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General Discussion: m/snowboarding general chat, Q&A, advice, etc.

Want to discuss current trends? Board shapes, technology? Advice picking outerwear? Need info on traveling to Revelstoke for the first time? Or question about what board you should buy? For new and experienced snowboarders with any questions at all about snowboarding including gear, learning, what to wear, where to go, what...

OC Thoughts on Clew bindings?

Hopefully this won't get too much hate -- for those who have ridden them, what are people's take on Clew bindings? I got a cracking deal on them (~USD$200) so ordered a set. Been doing a lot of indoor snowboarding of late, so thought they'd be handy for the short length of the indoor runs, but keen to hear from anyone who's used...

OC A snowboarder's guide for your first time riding in Chile

I'm going back to Chile to ride in a couple of months, after going for the first time last year. Based on the comments from my posts back then, and my own experience planning this trip, I figured it'd be useful to put together a guide with some of my key takeaways and tips, if you're planning to make the trip down South because...

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