Trump says he'll be a dictator only 'on day one' if elected

Donald Trump has said that he will not become a dictator if he becomes US president again except “on day one”, after warnings from Democrats and some Republicans that the US was in danger of becoming an autocracy if he wins the 2024 election. Fuck, well at least he’s honest on this statement


He will be worse than last time.

nicetriangle avatar

Yeah the fact that he doesn't have a lawful reelection to consider is concerning. Also concerning when you think about the fact that he clearly thinks being the president shields him from a lot of legal ramifications.

So he doesn't have to temper his behavior to get reelected in any way. He has a shitload of grudges. Pursuing those grudges would likely be various shades of illegal. He thinks staying in office will protect him from the consequences of his actions. That is a recipe for a constitutional crisis if I ever saw one.

ConditionOverload, avatar

Lol and his fans are still totally fine with him saying dangerous crap like his. It’s unbelievable.


Why wouldn’t they be fine with it? A dictatorship is exactly what those traitors genuinely want.


Or think they want… Until they end up being part of a group that’s targeted.


No one who cheers for a dictator thinks that they’ll be ever targeted. There is a large number of minorities for Trump to obliterate before turning to white cis-het neurotypical Republican voters.


That’s because they like the idea of a Trump dictatorship. They simply assume they’d be on the side that’s going to do the dictating.


Can't dictate from a burnt down house. Can't dictate with a bullet rattling around your head. I don't know about the rest of you'se, but I'm not going to be dictated by any rat fuck righties. They can have, and lose, their second civil war.


The scary thing is they literally don’t even hear it. It doesn’t get played on Fox News, and hearing it from any other source will make them prejudge it and ignore it as liberal propaganda.

bappity, avatar

if the US actually re elect him they’re fucked

Enkers, (edited )

Yup, and Trump doesn’t have a choice. It’s looking more and more likely that he’s going to lose a lot of money and potentially face jail time. His only way out is to seize power. Since he’s backed himself into a corner, he’ll try everything to steal the next election, including another coup attempt.

I don’t personally think it’ll work, but on the slim chance it does many of us will be facing an existential threat which will require swift action. He’s already publicly stated that he sees leftists as vermin which need to be eradicated, and I, for one, don’t want to give him the chance to act on that threat.

deweydecibel, (edited )

Of course he has a choice.

He can choose facing the consequences of his actions.

If that’s unappealing, he can also choose to, let’s say, “pull an Epstein”.

Let’s not give him the benefit of saying this is the only “strategy” he has left, because that implies you can’t blame him for trying. Like any reasonable person in his position would do the same thing.

And that’s complete nonsense. He’s not an animal stuck in a bear trap, he’s a human being, who has been very open about his penchant for fascism long before he was charged.


pension for fascism

If you are making a joke here, it is funny.


Epstein did not kill himself.


Regardless it’s an option for him.


Nobody said otherwise.

If somehow, Trump managed to off himself despite constant monitoring by his secret service detail, what a shame that’d be.

I might have to take a day off of work just to celebrate.


I’m speaking pragmatically. Perhaps ‘choice’ wasn’t the best word.

He can choose facing the consequences of his actions.

If that’s unappealing, he can also choose to, let’s say, “pull an Epstein”.

I find both of these alternatives extremely unlikely, but here’s hoping.

TheBat, avatar

He’s too much of a narcissist to pull an Epstein

NOT_RICK, avatar

Yeah and Donnie’s definition of leftist is anyone that isn’t actively deep throating his boot


The leftists need to learn how to use guns and own them. SocialistRA and liberalgunowners are communities that welcome leftist gun enthusiasts and new comers who want to learn for whatever reason.


There are plenty of “leftists” who own guns in the US.

They just don’t flaunt it around like the rightards do.


As evident by the 2 orgs I Listed in my comment. I’m aware, but most of the left aren’t gun owners, like 70%. I’m obviously not talking about the ones who already are.


We’re all fucked, not just the states


This is the “best” America can push forward, we are already fucked. We were fucked 24 years ago.


We were fucked 24 years ago.

Exactly: that’s when the first coup (the Brooks Brothers Riot) succeeded.


The right wing in America has been sliding further right for a long time, and tending to drag the left along with it. (Nobody is under the impression that the US "left" isn't actually center-right.) In the last decade, that rightward silde has accelerated. Trump, being the presumptive Republican nominee for president, is the "best" that the lunatic far right - not America - can push forward.

The Democratic party, representing the left center-right, is no longer allowing itself to be dragged further right. And there remains a fairly large proportion of people who still call themselves Republicans who oppose the burgeoning fascism. Those are the people who feel politically homeless right now; they just need someplace to go and someone to vote for. Liz Cheney is floating a third party run, and I think she's easily able to consolidate "sane conservative" support.

I was predicting that the Republican party would split back in 2015. I had no idea they would drag on like this for so long.


The right wing in America has been sliding further right for a long time, and tending to drag the left along with it.

See: Overton Window

ZILtoid1991 avatar

Issue is, the whole world will be effected by it.


Hard to say what would have happened, but I feel like I was pretty much unaffected as an European the last time.

problematicPanther, avatar

I live in europe currently, and there’s been a hard right turn here since trump seriously got on the scene. In france Macron only beat the female french trump by a small margin. In Italy, they’ve elected a hard right person as their leader, In switzerland, the right wing party is in power. Trump was the first domino to fall and now we’re going to be seeing shit like that all over.

but yeah, I was pretty much not directly affected by any of that shit that happened stateside.


It is difficult to say because you do not observe the counterfactual. I would definitely say we would have progressed more on climate action if HRC had become president. Also, the culture war issues would have definitely played out differently. The Trump presidency also emboldened Putin, which may have affected the situation in Ukraine. But again, in foreign policy so many things happen simultaneously that it’s often difficult to pinpoint direct causes.


If that is the objective truth, then count yourself lucky for being a white, ethno-european, climate denier.


Yeah, probably wasn't great for climate action, but that's true for all conservative politicians not just the crazy ones. How did Trump affect whites and non-whites living in Europe differently?


Stuff and reasons, basically. But actually the worst thing he could do is try to leave or undermine NATO, and ditch Ukraine


In Canada, we’ve seen a rise in Trump-like politics…

MisterNeon, avatar

As an American I think we’re fucked already.

Sabata11792 avatar

Were fucked, We just get a 50% chance to choose what hole.

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

I don’t think the American people would ever let a Dictator get that far. If Trump gets nominated by the GOP you’ll see so much violence that by election day the entire course of history in the United States will be forever changed. I personally believe the GOP will not let him be nominated and will reject him. Trump will run third party and split the vote and give the Democrats a huge win.

Omegamanthethird, avatar

They literally had the chance to stop him during his second impeachment after the attempted insurrection. Anyone who didn’t do it then, sure as hell isn’t going to do anything now.

The last thing the GOP wants to do is piss off his supporters right before the next presidential election. The electoral college could have ousted him during the 2016 election (as people had floated around) too. There’s just not enough people are willing or have the desire to reject him. Many would love to have him as a dictator, they just need the right pieces in the SCOTUS to say it’s in the constitution.

He’s 100% going to be the nominee now. Even if he goes to jail, he’s still going to be the nominee. The time for anything different is LONG past.

agent_flounder, avatar

I wished I could be so optimistic. They have had endless chances to reject him and haven’t. It’s almost like Putin has some leverage on a bunch of em lol.

He will get nominated, but hopefully my fellow Americans will not let him return to the white house.

nicetriangle avatar

Maybe instead he'll just die while shitting on his gold toilet some time next year. Would be kinda nice.


Why do you think there will be violence before the election, but after Trump’s nomination? In this scenario, in your mind, who are the ones that kick off this violence?

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

Historical evidence on the rise of Dictators. You have to opress your opposition through violence to look strong. I foresee Kent State style responses from Trump loyalists in law enforcement.


Before the election? Why would they do it before the election? I don’t really understand what you’re saying.


If you prosecute violence against your opposition, publicly and with great force, you run a good chance of terrifying large portions of your opposition’s voting base into not voting for fear of implied violence.

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

You think they want a fair election? It will be January 6 on steroids.


Yes, and Jan 6 happened after the election…

They will be fine (as fine as these nutjobs can be) until the results are announced. If Trump loses, then they go crazy. If he wins, they’ll be very happy (but also go crazy because these people are insane).

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

They are not going to risk an election.


I wish that were true, but I suspect that the American people have become too passive to resist a dictator. He won’t take over by force, but cloaked in legitimacy, just like Hitler and Mussolini did. Heck, you don’t even have to go back that far. That’s Putin’s playbook, too. A Republican President also has a Supreme Court that favors very strong presidential powers and a permanently divided and largely impotent Congress. No real resistance there.

So, what’s left? The police? American police would love having more power under a dictator. The public hates cops these days, and a dictator would restore their “rightful place” as respected and feared enforcers who will “clean up the streets”.

The military? Well, that’s a wild card. They may not support a dictator, but they also don’t want to start a civil war. I think a US dictator will give himself enough legal cover and legitimacy to convince the military to hang back from interfering in politics.

The most likely source of resistance is from individual states. However, I’m not sure what they can do, realistically. Secession would certainly start a civil war, which would play right into the dictator’s hands, giving him the perfect excuse to suspend rights and use the military for domestic purposes.


The military? Well, that’s a wild card.

Just want to mention Tommy Tuberville holding up military appointments. Unrelated I’m sure.

Despite claiming he will stop blocking such appointments, he is still going to continue blocking the appointments of 3 and 4 star generals.


Let’s not demonize Trump man, he really brought what a lot of people thought would be a culture war into an economic war, which you may think is bad, but it’s actually brought a more muted epiphany for many across both sides that for many people jobs are very important to their lives, unlike in EU where places like Scandinavia, Spain or Greece see culture wars as mud to be stepped on and brushed off but economic sanction is a more realistic declaration of conflict of interest


You can only become a dictator one time, after that you are a dictator.
So he’ll only “become” a dictator on day one, the rest of his life hell just be a dictator.
And let’s not entertain the fantasy that his heath will catch up to him sooner rather than later, remember he has access to better healthcare than 99% of the population and it’s entirely state funded.
We’ll be stuck with him for at least a decade, but I wonder who will inherit the throne when he’s gone?

problematicPanther, avatar

evil people tend to live longer too. it took kissinger a hundred years before he did anything decent with his life.


Remember: Trump mocked a disabled person on national television, he raped a 13 year old girl and settled out of court, he called for all of the violence on January 6th 2021 and the overthrow of the American government’s peaceful transition of power, he ordered the use of MOAB, he wasted billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars building a sham wall that hasn’t kept out undocumented immigrants, he moved the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he’s cheated on every single wife he’s ever had, he’s currently charged with 91 criminal charges related to rampant tax fraud, he destroyed Atlantic City, he saluted an enemy general in North Korea, he asked for Russian hackers to perform cyberattacks on his political rivals, he illegally attempted to blackmail Zelenskyy by demanding dirt on the Bidens in exchange for military aid, he ordered law enforcement to open fire on protestors, he gave tax breaks to the rich and increased the taxes on the working class, he brags about sexual assault, and he just told everyone he will be a dictator.

Better vote for him? Don’t Americans watch the news?


“he just says what’s on his mind! He’s just like me!” - my parents probably.


Which begs the question why is he not in prison???


Riiight… so what has happened to make the Great Orange Hope magically more competent at fascism than he was during his first stint at the Waffle House?

His best trick (so far) was to sicc a white lynch mob on the capitol that was so incompetent it only managed to lynch some of their fascist besties (ie, police).

Trump is more dangerous outside the Waffle House than he is inside it - all the traction the fascists got out of Trump essentially ended when he became SCROTUS.

Trump doesn’t want to be the head honcho - he wants a mass of foaming MAGA hive-mind stroking his ego while he rants at them from a podium - and it’s much easier to achieve that while he is running for pres than actually being the pres. That is when Trump is at his most dangerous.

And, of course, liberals will do nothing to stop all this except to try and get their “good cop” into the Waffle House… but they will be sure to heckle antifa and BLM from the sidelines when these movements do the actual necessary work of physically confronting the white supremacists and their fascist besties (ie, the police) in the streets.


It’s exponentially easier to be a fascist dictator than a conscientious democratic leader. One gives you ultimate power and authority, the other forces you into meetings where you have to weigh the pros and cons of policy and how the economy will perform on an international scale.


It’s exponentially easier to be a fascist dictator than a conscientious democratic leader.

I wouldn’t know… I’ve never been either. I do have experience being subject to the former, but not the latter.


the answer is more republican backing, the Republican Party has purged its self of a lot of its internal opposition


The inmates are running the asylum. Even McCarthy wasn’t enough of a lapdog.


Can we like … put it in a contract?

And can we like … add a clause that we are allowed to chop of his head if he refuses to give up his dictatorship after a day?


He’ll just use his dictator powers to appoint the next dictator, John Barron


Because Trump is famous for honoring his contracts.


Trump can’t even be a decent person for one day, what makes them think they would be a decent dictator for only a day?

TechyDad, avatar

Because he attacks the people that MAGA hates. That’s the only metric that they use. If Dictator Trump goes after Democrats/liberals/LGBTQ people/black people/etc then he’ll be “a good dictator” in their eyes. If he starts to go after straight, white, Christian men, then he’ll have become a “bad dictator.” Of course, by that point there will be nobody left to speak out against Dictator Trump since the rest of us would have already been rounded up.


Good thing that won’t happen.


Don’t know… I hope you are right, but too many people were saying the same in 2016


A reminder to all: register to vote! Do mail in if you have to; it’s fairly simple (at least for the state if NJ)

anarchy79, avatar

You know your country is a failure when the perpetrator of a previous coup attempt is allowed to run for office again like nothing happened.

Can you use those 2A rights to defend against tyranny anytime soon or does that only cover school shootings and gang violence?

Pat_Riot, avatar

This is exactly what the Second is intended to take care of, but no part of the constitution will have any meaning if Trump installs himself as a dictator. Unfortunately the average right winger doesn’t seem to understand that. This is literally the moment they have claimed to be waiting for but they’re on the enemy’s side. He’s going to cancel their gun rights and they’re going to cheer for it.


This is exactly what the Second is intended to take care of

Not it isn’t. The idea that the 2a is supposed to prevent government overreach is revisionist history.

The intention of the 2a was to make a standing federal army unnecessary. Madison didn’t want a federal army, but knew the nation would need some form of military, so he wrote militias into the constitution.

(He changed his tune when the War of 1812 showed him how necessary a true military was.)

It’s laughable to think that people in power wanted others to be able to overthrow them with guns. In fact, rebellions were attempted with guns in the years after the revolutionary war. And they were put down. Never did George Washington say, “Ah, these men with guns seem to think we are being tyrannical. We should reconsider.” No, he said, “Pay your fucking taxes.”


It’s a bit of both. In the 18th century, it was abundantly obvious a country needed to be able to defend itself against both foreign powers and internal threats. But it was also very clear that if you paid a group of people to be professional soldiers, you basically always lived under the threat of those people going “That’s a nice country/state you have there” and launching a coup.

Hence the well-regulated militia, because then you don’t need a proffesional military, and there’s nobody to launch a coup, and also no way for the federal government to take over individual states. So in a way, it WAS to prevent government overreach, but not in the wat it’s usually said.

TechyDad, avatar

And, in any case, it’s laughable to think that a group of armed Americans could stand up to the US military if an American dictator ordered them to attack US citizens and they obeyed such an order.

The citizens would be charging in with guns blazing, but the military would send in a few drones and wipe them out. The whole “guns would let us stand against a dictatorship wielding the might of the US military” idea is a fantasy.

The fact that the right is that one that parrots this line while supporting someone who is actively saying he’ll be a dictator and send the military against US citizens blows past ironic and lands in Downright Scary territory.


He can have a little salami dictatorship, right?


The guy who says he should be allowed to serve three terms because the Democrats supposedly obstructed his agenda? The guy who says we should re-do the 2020 election after losing? That’s the guy you’re going to trust to be a 1-day dictator, huh?

TechyDad, avatar

He’ll only be a dictator for one day. In completely unrelated news, Dictator Trump has proclaimed that every day is his first day in office. Since his second day in office never officially arrives, he can remain a dictator and not have to worry about his term ending. /s


Dollar store orange Julius geezer


I see no direct quote in that, so looks like fear mongering to me.


It’s not fear mongering. Trump is an aspiring dictator. Why would this come as a surprise to anyone is beyond me.

Around 47s mark in this video Trump says that Hannity was asking him if he would be a dictator and Trump answers himself by saying only on day one. Plain as day. What’s most concerning is Hannity never even mentioned the word ‘dictator’ the question was about whether Trump would use the presidential office to seek retribution. Trump is saying the quiet part out loud again.


Jesus Christ the comments.


It’s 90% Russian troll bots.


Boy I hope you’re right.

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