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Amazing that when pressed it's never "I don’t like acknowledging gay people exist" (the truth), it's "I just hate corporations doing virtue signaling and pretending to give a crap. Now I have to deal with them shoving politics in my face."


Come Memorial Day/July 4th they love the American flag. Come the winter they even get angry when Jesus/Christmas is not proudly show in storefronts and in ads.

They are so onboard with celebrating dead soldiers by getting sweet deals on mattresses and trucks, but god forbid a pride symbol show up. Because suddenly they're cynical consumers who don't want to be pandered to.

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Pandering to "traditional American values" is okay because that's what everyone should like. Pandering to anything else is virtue signaling.

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Do you guys think we can get hospital emergency rooms in pride packaging?


😹 😹 😹 😹 😹

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chaya raichik is angrier over rainbow packaging then people calling in bomb threats to schools and hospitals in her name

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Of course they’re angrier, they don’t support rainbow packaging.


I hope that they do insulin next.


I want gay pride ozempic


I buy store brand mouthwash because it’s cheaper and it’s identical in ingredients. With that being said, this is a really stupid hill to die on. Don’t these people have anything better to do with their lives??


Listerine used to have alcohol in their mouth wash, so if yours does too, you might want to think about changing to a different one. While there is no sufficient evidence, there’s a chance that it raises your chance of oral cancer. And IMO you probably don’t need the alcohol in it.

edit: 2009 summary, 2019 meta study


I always buy the alcohol free


But like, how many conservatives are actually “freaking out” about this? I get the sense that articles like this do more to stir up outrage than any actual boycotting and freaking out that’s really happening.

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I see considerably more conservative outrage online (by conservatives themselves, not just reportedly by them) directed at frankly breathtakingly stupid things than I see eg. leftist outrage, so I’d say the chances are pretty good that this isn’t just a reaction of one or two randos being amplified by media.

Interestingly, more often than not it feels like when the media reports on “leftist outrage” it really does seem to be like half a dozen people at most being made to seem like it’s half the population.


I picked up some lady in my cab once and after a while me being trans came up. She seemed to be under the impression that most trans people are forced to go on hormones somehow and was glad that my taking them was by choice rather than compulsory.

I don’t know where these people get this shit. Sinclair, presumably.

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If I was to take a forgiving interpretation of her comment, her comment could be a misunderstanding of the era of stronger binary gatekeeping for trans folk, when you had to be high femme, cis passing, straight etc to gain access to HRT.


I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m just continuously shocked by how stupid people can be.

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Well, like the joke goes, 50% of the population is dumber than the average. While humans can be really clever, we can also be absolutely fantastically dim.

(Disclaimer before anyone chimes in and says that’s not how averages work: intelligence as a trait – and I don’t mean IQ but intelligence in general, however you define it – is more than likely normally distributed, which means the average is also the median.)


Wasn’t intending on discussing this kind of thing, but I’m not sure this:

intelligence as a trait – and I don’t mean IQ but intelligence in general, however you define it – is more than likely normally distributed

Is true.

IQ is normally distributed, but I’m not sure what evidence there is that intelligence in general is. I’m not even sure how one would go about proving that.

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Well you probably wouldn’t be able to directly prove it since defining a metric for it is nontrivial (and IQ’s got its own well known problems as a proxy for intelligence), but a huge chunk of psychological and cognitive traits, and not to mention other biological traits like height or whatever, are normally distributed, so I’d be really surprised if intelligence wasn’t. I’m not out to prove it since I’m not writing an article for a journal, but I do think it’s incredibly likely for the distribution to be normal.

And, I mean, what are the options? A skewed distribution? I sure hope it’s skewed so that there’s more intelligent people. Or a multimodal distribution? How would that even happen? Etc. etc.

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They get that shit from the same place where they get the shit that all of us queers are pedophiles.

Conservatives can’t admit that they hate us and “woke” people in general just because we don’t conform to their rigid ideas about how things should be, so they have to come up with and spread all sorts of completely ridiculous lies to justify their hate. They don’t want to see themselves as the bigots they are, so it’s nicer to have some “proper” reason for wanting to literally fucking murder us.

Generally conservatism attracts people who aren’t “cognitively equipped” to deal with complex situations. Their ideology emphasizes strict hierarchies and roles because they need a simplified and predictable society so they can function. That’s why conservatives literally fear people and things that are different from what their mental model says they should be; being different makes them unpredictable, and possibly a threat. Ditto for why they usually cling to very literalist interpretations of their religions.

And I’m not just pulling this out of my ass either, there’s tons of research on it. See eg. this list for sources


My parents and family are conservative, and yeah, they get fucking outraged and/or scared of everything. Thinking the government is going to kill then with the covid vaccine or whatever, queer people corrupting kids, and all the common stuff you hear conservatives freak out about, and so on. And this is in Norway. It’s honestly frightening just how closely they follow the general conservative narratives and talking points. I see them repeat the same falsehoods I read on the internet word for word.

They really are just scared of anyone and anything, especially what other people tell them to be scared of. I don’t get how it isn’t extremely exhausting being like this all the time.

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Gonna go buy some Listerine and rebottle it as Freedom Mouthwash but charge 30% more. Anyone down to invest?

Gormadt, avatar

30% more?

You’re leaving profit on the table with that, you could probably get away with 100% markup if you sell a Confederate flag version and an American flag version

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Most conservatives that react to this kind of stuff seem to boycott hygiene products already.

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Will they be the first big company (that I can think of) to NOT cave?



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I've said it before... all we need to do is get every major food and beverage produced to put a fuckin' Pride flag on their shit and within six months all conservatives will have starved to death.

I mean, I assume they will. It couldn't be that they're hypocritical trash and would eat food with a Pride flag on it... right?


Their entire worldview is steeped in hypocrisy. Not sure why food would be any different.


You may have found the joke.

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They'll survive entirely on Chik Fil A.

Until their hearts explode.


You didn’t hear? Chick-fil-A is too woke now or some shit.


Pretty sure they boycotted chik fil a within the last 6 months because the company has a diversity initiative, so they are doomed to starve.


Nah they’ll just buy overpriced repackaged shit.

Edit: and complain about the price.


Whine also owning a few hundred shares of stock in the packaging company.


Just now? I had a huge bottle with pride packaging that took me at least two months to get through.


Isn’t it usually the case that these people only notice the packaging months, or even a full year, after the fact?


Also, I’m just realizing that these must have hit shelves in June.


I’m not surprised that none of them did any research

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Do conservatives practice basic hygiene? Honestly, how'd they even find out? Who told them? Were they digging through other people's trash?


Libsoftiktok likely saw a TikTok when searching for people to harass and noticed the listerine bottle


They don’t notice a thing until some pundit tells them to be wound up.

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Man, triggered over mouth wash…


Just remember to spit not swallow


Snowflakes will be snowflakes

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