish, and Slavic languages.

If you want an example of Italian, go to Santa Clara University:…/italian/

Or Uc Davis:

Or ASU:…/italian?in…

You really shouldn’t underestimate what you can major in in college. If you’re interested in it, there’s probably a program for it somewhere, or a college with enough classes that you can build a program for it.

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Got a degree by taking only Italian language courses. Sure.


Still had to know two languages well, that’s far from fuck all lol


If you’re born into it it’s pretty much fuck all tbh.


Pretty much fuck all everywhere except 'murica

SexualPolytope, avatar

Anon thinks speaking and writing in a language is all there is to do in a bachelor’s degree. You literally have to read thousands of pages of literature, and need to be able to analyze those pieces critically.

Guys, is lying allowed on the Internet? I’m starting to think that Anon never even set foot in a college.


Why couldn’t he do that? Anyone can do that, he has the language proficiency to consume the content

SexualPolytope, avatar


>never open a textbook or study one single line of text


Yeah clarifying reading isn’t hard


It is pretty hard to read if you don’t read though. Maybe someone out there can pull it off, but I’ve been trying for years now and haven’t made any progress.

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Keep up the good work, it’ll happen any day now.


Uses 4chan

“Drowning in pussy”

Yeah, checks out.

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I think he had a different idea of what ‘cum laude’ means as well …


I'm a native English speaker with an English teacher for a parent and i didn't even pass highschool English.


My condolences


condo-what now


If I have to read Of Mice And Men ever again I swear to God.


When I was in college, I had a friend from Iran, she moved to America when she was a teenager. We had both an English and a Spanish class (which growing up I was taught Spanish pretty much every year) together. She did better in both than me. ☺️

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Mamma mia!


Here I go again


Yeah but now all you have is a degree in Italian



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  • ThePyroPython,

    Indeed, foreign language teaching and translation work are made significantly easier to get into if you have a degree.



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    Can we stop pretending language models know things?


    Hey, just because they are handsome and beautiful doesn’t mean they aren’t smart!


    Yeah I wouldn’t ask chatGPT to do research on my behalf, who knows what industry fluff piece article it’s scraped that text from.

    Getting started with research, i.e. a first draft at an essay, sure. But you can’t trust the information in these LLMs.

    To do that, you’ll need to do some lateral reading.

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    Jokes on them my degree has no bearing on my ability to be on time


    Yeah I didn’t show up on time to classes or labs. I just finished my labs first and best so it was fine

    empireOfLove, (edited ) avatar

    Turns out most of the white collar world runs like that too- show up early, late, or not at all; if your deliverables hit the bosses’ desk by deadline, you’re cream of the crop.


    My manager has a bee in his bonnet about people being in on time, and he will come and yell at everybody if he notices someone turning up at about 9:15 rather than 9:00. The thing is he gets in it about 6:00 and then goes home at 3:30 and disappears from about 10:00 till 2:00 on a massive lunch, my official start time is 9:30 but often he isn’t actually in the main office, so how the hell does he know if people are turning up on time.

    So we don’t. He’s hasn’t noticed.


    Yeah I would just find a new job tbh


    Most of those jobs aren’t worth the debt.


    Yeah none of the jobs I’ve ever had have cared at all what my degree is in, it just shows that you can put up with bullshit for at least 3 years without having a freakout.


    That’s what they say, but in practice it’s just a class filter. Punctuality and hoop jumping matters MUCH MORE in blue collar jobs than white collar.

    It’s literally just saying “your family was wealthy enough that you weren’t forced to enter the labor market to support your relatives when you were a teenager”.


    I bootstrapped my way through college because poor family. But at 40 I’m making more than all but one cousin in my entire extended family, aunts/uncles/grandparents all make less than me because none of them went to college save for that one cousin. My degree was in organizational communication and was absolutely the thing that opened the doorway for me, and as much as I loved the major, it’s technically useless.


    Too retarded to study anything, but learned to speak perfect American English with no discernible accent?


    Maybe all they did was watch American TV.

    zuhayr, avatar

    Or American Pie?


    Drove his Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry


    I’d imagine there is also a lot more to a language BA than just being able to perfectly speak it, but I don’t really know.


    Yes there’s going to be a literature component and probably history and politics, although OP’s Italian equivalent of high school might have prepared him for those somewhat.


    Speaking English with an accent from anywhere sounds weird but apart from a select few states, Americans sound so weird to me.


    I can pick out regional North American accents, if he had any American peers I bet there were suspicions.

    Nepenthe avatar

    Not that this happened, but there absolutely would have been at least one suspicion. Nobody doesn't have an accent of some sort, and he'd have no way of knowing how accurate his pronunciation is all the way from Italy among other Italians. Everyone thinks they sound good til they hear themselves on a recording. His only way out would be to say his family is italian-american but he doesn't know the language very well. He might think of that. He's also on 4chan, though.

    However, Americans are highly curious about others as a rule and the women reportedly thought he was at least ok, so someone would have asked where he was from regardless of what he sounded like. And then he would have been stuck playing 20 questions about a randomly chosen region he isn't familiar with and hoping to god whoever he's talking to isn't from there.


    Language has nothing to do with intelligence, why does that one bit matter? It’s your environment that matters for language, there are plenty of stupid people from Europe or India or whatever who speak 2-5 languages like anyone else would… there are also plenty of Italians who are native English speakers because they grew up watching content by English-speaking people online (I know a few myself)


    I mean, they still spent all that money to just be a language major for a teaching job on another continent.


    Makes me wish it was true.

    ivanafterall avatar

    I don't think they allow lying on 4chan?


    The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.

    Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

    Right at the top of the page.


    That part is a lie.

    ivanafterall avatar

    Only one they allow.


    Green text probably isn’t true but I did have a German professor born and raised in Germany with a Master’s in “Conversational German” so it’s definitely not impossible.


    That might be the least problematic thing mentioned.


    If its a German degree - Germanistik is different from just German courses. It’s more about German literature - how the language evolved, why things are the way they are, analyzing uses of language and so on.

    Not really a useful degree, but a degree you need to put work in nonetheless

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