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Early access on Patreon! Geekom's new mini PC is a MIGHTY MOUSE at a great price!
This tiny PC is now packing the most powerful laptop chip AMD makes!
Funnily enough, Microsoft threw AMD and Intel under the bus.
NONE of the current selling "AI" PCs qualify for the "CoPilot" branding.
Who knows, maybe you don't want that new Microsoft Recall feature on your system anyway?

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starcross, to Windows11

The #Windows11 era:
We decided to ruin our image and any reputation we had as an industry standard operating system in the name of innovating with #AI and "changing the way you compute" (or something like that)
#Windows #Microsoft #copilot #recall

kde, to microsoft avatar

In view of the latest news coming out of Microsoft...

Yeah, KDE's Plasma doesn't do that either. Your stuff is safe.


#recall #microsoft #windows11 #privacy

alexkidman, to microsoft avatar

Do I have an opinion on Microsoft's big push for Copilot+ PCs?

You bet I do.

At Gizmodo Au, I've dived into the details (that we know) and the problems (more than just the one...)

jeffredo, to microsoft avatar

Microsoft Screenshots EVERYTHING Using Copilot - YouTube

🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

#microsoft #windows #copilot #screenshots #privacy #security #issues #mac #linux #chrisTitus #tech #computer #windows11

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

It's going to be a summer of Laptops and PC reviews, and this is one of the most unique systems I'm test driving!

Who wants "thin and light" when your laptop could be mistaken for RoboCop's lunch box?
Military grade rugged convertible PC is GO!

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WhyNotZoidberg, (edited ) to microsoft avatar

Having an AI ("Windows Recall" is enabled by default) that tracks every move you do on your computer and of course has no filter (Microsoft's own FAQ clearly states it will remember every password you type) is idiotic. But Tech bros are frothing at the mouth for anything AI so here we are.

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

Looking at this I am almost certain will have to walk this back. European companies, and the EU, will put pressure on them if not American companies will.

danslerush, to microsoft avatar

« has announced a new -powered feature for called 'Recall,' which records everything you do on your PC and lets you search through your historical activities »

I don't see how it could go wrong 🤔

faizalr, to Blog avatar
Dharkstare, to tech

Did the people at Microsoft really think this was something people wanted? Windows 11 is just straight up spyware. They aren't even trying to hide it.

#tech #microsoft #windows11

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

Give a share and come join the chat! We've got Tech News to talk about!

Microsoft is about to kick off BUILD, and showing new Windows on ARM PCs! AZ is suing Amazon over unfair business practices! iFixit digs even deeper into how much wireless charging sucks. And maybe the Dead Internet theory is true?

br00t4c, to Windows11 avatar

You Should Replace Windows 11's File Explorer With This App


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faizalr, to random avatar

Installing #Powertoys for #Windows11.

Adorable_Sergal, to microsoft avatar

Okay, I hate Windows 11.

How bad of an idea is it to downgrade to Windows 8.1?

#Microsoft #windows11

Tekchip, to microsoft avatar

Microsoft is how large a company with how much money? Yet downloads of the Microsoft store come down at 56k speeds.

This final school term that requires I use Windows can't be over soon enough.

I truly loathe windows at this point.

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

After dealing with pre-installed malware on this mini-PC, I'm FINALLY done reviewing the hardware!
"Besides the malware" does an Intel Core i9 make sense in a system like this?

happyborg, to random avatar

I have had a new laptop for a day, and it's shit-hot!

Clearly aimed at gamers but the best spec I could find for development.

I went #Lenovo #Legion9 (max), rather than #Dell for the first time because the spec, and the fact my last Dell is faulty after 6 years (whereas my previous 15yr Dell is still perfect).

Lenovo support is poor, outsourced, unhelpful and knows less than I do.

Windows 11 was the only option, so no Ubuntu drivers. But ok, except the trackpad so far, USB devices on order.

happyborg, avatar

Yes, refurbs can be excellent value if they meet your needs/wants.

I still have an working ThinkPad T41 refurb that I put Bodhi Linux on.

The #Windows11 setup yesterday shows me everything I've heard and abhorred about #Windows lately. Even after configuring for #privacy #Edge was sending all my clicks home and making this shit-hot laptop sluggish!

Pretty shocking actually. Enter Firefox and Brave [phew].

I'm so thankful for #Linux.

Adorable_Sergal, to windows avatar

I can't get over how insufferable Windows 11 is for creating things. Win11 stops taking pen input--not freeze. Pen input just stops, and this is with an official Microsoft pen. Drawing art in Krita is a game of red-light-green-light.

Darkradiant doesn't update the 3D window. No lighting preview. :/

#Windows #Microsoft #Windows11 #Krita #DarkRadiant

happyborg, to windows avatar

I just took delivery of a laptop that came with 11.

After going through setup I felt abused and violated.

Then, doing anything on this top of the range machine was slow, and despite my answering 'privacy' to every option, it appears that every click in Edge is being sent back to Microsoft, slowing the fastest machine I've ever used.

Having installed Ubuntu 24 side by side makes this even more apparent. (I still want for testing).

I pity those who have to use it.

Get out!

TritTriton, (edited ) to Windows11 French avatar

Ah, Shizuku (de qui le PC Windows doit son nom) et Kurumi, les OC de Kantoku… :3

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