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YouTube is bringing its ad blocker fight to mobile. In an update on Monday, YouTube writes that users accessing videos through a third-party ad blocking app may encounter buffering issues or see an error message that reads, “The following content is not available on this app.”

Yea, noticed that last week. Is already fixed again in latest revanced.


yup, noticed that revanced wasn’t working a week ago.

went into revanced manager, patched the recommended version, installed gmscore, done.

suck it youtube, i’m not paying a subscription to watch low effort vtuber edits.

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Revanced will never die. Stand against the Goliath.


Vanced died. If revanced dies we’ll just get rerevanced. Ad infitum.


Vanced died because they tried to generate revenue from it and made themselves vulnerable.

Also, unlike Vanced, Revanced doesn’t distribute modded youtube apks themselves.


Oh this? It's just a binary of assorted diffs and plugins to a yet unspecified target apk. Why yes, I will use the end product for personal, non-commercial use.


Kind of funny if you read it like that, and while it certainly doesn’t make them immortal, it at least may make them last a while longer i hope.


It kinda comes out of the experience. There's an outstanding Github issue that notes that a specific version of YT Music is broken past a certain version. Most of the patches fail to apply and you just get the minor ones. You can use the version just before with no issues. How can you litigate against lines of code that don't even work? This is similar to the vulnerability that Yuzu gave up since they offered Patreon-exclusive updates to support a leaked BOTW:TOTK .iso. Easy to prove your intent there.


Didn’t know about the update. Thanks, just did it.


Somewhere out there a CEO thought this was a good idea. All it seems to be doing is pushing people to other platforms (the younger gen moving over to tiktok and the older gens moving 3rd party or just offline).


Good. Let their stranglehold die.


While I agree, the amount of people who’d do this is negligibly small, compared to their total userbase. Obviously a bunch of people use ad blockers, but only a tiny amount of them have modified apps, followed by an even tinier amount of those people with fully custom frontends. For YT it might work out as a net positive, because the annoying blocks and reminders will just pressure people into paying for Premium.

At the end of the day, I could just stop watching youtube entirely, if this trend continues. I have nothing to gain there


I guess what there really winning is all those non tech-savvy people who currently have an adblocker installed because their friend helped.

Maeve, (edited )

Yes, been thinking I've just been substituting YT for * TV, and while the consumption can still be customized, it's still a habit that can be kicked. I bet I'll get more sleep and productivity.

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Several months ago, fresh off the high of following through on my resolution to leave Reddit forever, I made the same decision with YouTube. Once ublock stopped working, I’d try out peer tube, or maybe sail the seas

But ublock never stopped working. I watch more YouTube now than ever before, I got totally addicted as I binged in preparation to leave

At this point, I don’t know if it’d be good for me, or send me in a desperate arms race to get my fix

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“because that prevents the creator from being rewarded for viewership”

not like Youtube rewards creators for viewership either (and then lying to the advertisers as well)

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I think YouTubers make fractional pennies from Ads, and mostly only if its fully watched and sometimes clicked to go to the website. So if you get a 15 second ad, and skip to the content, you didn’t give the creators any money.

Also, shout out to those ads being horrible. My first time ever installing an adblocker was during a rapid anti-smoking campaign, that had body horror. 15 year old me didn’t want to smoke, nor wanted to after, but it was so disturbing that I learned how to avoid them.

Not even going into the disturbing or weird ads. One time I got an ad for a “Ching Chong Fing Fong shirt company” as a way of mocking Chinese people because their government sucks. Another time, I got a full 12 hour video by a Vietnamese couple just grilling in their backyard. No subtitles, not even sure if they were aware they enabled their videos to do that, or didn’t fully understand the process of uploading videos.

Anytime I see actual ads on the internet, not just YouTube, it just makes me go “I am perfectly justified in not seeing these weird ads.” I don’t give them any money no matter what I do, so why not have my eyes saved from bright flashing colors and scam artists?

dustyData, (edited )

If I recall correctly, ever since videos could be called up as ads you can just pay for any video to be an ad, as long as it’s on YouTube, and it doesn’t have to be yours. I don’t know if this has changed, but an essays channel figured out that that’s the fastests way someone could target a competitor’s channel. Paying to have someone else’s video as an ad tanks that video ad revenue and discoverability instantly. Ad views count as views to the video and skipping an ad counts as a skip on the video which signals the algorithm to think that nobody wants or likes to see that video. Do it to enough new videos and you can entirely kill a previously profitable channel in a couple of months.


TheSpiffingBrit did video on that.

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My first time ever installing an adblocker was during a rapid anti-smoking campaign

Those ads made me want to take up smoking out of spite.

AutistoMephisto, avatar

That was the purpose. You see, Big Tobacco actually sponsors the anti-smoking campaigns, which does give them some creative input. They tell the writers to make them as annoying as possible.


They started messing with me on YT. When Piped began giving me errors last week, YT suddenly started behaving, but nagging me to try YT again. Google is truly evil, and dasterdly to boot .


Ouch. Cutting off the nose to spite the face.


If it hadn't been for ublock origin, I'd not be on YT this long


They could probably retain users simply by running ads every 10 minutes, rather than every 3 minutes.


Money/s is the more used metric. Retention is secondary or even tertiary to money/s. Behold the algorithm, great and terrible, sheathed in robes of black and grasping sickle white.

theneverfox, avatar

Ah, but you’re one layer off. Projected/potential money/s (in the next 1-2 quarters mainly) is what is truly king.

It doesn’t have to be a good idea, it can be a terrible one - but good sounding words in the board room are what matter

“Hey, so we’ve decided to see if we can run 10 unskippable ads back to back. Simultaneously, we’ve launched a war on ad blockers. This time it will surely work because we found out you can ignore your customers - Elon Musk has shown us the way, he only lost bots with all his innovation. We expect people to get over it in 3 months and estimate we’ll lose 4 users. Between 10x more ads and half our users off ad blockers, we project 20x ad revenue next quarter!”

-Words of a future CEO, probably

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Oh but they don’t care about anything but short form content. If they could ditch supporting long form content today they would.


Nah they want lots of short form and also like 10 hour long videos that can play 200 ads in it that you forget is on in the background. They want tiktok and broadcast TV.

They really just want to show you ads.


The cold, hard steel of the sword of truth.


Such a fantastic series :) (the books, not any of the garbage adaptations)


This reply makes me so happy. The books are always better.


it would be amazing if they could just add a mobile ui to Smarttube (best android tv app imho) - it supports login, adblock, sponsorblock & dearrow, you can cast to it, etc. - and it’s updated constantly, via a prompt in the app, no external download or play store necessary


You can use Revanced which allows to log in, adblock and sponsorblock at least. I use it everyday and it works great!

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They need to distract the MBAs with a box of crayons to eat so the adults can make good decisions.

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This Hour Has 22 Minutes


Seeing this at 21 minutes past gave me a slight pause.




In Germany, there is a law that regulates the amount and intervals of advertising for private television broadcasters: 20% or 1/5 per broadcast day may be used for advertising. Programs that are shorter than 30 minutes may have a break, otherwise there must be 20 minutes between commercial breaks - 30 minutes in the evening. Unfortunately, there are still some loopholes.

Children’s programs are not allowed to have commercial breaks.

It’s a shame that this law still doesn’t apply to YouTube.

IdleSheep, avatar

It’s a shame that this law still doesn’t apply to YouTube

If Germany is anything like Canada and other countries, applying public broadcast laws to YouTube would be a monkey’s paw deal. Sure you might get tighter control over advertising, but youtube would also be forced to do things like show you x% of content made in your country/language, resulting in state mandated control of the content you see online and potentially limiting/warping international audiences for content creators, and potentially other ramifications I’m not considering.

Now if they made a law specifically for youtube and other online video platforms that dealt with advertising in that context, that would be a different story.


Sure you might get tighter control over advertising, but youtube would also be forced to do things like show you x% of content made in your country/language, resulting in state mandated control of the content you see online and potentially limiting/warping international audiences for content creators, and potentially other ramifications I’m not considering.

This is false. You can create laws restricting advertising without creating other laws forcing companies to display domestic content. The point about the Canadian government wanting YouTube to promote domestic content is irrelevant.

IdleSheep, avatar

Way to miss my entire point.

In this case, a law wouldn’t be created, youtube would just be integrated in already existing laws for public TV broadcasts, which is the wrong way to go about it because obviously youtube doesn’t work like TV.


I literally just use the Dislike Re-Adder, also used uBlock Origin and never got an Anti-AdBlock message


I still get block messages in Vivaldi, but not Firefox.

csm10495, avatar

Makes me miss a time where they couldn’t tell if ads were actually watched or not.

Sooner or later, ad blockers should just simulate the ad being played (in the background) with the real content going in the foreground to act as if the ad was watched.

Kind of like going to the bathroom during commercials.

Then again I wish we had a real alternative to YouTube. (Don’t point me to the fediverse video stuff … that’s not what I mean.) There is no real competition for a place to freely upload videos … or on the other side find all that content. No one wants to scale enough to compete. (Very few probably could considering the amount of new content per minute).

If only there was real competition, then YouTube would have to fight over our attention/usage by lowering ad count.

No competition means worse for all.

fosstulate, (edited ) avatar

No one wants to scale enough to compete.

I don’t consider scale important from the perspective of making and watching good videos. People get hung up on it when citing barriers to competition with Youtube, and while it’s certainly there, it only matters to Google itself (so it can continue to plausibly lie to its customers about ad impression numbers). In fact YT’s offering was at its creative peak when scale was lacking.

It makes no difference to me whether a knowledgeable hobbyist has 20,000 subs or 250,000. I don’t care about their “content” suitability for advertisers (that creepy term can get nuked). I certainly couldn’t care less whether the algorithm promotes their work, deserving as it may be. This sort of creator operates on the assumption their viewers are intelligent, and is typically savvy enough to route around YT with alternate donation/support mechanisms. These people will continue on any platform. For them, quality is an end in itself rather than a feed-in to a metric. I would rather watch a badly filmed insightful critical appraisal of a new piece of hardware than Canadian/Black Technology Man’s 8K press release rehash full of slick cuts and pointless b-roll.

Scale is the concern of middlemen.


I wonder about this. Youtube is made so that videos has to be long (10 minutes at least, or you won’t get exposure, right?) so we get all those dragged out videos with long summaries.

Also you are supposed to earn money with it, which combined makes videos, IMO, often not very interesting.

Sure, I get it, everyone can’t make videos all day long for free, but isn’t that something that we shouldn’t maybe want?

I prefer a genuine hobbyist making one video a year, than a sponsored person pushing one a day.

Which brings me to hosting and bandwidth needs, youtube needs a lot of that because of its business model, but say Lemmy communities could probably host quality videos without large hassle (especially if small servers wasn’t defederated all the time).


csm10495, avatar

The problem is the term quality would be used to block out certain creators. The definition would wind up being vague and/or arbitrary.

What one person thinks is quality may not be quality to someone else. In a way that’s a niceness of YouTube. We can each upload what we think is good… or bad.

Even then if a video goes big viral (which is arguably something a creator may want), the bandwidth costs could skyrocket.

Then it’s like: maybe we need CDNs and more storage and boom now it’s even more expensive. I just don’t see fediverse video working great long term without big money to back it.


I thought the 10 minute was a monetization requirement.


Sooner or later, ad blockers should just simulate the ad being played (in the background) with the real content going in the foreground to act as if the ad was watched.

I wish adblockers did this, open the ad in a little silenced sandbox window. I don’t see the ad, creator gets their pay


Adnaseum is a fork of unlock that fakes viewing ads. The thing is its banned from chromes app store because google is at its core an advertising company.


Hmm, I only use chrome for my YT chan control, not watching. Watching ANYTHING is done on FF+UBO, but if adnaseum is on FF I may switch. Poor google has YET to show an ad I would be interested in, hell the tv in the 80s showed me more of interest than ads today. Thanks for the suggestion,will check it out!


I know what I am checking out tonight


Even the advertisers don’t lose out because you wouldn’t have paid attention to the ad too. They might even win a little because now one doesn’t have to get annoyed by the ad and deliberately not buy the thing.


Exactly, I don’t overly mind the “paid advertisements” the creators do, the guys I watch that do this are extremely funny in how they do it so if I don’t manually skip I get a good laugh, like the “Adstronaut”


There’s a tool that does this. It speeds up the ad so it takes only a couple of seconds. The ad is “watched” but muted the whole time so you don’t actually have to deal with it.

Edit: The article isn’t great but the tool is sort of the same as what you mentioned.…/youtube-ads-speed-up-workaround/


Well, YT is literally getting petabytes uploaded to it. Every single day. Thats 1000 terabytes, and thats 1000000 gigabytes.

I bet you haven’t even seen a petabyte of storage in one place (assuming you didn’t go to a data center yourself). How is a small company, or even fediverse, gonna handle that? Thats absolutely insane amount of data and, without moderation or curation, it is not feasible.

It’s a giant waste of space and resources, to be honest. Most videos are seen once, and the rest is mostly spam or bad quality content.


Well break it up “lemmy wise” or more? I mean nobody can replace youtube but it would be possible having your own fishing channel for example. If it gets wildly watched you probably have to figure out some sponsorship for sure.

BTW no I haven’tseen a PB storage, but I did write visualisation and computation software for treating and seing datastructures up to PB size with hdf5.


Actually the cost issues wouldn’t be the storage it’s self. Storage is pretty cheap, it’s content delivery networks. YouTube is supported by being owned and run by one of the worlds larges content delivery networks. There’s virtually no latency, videos play immediately.

Having millions (potentially billions in YouTube’s case) of people accessing data at once is an immense challenge and YouTube perfected it pretty early on, that’s part of why there’s no competition.


Content delivery is not cheap, but not hard to do, either. I’d wager storage would be a bigger problem, because it just keeps rising. Sadly, YouTube is the one with money, and the monetization comes from people.

csm10495, avatar

I remember seeing a startup at one point that wanted to put mini-CDNs in people’s homes. Small black boxes that would automatically be a CDN not just for your home, but the whole area. Of course, sites would have to use their CDN network, etc.

I actually thought it was a really interesting idea. Almost like federated CDNs.

Imagine if every Xfinity router has a built-in 16TB CDN: it would be an interesting way to possibly change how bandwidth works and makes it back to the DCs. Most popular stuff would be closer, faster.


God could you imagine the security risks though, having a physical risk in a network, that would be fun. Limewire on steroids.


I can speak from experience that content delivery is harder than storage. Companies like YouTube tackle the storage issue by having tiered storage levels. Trending content is stored on SSDs, new and often viewed content is stored on harddrives with a caching system similar to optane and archived storage (essentially old videos that very rarely get views) goes on tape storage. It’s really cool, and it allows massive about of storage in a small space, it’s costs alot to implement but because of the tape storage they essentially have “infinite” (it’s not really infinite of course but it’s a problem for next decade not this decade).


Fair enough, but that’s YouTube, who can afford all of it. Of course, if you have tons of money, you don’t need to count pennies where counting them would just slow you down.

But take a competitor - how can a different service be viable if they lack money to have (virtually) infinite storage? Heavy moderation or monetization. Youtube kinda does the second one.

To reiterate, I am not saying you say things that are not correct.


What they don’t realize is people are also using those third party apps because they are offering much more customization than the stock YouTube app ever offers. I had free premium and still used Revanced because it’s such a godsend. There’s so much useless crap in the youtube layout.


I have premium and use revanced, I agree.


I have premium now and use revanced. I can’t stand the create button in the middle of the screen. I have no desire to make shitty videos for their platform. I would use the default app if I could just customize what buttons are on screen so I don’t accidentally press one. That seems like a great accessibility feature, but I guess they don’t care about some people.


Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


It’s kinda cute how they are utterly loosing with adblocker crackdown and now they are saying they will even handle their party apps. No company will handle an open source project full of talented people pissed of by ads.


Reddit managed pretty well, let’s be real. The 3rd party app protests were essentially a speed bump that lost a tiny subsection of users that advertisers didn’t want anyways. Everyone else just migrated to the official app or website.


You can still use third party apps, they are just not in the playstore. Just like with YouTube right now

csm10495, avatar

In their defense, advertisers weren’t seeing those same people.

fiend_unpleasant, avatar

I hear people talking about how Youtube is not paying out like it used to. So they are playing ads to us and not paying the creators. There is a growing group of people looking at open source platforms like Odysee and PeerTube.

scripthook, avatar

I still use FreeTube for desktop and no ads here :)


FreeTube, newpipe etc. simulate being a browser and extract the video that way…if YouTube would want to add ads for this thirdparty clients they would have to inject them directly into the video feed.


With the WebM-Format they use it might be possible. It’s based on Matroska and there is a feature to replace or add chunks within the stream in realtime.


Personally, I don’t think a service is in the wrong for trying to protect against ad block, especially when their revenue comes from ads. However I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with adblockers continuing to innovate to circumvent that. I’m rooting for Ublock Origin lol


they also fucked themselves over with the ad skill issues they’ve had over the years. Advertisers now find it to be more worthwhile to advertise directly with creators, though that also means they make a lot more money, so.

They kinda dug their own grave, to be honest.


Aaand now we have also sponsorblock to barely ever see ads in videos




Not only monetization but also the whole sorting/ranking algorithms. Youtube is a bit better than Facebook reels and instagram due to the thumbs down button, but some people go out of their way to make nonsensical garbage because viewers will then comment, and there’s no way to tell if a video is good or bad based solely on engagement. Those videos where people have some DIY hack to clean a toilet bowl and they just pour random condiments in the toilet for 3 minutes and cut the video before any conclusion, those types of videos


they don’t have dislikes anymore, god forbid you dont like something.

force, (edited )

What made me and I imagine a large chunk of other people convert to revanced/similar apps is the super aggressive advertising, it’s impossible to use youtube when you get a double ad before and after every 5 second video and get 30 second midrolls every like 3 minutes. You can’t skip through a video to find the part you want to see because you’ll just get an ad. It’s extremely infuriating and time-consuming, it used to be where I was willing to deal with it but they fucked it up. Now I can never go back to ad-riddled YouTube, even if it has a “reasonable” amount of advertising (I am now in the belief that no amount of advertising is reasonable anymore though).


Yes. Same. I was OK with banner ads. I was OK with intro ads. Started to get pissed off and annoyed at mid way ads, double ads, and unskippable ads. This is my nightmare. I hate this world and ads are a part of my pyramid of hell.


Yup. I was willing to watch one or two short ads before I watch a video, but the mid rolls and unskippable 30+second ads just made me say “well that’s enough of that”. Now I haven’t seen a YouTube ad in a long time.


Exactly. They lost their minds and went too far. Now I’ll never go back either.


This is what Louis Rossman said. Youtube is completely in their right to kick people off for blocking ads. At the same time, it’s also not a pissing match that’s worth getting heavily invested in, because ultimately Youtube is going to lose unless they can start coercing people into installing proprietary apps which they already have for mobile devices.


This is what Louis Rossman said. Youtube is completely in their right to kick people off for blocking ads. At the same time, it’s also not a pissing match that’s worth getting heavily invested in, because ultimately Youtube is going to lose unless they can start coercing people into installing proprietary apps which they already have for mobile devices.

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