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83% of electricity on the Spanish grid today is coming from emissions-free sources (wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, etc.)
Source https://www.ree.es/es/datos/generacion

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KayeMenner, to photography
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Did you know that the amount of grid-tied batteries on the U.S. electricity grid is expected to almost double this year?

What can we do to help make these stories on the climate progress we're making get more attention? We know from the way the right side of the aisle succeeds at selling their stories is repeating them over and over and over. I think that we need to talk up climate solutions more.

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Finnish wind firm joins French shipowner to cut Airbus emissions by 50%

French shipping giant and Finnish wind tech firm join forces to equip Airbus fleet with wind-powered sails, aiming for 50% CO2 emissions reduction on Transatlantic route.

#Airbus #Ship #Finland #France #Wind #Powered #Cargo #Engineering #Europe #decarbonization


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Across America, plants are being banned faster than they're being built

"At least 15% of counties in the U.S. have effectively halted new utility-scale wind, solar, or both, USA TODAY found. These limits come through outright bans, moratoriums, construction impediments and other conditions that make green energy difficult to build.

The result: Some of the areas with the nation's best sources of and power have now been boxed out."


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Did you know? In 2017 anti- lobby group NRDC stated:

"A new report finds that clean energy—including energy efficiency, power sources like and , and related transmission solutions—can fully and economically replace the Indian Point nuclear power plant after it closes in 2021."

It was a complete lie 👇 I wonder how many people have died due the higher air pollution. That's on the 's hands, next to the extra caused by them.

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Canadian economist Edgardo Sepulveda dropped a new set of charts comparing nuclear & wind. He has done these charts for the third year now. On the right you'll see #nuclear and #wind production in proportion to eachother. On the left, you'll see wind being blown up.

He charted 2023 hourly generation data (8,760 points) for Ontario for nuclear & wind, presented on radial scales.

I find the left one interesting as it undermines the typical argument to 'just overbuild' intermittent sources.


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Deep Wind Offshore, Hydepoint Partner on Hydrogen to Wind Production

Article Source: https://nawindpower.com/deep-wind-offshore-hydepoint-partner-on-hydrogen-to-wind-production

Deep Wind Offshore has entered a collaboration with Hydepoint to produce offshore hydrogen from offshore wind power, wind, with plans being explored to build export pipelines ...

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NWS Los Angeles: A special weather statement has been issued for Los Angeles CA, Long Beach CA and Pomona CA until 9:30 PM PST

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Michael Liebrich on electrifying the global economy

If you only ever listen to one Energi Talks podcast, make it this one.

Global thought leader @MLiebreich is on fire.

We had a lot of fun.


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Winds gusted as high as 162 mph at Ward Mountain, California, yesterday -- a location that set the 199 mph wind record for the state in 2017. #cawx

Nearly 1 million customers lost power from the storm yesterday evening.

Ward Mountain: 162 mph*
Palisades Tahoe: 148 mph*
Mammoth Mountain: 125 mph*
Upper Bull: 120 mph

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Locations of power outages on the Central Coast.

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Sunday, Feb 4

  1. EVERYTHING outside my window is in frenetic motion — I don’t ever remember experiencing wind gusts this strong before — but so far my trees are standing strong. Fingers crossed!
  2. Said a final goodbye to my oldest friend (since 1952). This doesn’t sound like ‘a good thing’ but she will be at peace.
  3. Grandson is on his way to visit, blowing down from .
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This one seems comparable to other wind storms I've experienced in the past & remember from before.

One knocked down an old section of a fence but this one has only knocked down a sun umbrella so far.

I've replaced 2 of my 3 fences -- which were built in the 90's. Still have one up that my neighbor on that said is, as of yet, unwilling to replace.

Maybe the wind will knock that one down so that it can be replaced too.

Fingers crossed . . . 😉

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Not so quiet

Anyone else awaken by wind and things blowing about?

Wind has two sounds at our house: a deep roar of a large dragon and then intermittently overhead the higher sound of jet engine. Not to mention all the thumping and bumping of things in the night.

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Very strong wording in tonight’s updated AFD from NWS San Francisco: “Additionally, it will be windy on the waters too. Given the narrow focused low level jet 65 kts along the Big Sur Coast will be possible. Therefore, a first ever Hurricane Force Wind Warning will be issued with the even coastal waters forecast.” 65 knots-75 mph- 120 km/h!

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NWS Los Angeles: Peak wind gusts -- some spots to 85mph+ at high elevation.

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Satellite Provides Detailed Data on Antarctic Ice - Ever since the first satellites started imaging the Earth, scientists have been us... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/02/satellite-provides-detailed-data-on-antarctic-ice/

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The offshore doesn't just need fancy blades, but also ships and ports for the ships.

«’s wind industry warned that the country’s targets for expanding the renewable energy are increasingly threatened by supply-chain bottlenecks.

Industry groups called for investment in ports, converter stations and ships to prevent capacity constraints limiting the expansion of wind energy, which is key to securing future power supplies to Europe’s largest economy.»


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I thought it was a bit windy outside.

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"The emission savings from replacing all those internal combustion engines with zero-carbon alternatives will not feed in fast enough to make the necessary difference in the time we can spare: the next five years. Tackling the climate and air pollution crises requires curbing all motorised transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible"


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elec. power is so unstable that even at 10-15% contribution it creates tremendous waste just to be able to balance loads on the grid. Waste in oil/gas/coal that is.

IS by far the solution in urban environments


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