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@futureisfoss (late reply because replies don't seem to be federating to me)

I think it's a good idea for me to learn some other language as backup

That's a reason for my original reply, but I haven't seen anything even close for general use (jack-of-all-trades, not slow/difficult, no platform baggage). Though again, somewhat starting out (and wanting visual editors) might be influencing my thinking.

Bindings/frameworks etc probably will melt away much of the differences in languages so long as you don't care about using said language without it.

I am almost inspired to use Raylib(Naylib) anyways with barebones polygonal art, but lack of editors still adds to difficulty (I could make pixel art for the environment but I don't really want to). Have been thinking about avoiding rotation/squash calculation of polygons and instead using polygons like animation frames (though this might need a custom editor+batch loading to be viable) or simply avoiding 2D and instead learning Blender at least enough to do verylowpoly character animations.

I've also thought about using Godot to just make non-game animations (animated eye example w/4.0 feature), though I probably have even less ideas for that. Also maybe wick-editor for more freeform animation.

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