One of the most annoying things about Mastodon during the Twitter migration at the beginning of this year was that the only thing Mastodon wanted to talk about was "the Birdsite."

It sure would be nice if we could get through that phase of the Reddit migration at a vastly accelerated pace.

Corgana, avatar

"Speak for yourself, sir. I plan to shit talk forever."

samus12345, avatar

This is going to happen again in July when the 3PAs die. Allowing people to vent about reddit will make them more likely to want to spend more time here.


I’m fine with the site being a black sheep, but most of us are refugees. We are going to have growing pains and people will trickle/stream in over time. The best way to ensure the fedverse dies before living is to make talk about Reddit a taboo or a thing to ridicule. People are going to complain, just don’t engage and over time it’ll die out.

At the moment I personally welcome cross posting. I’m dying for content right now. Haven’t found a lot of mags to join. I would start some but I would be shit for modding or content creation.


We need to make a request to the devs to autocorrect "Reddit" to "Cabbage" just to spice things up a bit.


Can we do John Oliver instead?

“Shits really gone downhill on John Oliver since all the subs started only posting pics of John Oliver”


We should copy content from reddit, but label it "repost from 4chan", so they have to try to crawl 4chan archives to see if the content was actually first posted on Reddit

make it expensive for them to claim ownership of UGC


They‘re dead to me, sorry. Though I‘ll click on archive links and read some memes from it or stuff that‘s copied. I won’t give a single view to spez.

You can post all the links you like though, Im not gonna say anything about it, I only told you cause you asked.


Personally I'll be staying here and not going back to Reddit. I'd been winding down my use of Reddit recently anyway so the blackout was just the little push I needed to delete my account.


Ditto. I was looking for a reason to bail from Reddit, then they gave me a really great one. I wanted out of my main account because it was my 1st+2nd initial and last name, and there was no way to change it. I didn't like that info being front and center. So I was looking for an out anyway


I've begun over the past few months to curate my reddit to a point where there is no all, no popular, no hey you might like XYZ. On PC and in my app.
So I'm a bit annoyed that this has to start all over again. But it me good to start somewhere smaller and new, without algorithms that fuel your anger anyway.


I've taken the new reddit direction as a challenge to the users to see how much trouble we can cause.

First to the Key!


Civilly? I deleted my reddit account but I really don't feel aggrieved by people who stayed there.


I’m not going back to reddit so “interacting” for me will be limited to if they come here

I bear ongoing users no ill will, I’ve just already deleted my account and I’m just not going to support reddit by using it anymore even as a lurker


Reddit feels like addiction to me, while the fediverse feels exciting and like I’m having real conversations with people.

I have popped on to Reddit a couple of times to help with a couple of subs I’m a part of but god it’s just trash over there to me now…I really don’t want to be there. I deeply resent what they’ve done to it over time.


The amount of times I have been bored and opened my phone to reddit out of reflex is shocking. I need to do a technology fast or something


It’s actually wild. The addiction is very real.


You're just going to end up being bored again, opening your phone to lemmy out of reflex someday.


There isn't much OC in Reddit posts. It's strength has always been as an aggregator with community discussions. I think repost the original sources but not the Reddit links.

Eventually our technology and civilisation will surpass them and we will have to consider if they have achieved the required maturity to join our Federation. Until then we should observe and keep our presence secret.

CeruleanRuin, avatar

We must be compassionate to our lost brothers and sisters, and guide them gently to the light of federation.


I am going to keep my reddit for the time being but try to see how I can go with using purely Lemmy, and learning how it all works.

If it becomes appropriate to mention in subreddits that this is a viable alternative, or there is already a parallel server, then I don't think there's harm in letting people know and letting them decide, I won't however be blatantly advertising it


Are we the Romulans or are we the Vulcans?


We're Babylon 5. Steve Huffman is President Clark.

samus12345, avatar

Definitely the Vulcans.


Escaping to Romulus when the purported followers of Surak became rigid and demanding in their pursuit of an ordered technocratic society, to an intolerable degree. We leave the hallowed halls of our ancestors: their katras, their monuments, their desert cities. We arrive refugees, but here at least we can build a new republic where power is willingly shared.

rob_t_firefly, avatar

Ever go on a date with someone and all they talk about is their ex?

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I don't mind if there's no cross posting. I'm sure people of a particular instance and board will be able to generate and aggregate content just fine on their own.


Probably work independently. It might be nice to have a bot that could cross-post every once in a while, but Lemmy lacks that kind of API just yet, and the Reddit bot is going to last all of two weeks, with how things are currently going over there.

Maybe have the mods sticky/sidebar a post with their new alternative, if we're not going for a permanent move?

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