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Talking about FediTest and Fediverse testing @feditest at Internet Identity Workshop today. Thanks @kudrix for the photo!

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is beginning development for Ghost, while also still figuring out exactly which features they want to implement.

They have a form here for feedback, particularly for Ghost blog managers:

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has started implementing endpoints for /actor/:id, /key/:id, /inbox/:id, /outbox/:id and /.well-known/webfinger


From commit:

"WebFinger is the protocol which allows different ActivityPub implementers to find information about Actors, it's could be thought of as the entrypoint. Given a username like @user, we can look up the URL for the Actor at


This would then give us info needed to discover the Actors Inbox & Outbox"

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ActivityPub: The sung specification


Thank you so much for ruining the rest of my last day @nathan !!!


notizie, to fediverse Italian

È stata rilasciata la versione 2.3.0 del plugin per . Il post di @pfefferle


Ecco alcune delle nuove funzionalità:

  • Supporto per attributi alt
  • Assegna priorità agli allegati in base al formato del post (articolo => tutto, audio => audio, video => video, ...)
  • Miglioramento dei widget JS
  • Migliore gestione predefinita dei contenuti in base al tipo di oggetto
  • Ora puoi aggiungere/rimuovere la possibilità di utilizzare ActivityPub per ciascun utente

Qui il registro completo delle modifiche

Scarica il plugin

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next Wednesday I'll be a guest at to talk shop with @nathan about , the and


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We released version 2.3.0 of the plugin for .

Some new features:

  • Support for alt-attributes
  • Prioritize attachments based on the post format (article => all, audio => audio, video => video, ...)
  • Improve JS widgets
  • A better default content handling based on the Object Type
  • You can now add/remove the capability to use ActivityPub for each User

Full changelog: https://github.com/Automattic/wordpress-activitypub/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#230---2024-04-16

Download: https://github.com/Automattic/wordpress-activitypub/releases/tag/2.3.0

mima, to lemmy

Tbh I think the like and would make a lot more sense if they were simply frontends and perhaps a backend too but just for the forums themselves. IOW, no accounts live in Lemmy or kbin, all users post from their preferred account instead.

Sure you can already technically do that from your or or whatever fedi you're in, but that means using whatever app you're on right now, which almost certainly means it's not a UI. Not ideal at all.

If I had any good programming skills I'd make it so that the link aggregator is merely a client that uses the Mastodon (with extensions too) and Misskey APIs, treat (almost) all actors as their own forums or subs, and each post would be a boost from said actor. Users authenticate from their preferred fedi account. Voting would be tallied by few special actors, which internally receive votes via direct messages (the app will make this transparent, but this also means you can technically vote without the app if you know the exact command), which will effectively make votes secret to non-admins like in . Users can also choose which vote counters they want to rely from.

This would make the fediverse-powered link aggregator very flexible and minimal, imo. It may look janky but that's the general idea I have. ​:seija_coffee:​

RE: https://mementomori.social/users/owen/statuses/112285464236904945

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On May 29th, I’ll be diving into at the @webexpo conference. My goal is to spread awareness about the technology, but obviously, I can’t avoid talking about the fediverse. Anyone here I’ll meet in Prague? https://webexpo.net/sessions/lets-dive-into-activitypub-protocol-for-the-social-web-and-beyond/

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John O’Nolan, founder of Ghost, makes a post asking for feedback on federating Ghost with ActivityPub. Please share what you write in the survey!

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Still in development, but got replies working! Once it goes live, replies from the fediverse will show up on Remark.as.

Last major issue is to add some basic moderation. Already got instance-level blocking done so I can easily defederate from bad servers, but want to make sure we can handle any potential abuse from individual users too.

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Sooo, does support VR 360 degree videos?

mima, to RSS

#RSS + #Webmention = poor man's #ActivityPub? ​:sagume_think:​


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Ein Gespenst geht um im Fediverse?

👻 ...noch nicht, aber: Die Newsletter-Plattform "Ghost" kündigt Unterstützung für Activity Pub an.

#Fediverse #Newsletter #Ghost #ActivityPub #Substack #Akkoma #Mastodon #Pixelfed #Friendica #Firefish #Linux


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Hello World ✨

You can now register for the beta, https://pubkit.net

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✨ Federation Issues? Let PubKit help.

Now accepting beta registrations!


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Part 6 of "A Guide to Implementing ActivityPub in a Static Site (or Any Website)" is now out.

Sorry about the delay, this is the part that not many people will like, I assume. I try to explain how to implement the inbox, which by nature is dynamic non-static.

Full article here:

If you like it don't forget to follow the @blog !

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Out of my own curiosity, does Fediverse have a capacity limit problem?
I have always asked myself since joining (and seen with popularity of servers have problems with influx), will popularity kill small servers? Will only "serious" hosts survive? How does this play to fediverse/activitypub integrations?

(I am not trolling, seriously asking for information and feedback.)

#idontunderstand #Fediverse #capacity #ActivityPub

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Ben Pate has posted a demo video of a federated Bandcamp, built using his ActivityPub “Social web toolkit”, Emissary.

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Das neueste Update vom Activitypub Plugin macht es wieder möglich auf Kommentare im Blog aus dem Fediverse zu antworten, auch wenn man "nur" ein Blogprofil und kein Autorenprofil im ActivityPub angelegt hat.

Das ist großartig. 🎉🥰


Heißt, ich kann jetzt wieder über den Blog antworten, wenn hier jemand seinen Senf zu meinen Beiträgen zu @buntkueche gibt. ☺️

@foodblogger_de @blogger_de

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Ghost et le fédiverse


Est-ce que Ghost, l’alternative open source à la plateforme de newsletter de Substack, est sur le point de révolutionner notre façon de concevoir le réseau social en rejoignant le fediverse? Cette interrogation survient alors que John O’Nolan, fondateur de Ghost, réfléchit à fédérer son système sur ActivityPub, le protocole de réseau social qui alimente le fediverse. Qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour l’avenir de l’interconnectivité sociale?

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Our head of emerging media @cjammet shared his thoughts on how 's ruination of highlights the the importance of the , especially for , 's, and . Give it a read and share your thoughts!


spla, to ghost Catalan
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John O'Nolan, el fundador de #Ghost, ha publicat que estan pensant seriosament en implementar #Activitypub.

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