eriko_hana, to Iceland French

n°145 : Lever du soleil sur le lac gelé d'Arnavatn le 2 décembre dernier vers 11h lors d'une randonnée dans le secteur de Krysuvik.

EugeniaLoli, to illustration

All aboard the cottagecore train... I've noticed a lot of new illustrators lately adopting this style. I'm following about 2300 artists on insta and only 7 of them were true cottagecore with the specific style. I think we're near 15 now.

nationalparks, to Battlemaps avatar

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve showing a bit of weather on Monday. Learn more at and Image credit National Park Service

eriko_hana, to Iceland French

n°142 : Un cheval islandais contemple la tombée du jour depuis un champ sur le bord de la route 514 (région de Borgarnes) le 2 janvier vers 15h30.

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EugeniaLoli, to surrealism

If I had to show what my actual "style" is, this painting is a good example. Boring, daily life illustrations. Nothing extraordinary. My main career as a successful artist was as a collage artist, and #surrealism was the name of the game. 10 years of weird things depicted in each artwork. I had enough of it. With illustrations, I just want the mundane. I want peace.

#watercolor #watercolour #gouache #illustration #traditionalart #mastoart #fediart #cottagecore #cottagecoreart #art #folkart #snow #snowing

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GSteffanos, to hiking avatar

Freshly fallen snow, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. December 20, 2020, 4:39 PM.

McNige, to nature avatar

It's funny when you look back through your images folders and find a strange image totally out of context.
No idea when I took it, where I took it, or what on earth is going on 😲😄

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McNige, to nature avatar

Edinburgh in sunset/sunrise mode.
A beautiful city, with fabulous architecture and endless history, there are endless photo opportunities here, especially in that golden hour.

#nature #Wildlife #art #Photography #Forest #Wood #Wild #snow #frost #river #loch #scotland #edinburgh #glen #mountain #castle

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This beautiful print is available at:

Serene, tranquil, peaceful, calm, placid, seclusion all describes this snowy day in a rustic cabin on a remote lake in Maine's Great North Woods.

ScienceDesk, to Japan avatar

Could snow trigger earthquakes? A new study in the journal Science Advances says thousands of quakes on Japan’s Noto Peninsula since 2020 could be linked to the region’s heavy snowfall, pointing to the weather correlating with “earthquake swarms.” While the study doesn’t say that climate directly causes the earthquakes, it suggests the rate of the seismic events could fluctuate depending on the weight of water on the surface and the movement of water below. Read more from NBC News.

eriko_hana, to Iceland French

n°130 : En direction de Grindavik, le 31 décembre dernier vers 11h.

derickr, to photography avatar

📷 Finger post in the snow

🚩 Boucle du Sommet, Montréal, Canada

EyeOnAlaska, to Alaska avatar
eriko_hana, to Iceland French

- Jour 8 : Paix

J'ai l'embarras du choix car toutes mes randonnées ont été des moments de paix extérieure et intérieure.

Randonnée début avril dans le secteur occidental du système volcanique de Krysuvik. Départ au pied du site de Seltun. Les montagnes brunes au milieu abritent des sources d'eau chaude. Au fond, le grand lac Kleifarvatn.

Artemis, to Colorado avatar

It’s May. #Breckenridge will have about a foot of freshies tomorrow, and I will be out skiing it. #Colorado #Snow

View on Tiger Rd.

lneumanwatercolors, to snowboarding avatar

Mount Baker at Night

This night time watercolor of Mount Baker in the Washington Cascades was inspired by past vacation photos.

cohanf, to Battlemaps avatar

I'm back to 3 day working weekends, long brutal days, so weekend posts will tend to be on Monday or Last week saw plenty of wet heavy and some
are coming along anyway mostly in the garden + wild catkins and first wildflower (not shown here, yet) -this week: cool/rain then mid-20sC!
more in replies/alt

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Eka_FOOF_A, to Battlemaps avatar

3Veritasium has done a very good show on .

"The best conditions for skiing are the best conditions for avalanches." is so true.

I used to be an avid skier in my youth. One of my friends owned a private ski resort near Innsbruck Austria. It was wonderful skiing, but they had to do their own ski patrolling. Being the curious person I am, I learned. We always skied with beacons.

eriko_hana, to Iceland French

#Laphoto2023dujour n°123 : Promenade sur une colline au pied de mon futur ex-appartement le 16 janvier 2023.

#iceland #landscape #sky #snow #walking

stshank, to photography avatar

A bighorn sheep — a younger ram from a mini-herd that dropped by to eat the yard when I was staying in New Mexico a month ago — walking behind a cholla cactus in the middle of a spring snowstorm.

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