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The flag is a banner of arms. The flag and coat of arms were both adopted on February 14th, 2018. The flag and coat of arms were primarily created by Tikhoretsk-based heraldist Vladimir Nagaevsky, with his wife Natalia co-writing the official description of the flag's symbolism. The main ideas of the flag are attributed to the local Valentina Paisyeva.

From my understanding of the Geraldika page as an intermediate-level Russian speaker, the green trees rather plainly represent the taiga, while the white stripe just above represents in particular the Belika river after which Belyaki and Belyakinsky Selsoviet were named. The two bears represent not only the local wildlife, but also enumerate the two settlements of the selsoviet. And the windmill and solar panels obviously just represent the fact that the selsoviet has a lot of, well, solar and wind energy.

While there isn't necessarily much uniquely Belyaki about the flag, I still find it very charming. I almost wish more flags represented their hometowns' windmills and solar panels. If anybody's familiar with any other flags that represent their referents' environmental bents, please let me know!

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