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"'A great sadness': Venezuela is first Andean country to lose of all its glaciers
Scientists explain the loss of the Humboldt Glacier, the last in the Sierra Nevada, which they believe makes the South American country the first in modern history to lose all its glaciers. "

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“The sky shows us the way and the ancestors watch over us. And the stars remind us that they will continue to take care of us as long as we are on this Earth.” (by @megoizzy for BBC Travel)

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A random artwork from my gallery:

"Abelisaurus Portrait" — 2022

Abelisaurus was a meat-eater from the Late Cretaceous of South America.

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Squirrel or rabbit?


It’s the southern viscacha. This rodent lives in South America & is a skilled climber that inhabits mountainous areas.

A gregarious critter, the viscacha lives in colonies, which consist of multiple family units that can be as large as 75 individuals.

American Museum of Natural History @AMNH #viscacha #rodents #SouthAmerica #animals

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Valparaiso has some of the best in the world. Not to mention some pretty rad . ...

Posted into Doors, Glorious doors! @doors

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More than 100 people are dead and 136 people have been reported missing in Brazil after unprecedented rainfall devastated the state of Rio Grande do Sul with flooding. The Brazilian government is warning residents that more rain is expected. Rescue efforts were suspended on Wednesday in the face of continuing precipitation and winds exceeding 50 miles (80 Kilometers) per hour. USA Today has more on the disaster.

Brazilian authorities bury deceased migrants who drifted in African boat to the Amazon (

The bodies of nine migrants found on an African boat off the northern coast of Brazil’s Amazon region were buried Thursday with a solemn ceremony in the Para state capital of Belem. Fishermen off the coast of Para found the boat adrift April 13, carrying the bodies that were already decomposing. Brazilian officials later said...

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has outlined his vision for Japan's ties with Latin America, as Tokyo looks to deepen relations with Global South countries while trying to counter China’s growing clout in the resource-rich region.

Flooding in Brazil kills 39 people with 68 still missing and 24,000 displaced (

The storms also triggered landslides and the partial collapse of a dam structure at a small hydro-electric power plant. Flooding from heavy rains battering Brazil's southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul has killed 39 people, according to local authorities, with the death toll expected to rise as dozens remain unaccounted-for....

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A random artwork from my gallery:

"Ornithocheirus mesembrinus" — 2008

Ornithicheirus mesembrinus (previously Tropeognathus), was a very large pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil. The body in this reconstruction is based mostly on the related Coloborhynchus.

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The Congo and Amazon rainforests absorb a lot of carbon. But

"This study shows that while research on CDR [carbon dioxide removal] and its impacts has risen dramatically in recent years, the vast majority has so far focused on Europe and Asia, or on the global picture.

“The underrepresentation of and in the scientific literature is critical since these regions are considered essential for CDR deployment."

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Daihatsu President Masahiro Inoue said he sees South America and Africa as growth markets for compact cars made by the Toyota subsidiary.

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has applied to become an official partner country of (different from a full member, and not part of the mutual defense pact).

@geopolitics @geography

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Three Places Changing Quickly to Fight Climate Change

Paris is becoming a city of bikes. Across China, people are snapping up $5,000 electric cars. On Earth Day, a look at a few bright spots for emission reductions

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In largest ever study, Indigenous and local communities report the impacts of climate change (

Indigenous peoples and local communities are reporting a series of tangible and nuanced impacts of climate change, according to a new study. The study collected 1,661 firsthand reports of change in sites across all inhabited continents and aggregated the reports into 369 indicators of climate change impacts, including changes in...

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We humans imagine that we can get everything under control with technology, colonise Mars one day, and know our planet inside out. Yet large parts of nature are like an alien planet to us: not even scientists really know them.

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Brazil Supreme Court strikes down military intervention thesis in symbolic vote for democracy.

AP reports the court "unanimously voted Monday that the armed forces have no constitutional power to intervene in disputes between government branches."

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Ferdinand Magellan encountered what he claimed was a race of giants during his voyage around South America. Legends of these "Patagonian Giants" made their way back to Europe and were even referenced on early maps of the New World, such as this one from 1562.

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Ecuador was lambasted across Latin America after security forces stormed the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest graft-accused former vice president Jorge Glas, who had political asylum there.

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The Suprise Discovery Of The World's Largest Prehistoric Dolphin Reveals Unlikely Link (

A surprise fossil found in the Amazon rainforest connects to both ancient saltwater dolphins and contemporary freshwater kin. The largest river dolphin fossil has been found — thousands of miles from its nearest living relative, reports an international group of paleontologists in Science Advances....

Brazil, France launch $1.1 billion program to protect Amazon rainforest (

Brazil and France announced on Tuesday the launch of an investment program in the Brazilian and Guyanese Amazon rainforest involving 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in private and public funds over the next four years, according to a joint statement.The announced was made during French President Emmanuel Macron's three-day visit...

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