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Excuse me, is this in Sweden by any chance?

Scratch that, just saw OP say it’s Germany. Goddamn, they look like the lights next to my apartment block rofl plus the nordic feel


Could be a random place in Vienna aswell, just by looking at it. Guess architecture is converging


Could well be in Switzerland as well. I thought it was behind my appartement building.


Unexpected but very nice of them to do so.


This is the kind of content I live for right here. Good shit op


Idk if it’s my app or what, but the link to the original post takes me to yiff… I’m using Connect on Android.

LazaroFilm, avatar

Yiff might have a link grabber. I wish apps could parse links and redirect them in app. It’s an issue on many apps on iOS too.


Transyiff at that

MaggiWuerze, avatar

Might be your app, I just saw someone mention the same issue in another thread

sockenklaus, avatar

Nope it’s not you. I am using jerboa. When I click on the link it opens a furry post. When I copy the link and open it in Firefox, it opens the intended original post.


Works on Sync


Minecraft looking pretty good these days.


Also turned up the ambient lighting (the sun), while they were at it, I see! Result!

hardypart, avatar

Is this in Germany? This looks very German to me and I can’t even tell why.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Looks just as plausible to be in the US.


Playground and bikes

FlyingSquid, avatar

Those things are at apartments in the US…


And risk being sued for medical expenses?

FlyingSquid, avatar

Yes? There’s an apartment building I drive by all the time that has a playground.


With a thing on a spring that is an injury lawyer’s wet dream? Also that thing is not cordoned off, it’s for general use, even though privately constructed.

FlyingSquid, avatar

You know those spring things are in public park playgrounds, right? My daughter played on them when she was younger all the time.


All I can say is American expats are regularly gob-struck by how “unsafe” our playgrounds are. Where “unsafe” means fun and a place where kids can learn to judge risks and develop independence.

Are you even allowed to let a kid play there while you’re inside or is the CPS going to drag you to court for it?


There’s nothing in that playground you couldn’t find in a typical American playground. The Americans you know apparently just have the personalities of wet towels.

wreel, avatar

America has a lot of problems but the idea that Americans can afford to be frivolously litigious is hilarious.


Yes it’s Germany. Hessen.


Somewhere in the Reichstag: “Mein gott! A gartenlicht ist kaput somewhere! Hans! Schnellschnellschnell!!!”


We heff eckssidentally repläced wan bulb with a kaltweiß kind, Wolfgang get ze shotgun

MaggiWuerze, avatar


Schrotflinte heißt das


Dude,that is not done in the Reichstag,that is far too inefficient.

We of course have our own government department for that, the Bundeswegbeleuchtungsreparaturamt (Federal footpath lighting repair authority) which is part of the Bundesimmobilienverwaltung(Federal real estate authority).

There are of course similar institutions on the state level (besides Saxony/Sachsen, it seems they like to live in the dark) like the Landesweglichtverwaltung (State path light administration) of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Some larger communities have similar agencies,but most simply have a commissary for it (Dorfweglichtbeauftragter), and yes, they are mostly named Hans, Dieter or sometimes Horst.

This is actually a very sensitive topic as the people suffered a lot during the war time black outs and therefore wanted to make sure that never happens again. (Besides Saxony, as I said,they prefer to keep it like 45 in some places).

Obi, avatar

Can’t even tell if you’re messing with us or if this is completely true.


What? Messing with you? That would imply humour, which is inefficient and therefore forbidden by law!

This is scandalous!

hardypart, avatar

Im German and I can’t even tell if he’s joking.

hardypart, avatar

Haha, sauber :D


Lights scream German. Colors scream American base.


It’s the shape of the building

DontTreadOnBigfoot, avatar

How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?

Obi, avatar

One, they are efficient and don’t have humour.


That link to the “Original Post” doesn’t seem to work, unless I’m missing the joke.

chuso avatar

It works for me, so the issue must be on your side (or they fixed the link)

noname_yet2077, avatar

They’ve seen your post



willya, avatar

Maybe the temperature can be changed on the fly and it just glitched out one night.

PupBiru avatar

colour temperature is only changeable when you “mix” other colours in: usually you have cold white and warm white LEDs and you mix them to get whatever temp you want

for commercial, i doubt they’d double the LEDs so you could adjust them… the name of the game in commercial lighting is buy what you need, buy it cheap, and don’t pay for things you won’t use


There are led bulbs that have variable light temperatures, I have some in my room as we speak. Don’t need multiple bulbs. They’re not that expensive either, and they do sometimes have a hickup if I accidentally flip the switch multiple times too fast, and reset to their default temperature and brightness.

PupBiru avatar

not multiple bulbs no, but those bulbs have multiple LEDs in them… LEDs only have a single colour, but you can produce variable colour (or colour temperature) bulbs by mixing R/G/B or warm white and cold white

philips hue bulbs for example have red, green, blue, warm white, and cold white LEDs so they can mix any colour or colour temperature

to have variable colour temperature requires a warm white and a cold white LED that get mixed, so they’re always being used at 50% or less (because 50% emission on both is the same brightness as 100% of 1)… commercial fixtures are likely to not give that option and only include a single LED at fixed colour temperature to avoid 2x the parts


It gets funnier when you realize that warm white is physically colder than cool white as well. And vice versa.

FuglyDuck, avatar

Adafruit has an excellent tut on controlling RBGW arrays via a pi pico and circuit python (or a lot of other controllers. or whatever.) I built the niece a night light/bed lamp (along with a white noise generator) It has a number of different odds and ends to control it, including five rotary encoders that also have push-button switches… it didn’t take her too long to learn that, if the button switches happen to be pushed in the right sequence… “Party Mode” comes on, with rainbow flashy goodness.

The, uh, sequences keep mysteriously changing and getting tougher for some strange reason…


No no. We’ve see the Hausmaister coming in the morning and replacing the bulb ;)


Alternate ending to the short movie Burn-E


Good ending


Goddamn! Lemmy got influence.


We did it Lemmy!


Next up: worldwide universal free at point of service healthcare!

What do you MEAN that’s more difficult to achieve??


Not for Lemmy it is not!

FQQD, avatar

this just restored my faith in humanity

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