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Apple's Crafty Game: Playing by the Rules, but Not Really (

In a sleek, minimalist boardroom at Apple Campus 2, Aka “Apple Park,” Apple’s top executives, all uniformly dressed in black turtlenecks, are gathered. They’re surrounded by the aura of their ‘Reality Distortion Field’ generator, as designed by and once used to enhance the persuasive power of Apple’s co-founder,...

Don't follow the manual, follow what I say!

I used to work the evening/night shift at a coffee shop chain. That time of night in inherently slow, so we would get saddled with the general upkeep of the equipment. Nothing too high tech, just simple disassemble, clean, re-assemble (coffee grounds get into EVERYTHING). I took a shining to the task because I’m fairly handy...

"Unless the house is on fire or you are hurt, do not interrupt me on the phone!"

Hi everyone, this is a small but hopefully enjoyable bit of MC from my childhood. Way back when, my Dad worked in IT and worked from home. This is back in the early days of telecommuting and so most of his day was spent on calls in between actual technical stuff. The internet was in its infancy, so if he was working he really...

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