Loving the new updates, but what all has changed?

I tried looking around for a changelog but I couldn't find one anywhere (let me know if you know where it is, I know you can look at the commits/merged PRs on Codeberg but there's a lot to dig through).

Here's some of the changes I've noticed:

  • Profile picture next to username in top right
  • Comments can now be sorted by "top"
  • Larger image preview when uploading an image
  • Magazine stats are now localized (yay!!!)
  • kbin logo instead of stormtrooper in the "Create your own instance" box
  • Vote colors are brighter on dark mode
  • New theme: Tokyo Night

This is just what I've seen after using the site for a bit after the update, let me know if there's anything I've missed!

Edit: I just noticed that you can filter posts by language now, that's huge!

ernest, (edited )
ernest avatar

Soon I will try to craft a post about whom exactly we owe these changes to. Today there's already too much excitement for one evening ;)

spoiler: https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/activity

For the next few hours, the website may be slow. We are working on a fix.

artillect avatar

Sweet, looking forward to it!

akai, (edited )
akai avatar

Loving the new update @ernest!


The iOS PWA logs out whenever I lock my screen. Is that something that will be fixed? I love kbin ty for all the work you do!

AnonymousLlama avatar

I haven't seen that report before, if it's happening consistently with you can you add it as an issue on https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/issues

We adjusted the manifest to add in the updated logos and shortcuts and it's working correctly on Android.

Good to make a report in case there's some underlying issue


Hmm. Interestingly, I just tried it again and it seems the issue may have fixed itself (probably affected by the other changes). If it does start again I'll make a report. Thanks!

AnonymousLlama avatar

Great work guys, really happy with how many tweaks, bug fixes and be additions we got in. Super super keen to get the click to toggle comment functionally in (love it on mobile) along with some of the new bigger pieces


lol I got super confused cos I could've SWORN your PR that you're working on atm about user profiles was merged already, but after the update the 2nd display name is still there....so I was like, did anything change? when did the commits go up to? and then I realized this PR isn't merged yet and heavily 🤦‍♀️

AnonymousLlama avatar

Hopefully soon! Adjusted styles on it so it doesn't overflow now which is great, waiting on it to get reviewed. Be good to get rid of all these extra parts of the system that aren't really helpful.

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar

Nice, I'm the second person after Ernest on this activity chart, since June 28.

ernest avatar

This code is just a small fraction of what you generally do, man ;)

numbscroll avatar

👀 that’s a lot of MRs and commits, wow… thank you!!


Thanks for the updates Ernest, just fyi I had to delete the pwa I had for kbin and reinstall it to get the updates. Maybe have to adjust something in your manifest to auto update? I'll take a look at code later. Really happy so far tho, the screen lock is a life saver!!

AnonymousLlama avatar

The manifest is a pain. Apparently even updating the theme_color should be enough to force chrome to download a new version and update the local client, but that can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so 😰

I've found deleting it and reinstalling thankfully works and now shows the fancy icon on Android

holo_nexus avatar

New tokyo night theme is slick

Lunyan avatar

Yeah! Really really nice

Eggyhead avatar

Increasing the size of the text in the settings no longer causes posts to leak off into inaccessible areas of the page in the iOS web app. As an iPhone Mini user, I particularly appreciate this change. I can finally increase the text size to a more comfortable reading level.


Am I the only one having the whole kbin.social site in polish?

ozen avatar

if you go to the bottom of the page you can change it to different language. mine was in polish too

elscallr avatar

That was just some UI polish work, it's ok

VerifiablyMrWonka avatar

See, if I hadn't seen that joke already I would have upvoted 😁


Thank you! There it was - that's surely not the most optimal placement of that setting. I was looking at my profile, and settings to no avail.
Cheers /u/ozen

sab avatar

You're not haha - I have no idea what I'm doing here. Doesn't get more bleeding edges than everything suddenly changing to polish.

AnonymousLlama avatar

I'll have to have a look at the site when I've cleared caches. The language should really match the one used by your browser, not a great look if this is actually defaulting to polish for new users who come across the site :o

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar

Nie widzę problemu, można po prostu nauczyć się polskiego, prawda?

onyx avatar

@melroy Melroy mówi po polsku. to musi być błąd w matrixie

aroom avatar

Wszyscy mamy polskiego przyjaciela. Jak często, jak się stajesz.


Seems the search button at the top left of the screen still takes me to the "technical works in progress" page.

ozen avatar

does the same for me, same thing happens when I search magazines too.

AnonymousLlama avatar

I think currently the site is under heavy load so some endpoints are a bit unstable. It should all even out soon hopefully :)

LollerCorleone, (edited )
LollerCorleone avatar

This was a wonderful update! But I seem to have come across a bug while browsing kbin as a PWA using Firefox on Android. The button for expanding posts seem to be overlayed by the boost button. Whenever I click to expand, the post is getting boosted instead.

Screenshot of the bug


EDIT: The issue is with the 'kbin usability pack' userscript and not kbin itself. My bad. Sorry for the unnecessary ping Ernest.

Grimlo9ic, (edited )
Grimlo9ic avatar

I absolutely love the new Tokyo Night theme.

Also, good on Ernest for getting ahead of the legal curve!

artillect avatar

I absolutely love the new Tokyo Night theme.

Same, I've been rocking it since the update!

acedelgado avatar

Hitting the kbin logo takes you back to your feed, instead of having to click it and then go over and click the Home button. That's a huge plus, IMO.

poo avatar

This new theme is amazing, thank you!


Android rotation lock bug resolved, nice, very nice. Great work to all involved.

Hakaku avatar

I'm happy that clicking on the Kbin logo on mobile brings you back to the home page (as opposed to opening the hamburger menu).


Page navigation at bottom improved. Now a box around your current page.

MelancholikhPatata avatar

I love seeing Kbin getting better and cozier day by day, I'm in awe! thank you to everyone who's been working on it, you are all appreciated :')


For me the on iOS, the top banner works now. Before I would have to fiddle rotation until I got the hamburger menu and navigate from there.

Ragnell, (edited )
Ragnell avatar

OH, no wonder this took a while. Those are great! I love this new theme.

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