Threads' federation is already using a deny list. And Authorised Fetch.

Soapbox lead developer, Alex Gleason discovered, that at least 5 Fediverse instances are blocked by Threads. These are:

  • One of most-blocked instances on the Fediverse (for good reasons),,
  • An infamous TERF instances,,
  • Its offshoot,
  • A bridge between ActivityPub and Nostr protocols,,
  • And a Fediverse instance with cryptocurrency integration:

All five instances were not able to fetch posts from Meta's instance, which made Gleason suppose, that ə is using AUTHORIZED_FETCH.

Contrary to admins, who signed FediPact, Gleason is keen on federating with Instagram Threads and made a patch to circumvent signed fetch by using separate domains for request signing.

If you are an admin of an instance, watch out for these spoof domains

An original blog post by Gleason

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