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@Judeet88 This thought might help you and me (; feel good about ourselves, but we still suffer some harm by being part of a society that grew dependent on Youtube. Might not seem fair, but there's a problem here and it impacts us.

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@akkartik Please do not spam the !technology Lemmy community with content that makes no sense to us. For reference, this is what your post looks like to us:


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Global: ‘Predator Files’ investigation reveals catastrophic failure to regulate surveillance trade


A new investigation into the global surveillance crisis by the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) media network, with technical assistance from Amnesty International’s Security Lab, today begins to reveal the shocking truth about how far the industry’s tentacles have spread and how ineffective EU regulation has been in controlling it

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The EU has just clamped down on big tech. Britain, take note

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Talk to your News Reporter with our Entirely Automated AI-Aggregated News Site

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PP haahaa


Kevin Mitnick, Hacker Who Once Eluded Authorities, Is Dead at 59



@fchaverri I wrote him an epitaph to do one thing that forty years worth of law enforcement and media hype never seemed to do: Look at Kevin Mitnick as a person.

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Weirdly, John Markoff didn’t write this article. I’d have thought he’d have jumped at the opportunity.


first there was digg, then there was reddit, but now...


Don’t forget fark


I miss Slashdot. IRC is still kicking though.

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US States enforcing new age verification for adult content—how could this be done properly?


Seeing the news about Utah and Virginia over in the US, there's been a lot of discourse about how unsafe it is to submit government ID online. Even the states that have their own age-verification portals are likely to introduce a lot of risk of leaks, phishing, and identity theft.

My interest, however, focused on this as an interesting technical and legislative problem. How could a government impose age-verification control in a better way?

My first thought would be to legislate the inclusion of some sort of ISP-level middleware. Any time a user tried to access a site on the government provided list of adult content, they'd need to simply authenticate with their ISP web credentials.

Parents could give their children access to the internet at home or via cellular networks knowing this would block access to adult content and adults without children could login to their ISP portal and opt-out of this feature.

As much as I think these types of blocks aren't particularly effective—kids will pretty quickly figure out how to use a VPN—I think a scheme like mine would be at least as effective as the one the governments have mandated without adding any new risk to users.

What do you all think? Are any of you from these states or other regions where some sort of age-restriction is enforced? How does this work where you are from?


Using a simple captive portal—just like the ones on public wifi—would probably be the simplest way to accomplish this. It's relatively low friction to the end-user, most web browsers will deal with the redirect cleanly despite the TLS cert issues, and it requires no collection of any new PII.

Also, I don't think these types of filters are useful or worth legislating, I'm just looking at ways to implement them without harming security or privacy.


Your DNS whitelist will need to be maintained by somebody and regularly updated. The benefit of the approach that I suggested is that sites report their own content suitability. A new site could be created and immediately be made accessible/inaccesible to restricted browsers without anyone having to maintain a database of allowed/disallowed sites.

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That's such an elegant solution! I like it!

Too bad most parents don't know how to parent and don't even use the tools already at their disposal.


I've not seen a lot of posts about the Apple Vision Pro demo unveiled today, what are your thoughts?


Giving you safety and vehicle alerts, navigation, it could block out other headlights… What else?

Navigation would be cool, but I think a HUD is a better idea than a headset, at least for driving.


Made me want to buy the simulaVR more

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