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Is this thread monitored? Asking because, from what I observed, that federated Hexbear(dot)net users and communities don't seem to be possible to block. Or should I use the contact form?


I've noticed this too. Is there any workaround? Some Hexbear users are egregious and clutter up posts with meaningless noise.


That's what I observed as well. It's a pitty because it ruins the good experience I had so far in kbin.

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Since this appear to be the most proper thread, I'll keep posting as I see issue. Hopefully a staff member will see the bug reports, then.

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Is anyone else still seeing federated posts even when you turn the federation status to off? I was trying to hide some of the excess meme posts that are coming from other servers. But turning off federation does not make all of them go away. Some federated posts are still being shown.

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Turning off federation doesn't mean it will delete all the content on your/the instance.

DessertStorms, (edited )
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It's become impossible to browse by new thanks to an army of spam bots.

Every time I sort by new, there are several new groups of 3-5 new users posting to "random" all at once (so 12-15 spam posts for every 5-10 legit posts), I haven't risked the click, but it's a lot of promises of nudes or gold, or celebrity names, you know, bait.

I'll block and report one post from each user as spam, but that seems pointless when there's a seemingly endless stream of them popping up.

My feed sorted by new now, 8 of the 10 first posts are these bots:

Is there anyway to stop this (beyond blocking m/random which I've now done but don't want to)?

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I can't post but I can comment. It keeps giving me the error page. Other people seem to still be able to post on Kbin - anyone have any insight into this problem?

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Kbin seems to be breaking down lately. I haven't been able to read notifications for over a week.

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Was wondering what happened to your flood of posts. Guess the error is not local to me.

I just confirmed it's not just images I can't upload.
Even text threads do that thing where "We're Working On The Error" comes up and a phantom thread no one but you can see shows up on your profile.

As you say though, other threads origination on are showing up so some posters are managing to get though?


Idk if it's related to all new users but navigation is slow for me (France).


Slow for me as well (North America). It can take 10-15 seconds to load a page or perform an action like upvoting.

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I ate all the food. I can see why you're angry, and I'm sorry.

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My guess is that it's because a lot of new users are joining because of the Reddit blackout, but yeah, it is pretty slow (I'm in the US).

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Just a heads up - since the recent updates, on desktop, clicking on link preview in a comment will make the link and the little icon disappear but no preview loads:
Clicking the link itself opens it in a new tab as normal.


Is there a way to stop videos and audio from autoplaying? Browsing kbin on Firefox mobile and it keeps randomly playing some unknown audio.


Ever find a fix for this? News videos keep autoplaying for me on Firefox mobile, even before I scroll to the post in the feed


Sadly I haven't yet, the same think happens to me, random news videos autoplaying, even when not on screen yet. I'm fairly confident there's no setting to turn off video autoplay on kbin. Sadly even if you tell Firefox to not autoplay videos the videos continue to play, the Firefox mobile settings seem to be limited in that respect though.

I wonder if turning it of on the desktop browser site settings and then syncing will fix it.


Hrmm I think I have automedia preview set to on. I've turned it off and will see if this fixes it. I say think as the UI for the kbin page settings isn't super clear what's on and what's off ..


Err well that maybe worked but it also stopped all images loading in the feed so not really helpful


Yes, I think that's where the problem may lie, loading images has been intertwined with video autoplay

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I can't see pinned posts at the moment. It seems like I can see them if I log out. I can't seem to find a setting that would cause this that I could have changed to cause it.

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Not being able to post due to errors is annoying. I can't post anything!

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Is anyone else unable to view notifications anymore? leads to an "Error 50x" message.

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This is still an issue for me. I have not been participating because I can't see notifications.

blivet, (edited )
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The past couple of days I’m constantly being signed out. I have to login several times a day, practically every time I visit.

This seems to happen much more frequently on the mobile version of the site, and whatever Artemis is using to scrape data.

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Same issue for me since yesterday. I don’t know what has changed, but it’s very frequent (tens a day I would say).


It’s been this way for a while for me. I had to re-login just to post this comment…

I’m also getting an “invalid CSRF” token occasionally when I login. And error pages when I try to upvote.

I’m using the web app on iOS.


This happens to me on desktop as well. Today I can't even log in using my username, have to use email instead.


Yes. I`ve been seeing it as well in the last 2-3 days on Firefox on mobile. Being logged out 2-3 times a day.

In fact I just had to login to post this comment.

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This seems to have been fixed in the last couple days? I used to have this problem but it seems to have been reduced or mitigated.


Slightly annoying issue:

No reply notifications for comments.

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I'm having this issue too

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It was working for me last night, but now I'm not getting any notifications, either.

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When I joined a couple days ago, it worked immediately when someone responded to me. Now, it's either delayed by a couple hours or doesn't work at all. It's probably low on their priority list right now, but I hope it gets fixed eventually.

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Has anyone else stopped receiving notifications? I haven't gotten any notifications the past couple of days even though my notifications are all turned on.

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Maybe it's a server issue with all the new traffic but is the way to not get logged out after such short periods of time/usage? Feels like any time I attempt to interact with something on kbin I have to relog in.

Also, as someone else provided feedback on, being able to hide threads in a comment feed would be super useful. If it exists now I haven't figured.out how to do it

Just my initial feedback.

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    The root path for kbin is currently always "all". I actually have a PR up right now to change this to what people actually expect to happen.

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