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viking, in Migration of Windows Insiders magazine to Mbin avatar

Is kbin confirmed dead? I’ve blocked a ton of communities there since they can’t seem to control the spam bots and was wondering about that.

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@viking there's been no official announcement or anything, but the last change to Kbin's software was about 4 months ago, and there are no admins here who have the ability to block or ban accounts or other instances, so spam can only be hidden not removed from magazines that still have moderators.


@BenjMathis1 Wait does that mean when I get rid of spam on the magazines I am a moderator of I am only hiding it on kbin?

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@Gamers_Mate pretty much, yeah. The post is hidden in the magazine and on the spam account's profile, but the post isn't fully deleted. And the spam account isn't affected in any way, even if we directly report it as there's no one here with admin privileges who can actually delete accounts or posts.


I just made an account on mbin just in case. Though I will still be using Kbin it doesnt hurt to try it.

I think Kbins main problem is what a lot of open source projects go through which is all the contributions being from programmers having a team of programmers is great but having artists admins community managers is important as well.

Ernest is currently the main dev and community manager when he is not programming which is a lot of work for one person.

The last update did mention applications for becoming a site moderator which I think means on the instance level and not magazine level.

Also I noticed on mbin I got a notification from your comment where it says @username even though it links to kbin social I am guessing it looks at the username and not the instance it is from when someone mentions a username?

BenjMathis1 avatar

@Gamers_Mate Oh, 100% Everything around Kbin aside, Ernest had a ton of stuff going on in his personal life that should totally take precedent over this here.

I did see the post about applications for instance-wide moderators, which Kbin definitely needs. But I don't believe any action has been taken past the announcement yet.

But that's really interesting. I just checked and I got a notification for your last comment over on my Mbin account as well. I don't know if maybe it has something to do with the fact that my Mbin account is subscribed to this magazine as well and got looped in as well or what? I may have to look into it and see if either it's just a bug or if I'm doing something wrong lol.

e-five, avatar

Just saw the convo about the mention thing. At the moment, it's a known issue. Something we'll have to fix eventually. Mastodon seems to use tag field with keys like type: mention, username: x to signify who to actually notify. /kbin and Mbin do seem to parse the body text instead, so we'll probably want to fix it to be specific and not rely on the flaky body text parsing

EmperorHenry, in Windows Photos adds new Microsoft Designer integration avatar

honeyview and irfanview are still better.

lianass, in Windows Photos gets Generative erase, and recent AI editing features now available on Arm64 devices and Windows 10

Yes, working with images is very interesting and at the same time difficult. But I found an easy-to-use photo editor that helps me complete my projects quickly. They are always bright and creative.

peg, in Spellcheck in Notepad begins rolling out to Windows Insiders

I’m glad it can be switched off. I don’t have any need for spell checking in notepad.

Mellow12, in Spellcheck in Notepad begins rolling out to Windows Insiders

They have Word for features like this. Notepad is a slim editor. No rich text. No frills.

I don’t know who asked for this. It must be so that their systems can ingest the content of the file for whatever purposes they may want to use it for. Like training their AI.

sadreality, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26085 for the Canary and Dev Channels ✈️


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  • Fungah, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26040 for the Canary Channel ✈️

    Announcing Deez nutz

    Madrigal, in Snipping Tool and Notepad updates begin rolling out to Windows Insiders

    They’ve also fixed a long standing critical bug in Snipping Tool, wherein it wouldn’t work properly if you were using multiple displays with different magnifications (e.g. a laptop at 150% and an external monitor at 100%).

    sudo_xe, (edited ) in Releasing Windows 11 Builds 22621.2787 and 22631.2787 to the Release Preview Channel ✈️ avatar

    Missed this before, but two separate guides were posted on taking advantage of IntegratedServicesRegionPolicySet.json after this update:

    kbal, in Previewing changes in Windows to comply with the Digital Markets Act in the European Economic Area - Windows Insiders Blog avatar

    we’ve added the ability to uninstall [...] Web Search from Microsoft Bing, in the EEA

    In the EEA, Windows will always use customers’ configured app default settings for link and file types

    In the EEA, Windows will ask users if they want to sync their Microsoft account

    Mental note: In the unlikely event of ever needing to install Windows again, make sure to tell it that it's in the EEA.

    sudo_xe, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.2419 for the Beta Channel ✈️ avatar

    Got my WIP email notification late and just now discovered the 9th anniversary wallpaper, how time flies!

    sudo_xe, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25967 for the Canary Channel ✈️ avatar

    There also seems to be an edit to this article:

    [ADDED 10/6] Under All apps in the Start menu, Windows 11 system components will now show a “system” label.

    sudo_xe, in Releasing Windows 11, version 23H2 to the Release Preview Channel ✈️ avatar

    Article got updated with ISOs! Build 22631 via the Windows Insider ISO download page -

    sadreality, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23550 for the Dev Channel ✈️


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  • sudo_xe, in Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25931 for the Canary Channel ✈️ avatar

    Gonna be apologetic to all the work being put out by Dave Grochocki & team but... instant uninstall for some of these in-box apps as soon as I'm able and glad that they're finally providing the option 😅

    BenjMathis1 avatar

    Yeah, I personally use most of their in-box apps, but it's great that they're giving us the option to uninstall some of the ones we don't want anymore.

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