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Apparently Georgia has a program now where low-income households can lease solar panels and have no up front cost for the solar install. After the lease and their power bill the monthly cost will still be lower than their old power bill. This seems almost too good to be true; what am I missing here?

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'Staggering' rise of rooftop solar to put all other power generation in the shade, report finds - ABC News “There is already almost 20GW of rooftop in Australia, but this is forecast to more than triple in coming decades.
What's next: The report's authors argue rooftop solar will play an outsized role in helping meet its climate goals.”

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#Solar has the potential to be an income stream for all of us. Instead of us paying the electric company, we bill the electric company for electricity we generate. It was merely in the talk stages back in the 1970's. Now, it is becoming reality. #Solarpunk

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OK, the #rack for the #inverters and #batteries of our little #solar system is already assembled. 😊

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Hat jemand hier Erfahrung mit dem Anbieter

Das "WeDoSolar Light 320 Set" Kit würde von der Größe her gut an unseren Balkon passen. Kann die Panele senkrecht anbringen, das passt zwischen die vorhandenen Halterungen.

Wie sind eure Erfahrungen damit?

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How science is helping farmers to find a balance between agriculture and solar farms
"In the French countryside, energy companies are rushing to set up solar farms, with the risk of marginalizing agriculture. Researchers are finding solutions."

TomRaftery, to climate avatar

83% of electricity on the Spanish grid today is coming from emissions-free sources (wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, etc.)

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One of the biggest obstacles to power on farming operations is the space it requires. Now, scientists are finding ways to use it without taking up so much land.

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Carbon offsets are not a substitute for cutting emissions. They are a way to buy time until we've all done it and it's not up to big business or governments to get us all to stop burning fossil fuels. That's up to all of us to do as fast as we each possibly can.

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Did you know that ten (10) U.S. states get the majority of their electricity without emitting greenhouse gases?

How many states will join the top ten in 2024?

We could have lotteries in the states that are lagging for people that instead of giving them cash if they win would install and on their homes, barns, yards, offices, or garages that would provide them with clean, free energy.

That'd be cool.

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"As the world heats up, solar panels will degrade faster – especially in hot, humid areas. What can we do?"

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My computer didn't get enough power this week 😬 maybe I should look at getting a bigger setup for it.

StellaLunaObs, to solar avatar

Lately I've been working toward developing equipment and techniques for imaging the sun. I've been using various combinations of cameras, lenses, telescopes, and solar filters. So far my favorite for white light solar imaging is the Vixen Cassegrain telescope paired with a new glass solar filter from Spectrum Telescope. The image shown here is pretty good considering the pesky encroaching clouds!
#sun #solar #astronomy #astrophotography

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Assuming the ferries run, the solar panels should finally be installed later this coming week. Apologies in advance as I slowly morph into one of Those Types of Guy. 🫠

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It finally actually really happened! panels! ☀️

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: The Oasis Biosolar hydroactive roof manages to integrate solar generation, rainwater management, storage and protected spaces for vegetation. Could these green Solar Oasis’s be the key to a green future? News Source:

johnl, to solar avatar

The sun is unexpectedly out and the house battery is full - quick, downstairs to run the dishwasher!


GreenFire, to climate avatar

Did you know that the amount of grid-tied batteries on the U.S. electricity grid is expected to almost double this year?

What can we do to help make these stories on the climate progress we're making get more attention? We know from the way the right side of the aisle succeeds at selling their stories is repeating them over and over and over. I think that we need to talk up climate solutions more.

joeyh, to solar avatar

At what cost/watt might it make sense to not ground mount panels in clearings at all, but just lay them on the ground in (deciduous) woods, to absorb winter sun when the power is needed?

Cost has fallen enough already that solar panel mounts cost more than the panels themselves. (At small scale anyway, solar farms probably have economies of scale.)

Imagine buying 10kw of solar panels for $320 in 5 or 10 years. Why invest $3500 to mount them?

mattferrell, to solar avatar

Latest follow-up podcast is out! YouTube: Audio version: Sean and I talk about a subtle change with (potentially) big impact for solar panel power production. Should we have been doing this all along?

GreenFire, to Hydrogen avatar

Arif Sarwat, director of the FPL-Florida International University Solar Research Center, said in the release, hydrogen "can be stored as an energy source that can be used whether or not the sun is shining.”

FPL stated that it will use a 5% blend of hydrogen in one of three natural gas combustion turbines to “help the company maximize learning opportunities as it continues to pursue its Real Zero goal of decarbonizing its power-generation by 2045 at the latest.”

GreenFire, avatar

The fossil fuel industry is fighting for its very survival by attacking Joe Biden and Democrats by solidifying opposition on the right side of the aisle and splitting the left side of the aisle with campaigns that go so far as to encourage Hamas to massacre Jews and cause a crisis for the Palestinians so that can trend and depress voter turnout.

Even in Texas the fossil fuel industry is losing its monopoly to provide electricity to the grid.

GreenFire, avatar


@CommercialSolarGuy posted this picture from a booth with no one there at a solar energy expo.

This is exactly the right attitude because we need to deploy, deploy, deploy!

I'm not even going to make a joke about how fast new fusion facilities are putting electrons onto our grids, yeah you knew me better than that.

matt, to solar avatar

Our solar kiln build is progressing nicely. We got most of the roof (except the ridge cap) installed at the weekend, and insulation in the south wall.

Already, even on a cloudy day in February in (peaked at 24,000 lx), we still saw a temperature differential of +14°F vs outside.

Just need a sunny day to see how it’ll really perform! Hoping to get more done this weekend.

View inside the solar kiln, showing insulation in the front (south) wall and clear polycarbonate roof.
Graph showing the temperature outside (peaking at ~33°F) vs inside the solar kiln (~47°F)

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root42, to solar avatar

It‘s mid February and we are almost peaking during noon! Nice.

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