Guild Wars 2

Game Update Notes: September 12, 2023 (

09/12/2023—September 12 Release Notes Fractal Rush The Fractal Rush bonus event is underway this week! To promote Tyria's hottest historical-simulation getaway, your friends at the Consortium are sweetening the deal with extra loot and achievements for just one week. You'll find Fractal Rush trop...

OC [GW2Geary] Introducing a website for GW2 player's equipment and build inspection. A dedicated GW2 Armory. (

Discover and Inspect GW2 Accounts and Characters. Welcome to GW2Geary, a dedicated GW2 armory. Your ultimate tool to explore and inspect Guild Wars 2 accounts and characters. With GW2Geary, you can dive deep into the details of your favorite players equipment, builds, traits, and skills. Want to show your gear(armour & weapons)...

ArenaNet officially moving away from Twitter as primary means of communication (

We have always used the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account as our primary place to give players updates and information on emergent game issues, among many other things. What made this channel so useful was that it allowed us to communicate quickly and succinctly, and our entire community could see the updates regardless of...

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