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GreenPlasticSushiGrass, in Please for the love of God let me read my book in peace
GreenPlasticSushiGrass avatar

Cheers from the first follower of your community from!

encrust9870, in Please for the love of God let me read my book in peace

I felt like I had to interrupt my wife’s reading to show her this just because I knew she would understand. I recognize I am the problem here.

Splatterphace, in taking it a step further for the extra mile
swab148, in Just an E please. avatar

I wonder what piece of music this is

blanketswithsmallpox, (edited )
moistclump, in Just an E please.

Zero downvotes. We’re all here for the nude duck sailing flagged E.

expatriado, in Just an E please.

looks like the wind was already on ther favor

stanka, in Just an E please.

Looks like that boat is pusing somewhere between 0 and 2 duckpower.

ScruffyDucky, in Just an E please.

That E has got style

ProdigalFrog, in Just an E please.

Oh I rather enjoyed this one.

poinck, in Why

I am telling my partner about almost all funny memes at Lemmy while they are reading a book. It is frustrating at times, when there are too many good memes.

LaunchesKayaks, in Why avatar

This is me, but on my lunch at work. I’m the only person there who reads for fun, so they don’t get it lol


I found out my library uses hoopla and libby to let me borrow ebooks so no I read on my phone instead of doomscrolling all day. Working my way through the Hunger Games series at the moment, I can’t believe I slept on it for so long.

ininewcrow, in Why avatar

When your spouse now wants to chat during the most exciting part of the book after the room had been completely quiet and comfortable for the past hour during the most boring chapters.


You should try talking to your spouse. I have two effective strategies:

The Honest and Straightforward: “Hey, I’m at a really thrilling part of this book, can you give me an hour to myself to finish it? We’ll do whatever you want to do afterward. Thanks.”

The Infodump Overwhelm: Turn your autism up to full throttle and keep talking about the book without letting them get a word in edgewise until they get sick of you and leave for an hour.

niktemadur, in Why

Looks like a Ye Olden YouTube clickbait thumbnail from the 18th century… ThouTube? ThineTube?

This lady-in-waiting has her MIND BLOWN by this one quote from Voltaire!


UreTube, Comrade! Smash the chains of oppression, and seize the means of free expression! For it belongs to all of us!

MamboGator, in Why avatar

When you sit down to read in a common area where everyone hangs out, then complain about the noise.


Sometimes it’s just thin walls and loud family members. Been there

DavidGarcia, in Why

when you read the manual about how to remove superglue with one hand

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