r/AskHistorians. I don't think a sub like that can just be remade out of nowhere


r/Traa, r/MTF, and r/transytalk are big ones for me. I got a lot of support with my transition through Reddit but know all those support networks are gone.


Exactly this. The trans community on Reddit is so amazing and I hope we can all find new homes here. The support and camaraderie have been so important for me the last few months


r/cancer It was a nice space to find support of other people going through what I'm going through.

I_like_cute_kittens, (edited )

I have created a community here (its called cancer just like the subreddit), all we need is more people. You are not alone


I tried to find your community and it didn’t come up in my search. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with the community


lemmy.world/c/cancer does this link work for you?


Yes, that worked! Thank you, I subbed. I wonder why it didn’t come up in my search before


Aw, shit, sorry to hear you’re going through that hell. Lost my left nut at 19 to that bastard. Obligatory fuck cancer. Rooting for you! Here’s hoping a similar community crops up here soon.

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i'm going to miss /r/simpsonsshitposting
i hope someone ports it over and it gets lively
it's just the best kind of terrible simpsons memeing

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I'm gonna miss all the subreddits for the niche games that I play on steam -- they'll probably migrate to lemmy at some point in the future, but it's gonna be rough going back to browsing the steam forums


reminder to everyone that things are super fluid! iirc some of the communities mentioned here have been created just today. search/browse here periodically to see if your favorite community has been created yet https://browse.feddit.de/

!deleted110152, (edited )


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  • DoomBananas,

    I'll help promote writingprompts if you make it ;)


    I loved lurking and reading the stories there :c

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    Definitely look into creating the community here!


    Make your own community! Thats the beauty of the fediverse. I promise to join your community if you create it.


    r/croatia, r/askbalkans r/Balkans_irl and other communities with mostly people from balkan


    HighQualityGifs and their savagely, wonderful Gif Tournament


    r/nosleep. It is on lemmy too but to read older stories i have to go back to reddit


    PSA: We’re still in the early stages of Lemmy. Reddit was like this too when Digg first went down. If you don’t find a community you liked - make it! And once you make it, post as often as you can in it.


    I miss being able look up any niche thing I was into at the time and find an active community discussing it and making memes.


    /r/history heavily moderated and has actual historical experts answering questions and has a big library of already answered questions.


    We are trying our best in c/history but you are right. It’s gonna take time.


    I miss r/neography. It was full of interesting conscripts by so many talented people. The hardest part about leaving Reddit was the loss of these niche communities that can’t be easily replaced over here. I also miss my country’s subreddit, it was nice place with interesting people and entertaining posts. I tried to make a replacement on Kbin but it’s just 8 people and I’m the only one posting. But this is only the beginning, the fediverse will only grow from here and we’ll start seeing these smaller communities appear.


    r/Ilguns I need that to keep up with the gun law changes in illinois and the myriad of court cases going on.

    And the r/ukraine and r/ukraine conflict was where i was getting news of the war.

    I found a few ukraine news here, but it will take time to get it really going.

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    Nada. Nothing. I was there for the people, and the people that don’t seem like they are just cavemen who figured out how to browse a website left Reddit and reformed every sub I was subscribed to over here already. I don’t even have any specific novelty accounts to miss since every single one I knew of hasn’t been around for a while as it was already, such as /u/shitty_water_colours.

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