Somali pirates release hijacked Bangladeshi ship

Somali pirates has released hijacked Bangladeshi cargo vessel MV Abdullah and all 23 crew members after keeping hostage for 32 days, an official of the owner company of this ship said.

KSRM Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Shahriar Jahan Rahat confirmed the media about the latest development, saying the ship and the crews got released after negotiation with the pirates ended successfully.

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From the article:

All 23 crews on board are safe, in good health, and have been able to contact their relatives, he added.

A gang of Somali pirates hijacked the Bangladeshi-flagged ship, owned by KSRM Group, on March 12 while carrying coal from Maputo in Mozambique to Al Hamriyah in the UAE.

After the release, the ship was on the way to the UAE port for unloading cargo.

The ship may reach the UAE port within a week.

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