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I had to log on there briefly for the first time in years and this was accurate


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VLC is an absolute winner for this

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It’s not but l love this .

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my code


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A good story.

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A bit late, but oh well ​:neofox_3c:​

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really upsetting to see former Wikimedia Foundation director and CEO Katherine Maher getting targeted by the rightwing outrage machine in her new role as NPR CEO. she's wonderful, and NPR is lucky to have her. i hope they stand behind her.

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@drexer @molly0xfff

The #NYTimes once published an article saying that #Hitler wasn’t really that bad. He was just using #antisemitism as a way to attract followers & keep them excited about his #political campaign.

The NYTimes more recently published an article saying that #Trump isn’t really that bad. He is just using threats of #violence & #authoritarianism as a way to attract followers & keep them excited about his political campaign.

#Politics #Journalism #Media #Press #News #Meme

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Après ça on accuse la "génération Z" de ne pas vouloir travailler... mais paie la gueule de notre futur aussi l'ancien ☝️ 😐

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I would totally eat that.

#donut #meme

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World map according to fisch🦈

#meme #fish #maps #today #ocean #aayebssjs

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Happy Tuesday, all half dozen or so of people who are still active here...

(This place just seems deader and deader...)


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[ pitching #x to a new user]

"What if we charged you a fee to enable posting?"

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The macron format !
Faites vous plaisir ! Trouvez en plein et faisons une galerie !

Purée, ça mériterait une petit app en JS juste pour ça...
Dommage que j'ai pas le temps aujourd'hui.

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