If you use a VPN, change your country and see if that affects the content you're offered. I'm in Manchester according to my VPN, and Netflix is offering me tons of British sitcoms and dramas, shows not available in my home country.


How do younpay for these services? I'd imagine you might not want to use your credit cards.


And yet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are treated like pariahs by the royal family. It's interesting how that works.

keira_reckons, to tvshows avatar

Our recuperating household needs a new bingeable show.

We loved Ted Lasso, Good Omens, Severance, Beforeigners, Lucifer and The Good Place, and the first season of Altered Carbon, but couldn't stand the second.

So all genres are on the table, but a general upbeatness or a mystery where the good/bad is clear is preferred.

Not keen on being asked to like terrible characters.

Any recommendations?

#TVRecommendations #tvshows #tvseries #bingewatch


@keira_reckons Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec


OP, have you watched:

  • Doctor Who
  • Black Mirror

A Battery Daddy, which stores batteries in a clear case and has its own battery tester inside. It'll probably end up being less goofy and more useful.

Wayfair CEO sends a harsh wake-up call to employees (

The CEO recently informed employees that further blurring the line between work and life is the recipe for success and is pushing for staff to put in more overtime, according to an email Shah wrote to his employees, which was obtained by Business Insider last week....

What's a word you've spent a long time not using right?

Just recently I was in a conversation with a number of UK mainlanders and we had a debate over what “tories” meant, apparently disproportionately ordinarily it refers to a political party and it’s not usual to use it as short for “territories” as I’ve used it (according to how the debate ended, it was half and half...

Very_Bad_Janet, (edited )

Does the character mean to cry "Attica"? Like people who yelled it in the 70s, referencing the prison revolt?


One of my High School teachers told me that when someone asked him for directions and he didn't know the way he'd just make something up because it made the person so happy and he liked how they smiled at him, all trusting.

What does it say that he was a teacher. Also: What does it say about me that he was my favorite teacher?


Trader Joe's smoked sardines in olive oil is delicious.


Sorry to derail but what do people think of air gap or air tube wired headphones? Do you think they are necessary?


Do you have a link for Stealth? Libreddit was working for me up until two days ago.


My kids call me bruh and I'm their mom, so, eh.


The fashion business seems to thrive on either body positivity or body negativity, but not body neutrality. If you feel neutral.about you body, I guess that doesn't prompt you to spend a ton of money on products to celebrate or disguise it.

Very_Bad_Janet, (edited )

My advice is to use a body wash or soap with salycitic acid. It's in products for preventing or treating acne - the salycitic acid kills the bacteria that causes body odor. You can also apply a toner with salycitic acid directly to your armpits (Stridex pads work well for this - they even make ones that are larger for use on the body). I do this and have zero B.O. Some people use other antibacterial soaps like Hibiclens or Paroxyl.

Also make sure that you are wearing clean clothes (wearing the same tshirt a couple of days in a row is taking a chance).

ETA: This won't help reduce sweating but it will help with the bacteria that feeds on the sweat.

Very_Bad_Janet, (edited )

I'm American and I can't think of a comedy show that makes fun of Indian food. Can you name one of them so I can check it out?

I'd say most medium to large sized cities in the US have Indian restaurants, so it's not so unusual.


Yes but this internal memo was "leaked" - I have a hunch she leaked it herself, possibly to ensure that she remains in Musk's good graces. Or to show future employers how loyal she can be and how readily/deftly she can spin. I.e., it's an advertisement for herself.

fuck the manosphere

I just want to vent a bit - I started seeing someone a few weeks ago. Old fling that I ran into through some friends that got rekindled, and I was excited that it seemed like more than just casual hookups this time. But there were some yellow flags I ignored that turned out to be red flags, and now I’m feeling frustrated and...


Or they are just looking for a repository for their negative feelings. Their own personal dumping ground, if you will. It's great that these men (and it's not just men) expose themselves with flat footed negging early on.


So funny that he didn't see the logic at hiding his misogynistic world view. The point, i guess, was not to school you on logic but to test how much crap you'd put up with.

I hope he actually took a moment or two of self reflection and understands that he himself was not displaying much logic in the relationship. Who knows, maybe he'll even question one or two of his misogynistic beliefs.

I'm sorry you had to put up with that but at least you've learned what to look out for.


Someone can appreciate what they have and still struggle to support a family, repair and maintaine a house, pay deductibles and co-pays for medical treatments, support an unemployed or ailing family member, pay student loans, pay car loans, send remittances to family in a home country, etc. They could simply live in a HCOL area. There are many not unusual scenarios that could have a household making $150k/year struggle.

Very_Bad_Janet, (edited )

It's basic Econ 101. People buy more in high inflation periods because they know the same goods will cost more in the future.

ETA: I myself have bought sneakers in future sizes for my kids as well as household consumables and toiletries (meaning, not gifts) this Black Friday.

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