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Found 4 new servers and 10 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

23,756 servers checked. 13,890,513 Total Users with 1,660,784 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found:

jong.moe a server from Finland
shellsharks.social a server from Portugal
fedi.winscloud.net a server from Private
lemmy.raincloud.dev a server from Canada

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Found 4 new servers and 5 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

23,760 servers checked. 13,890,513 Total Users with 1,660,784 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New #fediverse servers found:

jong.moe a #firefish server from Finland
shellsharks.social a #mastodon server from Portugal
fedi.winscloud.net a #gotosocial server from Private
lemmy.raincloud.dev a #lemmy server from Canada

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arbocenc, to privacy in Github vs. Email Aliases
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Same reasons used by , , , , , , etc. users.

But here we are, people using , , , , etc.


youronlyone, to fediverse
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If you haven't heard, sadly, , one of the popular “groups” platform, is shutting down “probably” on February 29th.

In an email they sent to admins, the owner and developer can no longer support https://chirp.social financially as they failed to find a new job after they were laid off by last year.

So, if you have a Chirp.Social groups, either move to (https://a.gup.pe) (as suggested by Chirp.Social), or if I may, to (https://fedia.io), an [flagship] instance.

This reminds us the importance of having a built-in groups feature, and one where the groups feature actually federates.

Back in 2008, when the was born, we did have a built-in federated groups in / (today known as ). We used bang (!) instead of at (@). A built-in groups feature is more stable as established instances can host them.

Today, we have and (as well as -based instances) to fill in that, as groups is a built-in feature in those software products. It's just a matter of finding an instance that's open to hosting groups for any topic for the ActivityPub protocol.

That said, any Friendica, Hubzilla, Streams-based instances you suggest for groups?

@db0@hachyderm.io avatar

@youronlyone and are all about federated groups. Lemmy also uses the ! Notation

Bougl, to lacabine French
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Merci à @BlueDemon qui prend soin de l'état permanent de délabrement de mon psychisme, par ses conseils de lecture souvent absurdes, toujours audacieux.
"Opération Ace of Spades" de Patrick Foulhoux


itsfoss, to random
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Reddit is becoming more and more greedy, isn't it?


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@itsfoss long live

rimu, to lemmy
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Some differences between and

  • Comments with -10 score are collapsed by default.
  • Communities are organized into topics. See https://piefed.social/topics.
  • Image-heavy communities can have a tiled/masonry view, like https://piefed.social/c/pics@lemmy.world
  • People who get downvoted a lot end up with a ‘low reputation’ indicator next to their name. You’ll know it when you see it.
  • Hide all posts based on keyword filters.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Upvotes in meme communities do not add to reputation.
  • Better UI design (somewhat subjective!)
  • Improved hotness ranking algorithm (subjective)

db0, to lemmy
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My anti-spam automoderator bot is now available as a docker container and it is now fully enabled for reporting, removing, and banning. Here's my lemmy announcement: https://lemmy.dbzer0.com/post/15112791

shalien, to sysadmin
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fediverseobserver, to fediverse

Found 4 new servers and 11 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

23,835 servers checked. 13,887,991 Total Users with 1,665,645 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found:

lemmy.janiak.cc a server from Poland
fish.weme.wtf a server from United States
sns.mouii.net a server from Private
petbutler.club a server from Private

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smokeinfog, to mastodon
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Mastodon Has A Serious SPAM Problem

"Over the past week or so there has been a serious spam problem hitting mastodon and rest of the fediverse especially misskey over on the japanese side of things and the story behind it is absolutely wild."


PS: if you like Brodie's content, he can also be found on Mastodon: @BrodieOnLinux

crozilla, to lemmy
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Reddit: 'We Are in the Early Stages of Monetizing Our User Base'


kubikpixel, to forum German
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Die ursprünglichen 'e im gelten schon länger als und die scheinbare alternative Lösung hat nun integriert und schnuppern die aus. Die wahre finden wir wieder im Fediverse und sind ua / so wie . Ja das ist viel mehr als nur und Co und kommuniziert nicht nur auf einem Server, sondern in der (ihr kennt es evt schon)

💬 https://kbin.pub
💬 https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin
🐭 https://join-lemmy.org

shalien, to reddit French
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Dans mon chemin de migration depuis #reddit vers #lemmy je suis entrain, pour la première fois de vie d'installer #rust .

GambaJo, to lemmy German
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Weiß jemand, was mit feddit.de passiert ist?

Jeze3D, to lemmy
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I like being able to browse without a Lemmy account and choose to reply or otherwise participate with my account. The is awesome.

Mastodon Migrule GIF

itsfoss, to random
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Reddit has signed a deal that allows user data to be sold for training AI!


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@itsfoss long live :blobcatcoffee:

okpierre, to reddit
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Large AI company is paying about $60 million for access to Reddit (YOUR content) so it can train its AI models

Fediverse does have open source alternatives like lemmy, kbin, mbin etc that you can try

rimu, to lemmy
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can now send messages to other people on the same instance as well as people on instances.

The UI layout should be familiar to anyone who has used messenger.com or similar apps.

If your account is less than a week old or if you've been downvoted a lot you won't be able to message anyone.

The usual delete, block & report functions are available.

A screenshot of a chat UI, showing the options for deleting, blocking and reporting.

oskoo, to fediverse
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Hello again #Fediverse, I may need your #fedihelp. So, here's a list of the Fediverse software I'm about to make temporary accounts for to test all the features and differences:


So, did I miss anything noteworthy? Does anyone have any tips or recommendations before I choose a server for any one of these? I'll probably be going for the most popular server on each for improved federation and maintenance.

Note: I'm using #Sharkey right now and Misskey forks are already overrepresented, so that's why it's not included.

rhys, to fediverse
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The spam attack is pretty interesting as a single user instance owner. Unless someone I follow on interacts with a spam post, I don't get to see it. Consequently, I don't think I've seen a single one via Mastodon.

I use Mastodon to follow a bunch of and communities though, which function when viewed by Mastodon as a user boosting every post to their community. Therefore I'm seeing a lot of posts that way (before blocking and reporting).

dangillmor, (edited ) to random
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If you've ever posted anything on Reddit, your words are going to be sucked up into an "AI" database. The people who profit from this are Reddit and the "AI" company.

What do you get? Screwed, again, by tech companies that have pure contempt for your privacy and rights.


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I really want to be done with Reddit like I am with the bird site but the alternative in just isn't working --- the other alternative is run by some unsavory characters so I'm not going there....

liaizon, to fediverse
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Has anyone patched either Mastodon or Lemmy so that Lemmy's posts display the whole article in your Mastodon feed yet? At this point it seems like it might be as "simple" as changing the post type from "article" to "note" since Mastodon is now able to display a good amount of formatting and stuff inline

@devnull@crag.social avatar

@liaizon as you alluded to in your reply, WP gets around this by assuming type as:Note which I disagree with from a protocol fragmentation standpoint. It implicitly acknowledges Mastodon as the dominant player with clout to change the behaviour of others, and I stand against it.

will send type as:Page (like and ), and we will work with @article_interop (and hopefully @pfefferle) to encourage Mastodon to handle it properly by modelling the appropriate behaviour.

drahardja, to reddit
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Just as we all knew all along, ’s move to charge exorbitant fees for API access was so they can cut lucrative deals to sell user-created material to train models.

I was a redditor of about 15 years when I decided to delete everything I wrote and close my account because I foresaw this hostile repurposing of what is essentially a massive store of freely-accessible, context-rich community-generated content, made by people who didn’t necessarily want their content to be used for training without compensation.

AI training is largely built on top of exploitation of labor for private gain. It’s legal in many cases, but it’s often unethical and immoral.

“Reddit Signs AI Content Licensing Deal Ahead of IPO”


No-paywall version here: https://archive.ph/caW1Y

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@drahardja thoughts on ?

fasija, to emacs

Emacs client library and interface for Lemmy codeberg.org/martianh/lem.el #emacs #lemmy #fediverse

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