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Thanks for the heads up, good luck!

Very_Bad_Janet, (edited )

Does a technical break mean a downtime for system maintenance? Will there be any fixes or enhancements?

Thanks for all your hard work, Ernest.

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Ernest has previously said that this will be an upgrade to address several issues, such as those related to federation, spam and lack of moderation tools.

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Do we know if API implementation will be part of it yet?

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API stuff is listed in the 'merged pull requests' section (quite a few times), so unless I'm mis-interpreting what that means, I think the API should be going live as long as this downtime is for the updating of the instance!

This will help a LOT with people seeing /kbin as an option ... the mobile webpage is pretty fantastic, but I'm really looking forward to switching to the Artemis App as my daily driver.

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I don't recall Ernest explicitly saying so, but the API is live on the instance, so hopefully it's in a state where it can be implemented as part of the core kbin code base. Perhaps the kbin codeberg can shed further light on this question.

edit: see tjhart85's answer.

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This is great to hear, regarding the live API on

melroy, avatar

API is part of the kbin code base (on latest develop branch). For example also have API enabled. But is still not upgraded until this day.

melroy, avatar

API is part of the latest develop branch. And live at: (Docs:


I’m excited about the upcoming update that will roll out the API for Is there any updated information that can be shared about the timing of the roll-out?

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So, I made a new thread asking about the status and ernest responded to it.

It seems there's been some unexpected irl issues that have prevented ernest from properly working on the update.

However, I'm almost ready to continue on this journey, so you can expect that in the near future, there will be a banner with information and the update date of the instance and release. After that, we will work on avoiding such longer development downtimes in case of my absence.


This post has no comments visible for me (though it should have 9 as of now). I do not see it in the kbinMeta at all. I also sometimes get 500 errors in kbinMeta, particularly when sorting by new. I only found this post by clicking on Ernest's name to see activity. Any ideas (though I'm not sure if I will see any responses, heh). Not seeing anything but 200s in the network tab of inspector.

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You probably won't see this, but I've sent you a private message. Hopefully that one arrives.

I assume it's the blocking bug, which is getting fixed this update I think.

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Any chance that the broken inbox bug is among the things getting fixed by the suite of changes?

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Does it have an issue on codeberg?

If not, I recommend bringing it up there. If you only bring it up here, you rely on ernest or another contributor writing it down and remembering it, which probably isn't too reliable. Better to put it on the issue tracker.


Thank you for sharing and all the work.

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