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Percent area of the Arctic (land and sea north of 60ºN) with the annual average temperature higher than the 1951-80 baseline normal. Since 2015 effectively all of the Arctic warmer than the baseline. In a stable climate this would bounce around 50 percent with some multi-year consistency with more or less area being above/below normal. H/T @Climatologist49

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This year the continent of #Africa is hosting the #IAU General Assembly that takes place every 3 years, for the first time in the IAU's history. It seems only right that an African astronomer should attend this historic event, and #astronomy needs more African astronomers. If you feel the same, please consider contributing to the IAU African Astronomer Travel Fund:

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Ukraine keeps fighting! | RUssian terrorists recruit mercenaries in Africa | Ukraine Update: Day 825

Russia stops attacks in direction, continues in .

Russia recruits mercenaries in Central to be used as cannon fodder.

Operator Starsky was an officer of the National Guard of .
He partecipated in the successful defense of the Airport of in February 2022.

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The U.S. and Europe are trying to catch up to China’s lead in industrial policy, a rival skilled in using all the levers of government and banking to dominate global manufacturing. #asiapacific #politics #us #europe #renewables #wind #solar #energy #oil #china #electricvehicles #manufacturing

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@thejapantimes The “policy” is called authoritarianism.

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Given we were talking about cracks in the landfast ice, here’s a small one we were figuring where to cross. Two Polar Bears had strolled along it earlier looking for seal.

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@mtnmindset it is big country.

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@freedom_baird Mom and yearling.

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South Korea, historically an underdog in the space race, launches its new space agency, KASA, to catch up with global leaders.

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@plink @palestine @israel

What about the 35000 civilian deaths #Netanyahu already caused in Gaza, all the journalists and doctors murdered by the #IDF and the deliberate starvation of Gaza - all part of Netanyahus planned genocide. Is he also calling them "tragic accidents" ?

fuck that evil piece of shit #nazinyahu and anyone who supports him.

#Rafah #Gaza
#Gazagenocide #IsraelterroristState

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@plink @palestine @israel

Il finira par s'étrrangler de ses mensonges.

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"On May 20th, 2024, an measuring 380 square kilometers (~147 mi2) broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in .

The ongoing loss of Antarctic ice is one of the clearest indications of rising global temperatures and a dire warning."

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@CelloMomOnCars How many more will break off, with apparently no one in the media noticing or reporting?
Perhaps this would get more public awareness as an alternative to sports betting, the odds in which section of the ice shelf and when it would break off could be subject to betting.
At least then the public would realize that they’re betting on their future by not doing anything about climate change.


@CelloMomOnCars Sea ice stabilizes the land ice behind it. Meaning that collapsing ice shelfs can have dramatic effects on sea level rise when the glaciers behind them mobilize themselves.

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Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have resettled in the United Kingdom since 2021, including prominent pro-democracy activists — and China has not forgotten them.

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Crossing a bridge at a crack in the sea ice.

One of my favourite photos.

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@carolski You can see in this photo. The closer crack comes from the right, the further one comes from the left. The island of ice is almost joined at the upper right and almost at the left foreground.

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@NunavutBirder Oh, I get it now!

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The warmest 12-months in millennia for the Earth as a whole is right now. For the Arctic though, the warmest 12-months was in 2016, with the post-2019 years notably less hot.

I explore the "where" and "why" in the latest Alaska and Arctic Climate newsletter.


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If I wanted to avoid escalation by militant Islam in the , I wouldn’t start by making a quarter million able-bodied men homeless & motherless with nothing to lose.

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If you want to keep them violent, so that you have an ongoing excuse to keep killing them, yes you would.

Especially if you are "clearing land".


@gimulnautti surely they will get gainful employment building the soon to be Israeli occupied Gaza apartment blocks with sea views. You know, the ones that Palestinians will never be allowed to visit once built.

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China on Friday began a second day of joint military drills around Taiwan to test the “seizure of power” and ability to control key areas around the self-ruled island. #asiapacific #taiwan #china #pla #us #usmilitary

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China's targets to drastically reduce its reliance on overseas buying in line with its push for food security will be exceedingly difficult to meet, experts say.

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@thejapantimes they should invade and erase ruSSia. It's the only invasion that would be acceptable and they could grow enough food.

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