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Thomson Reuters: Mexico is about to experience its 'highest temperatures ever recorded' as death toll climbs


"Mexico will surpass historical heat records in the coming days
• UNAM scientists consider that it is an unprecedented condition and suggest that society reduce exposure to the sun, wear light colors, use sunscreen and constantly hydrate, among other measures.
• 2024 is very likely to be the warmest year on record...
In the next 10 or 15 days, the country will experience the highest temperatures recorded in history ..."

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Ejemplo curioso de la cultura tejana, supuestamente chicana: “Mexicans and Cappin’". La última palabra es una jerga que podría decir lanzando balas o insultando. Del de 2002, los tres raperos son Slinkey, Pranksta y Big Deuce. Dan pocas señas de . No usan casi ninguna palabra española (y claro que nada indígena fuera del título), aunque “varrio,” “locs” y “loced” [loc'ed] aparecen en los nombres de canciones.

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In the next 10 to 15 days, the country will experience the highest temperatures ever recorded.

Most of the metropolitan area's 21 million residents — accustomed to more temperate weather — lack air conditioning. Earlier this month, the capital was one of at least 10 cities in Mexico that registered their hottest day on record.

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Organized crime, cartels, armed groups... are the reasons why people are being threatened & fleeing Mexico & Central America: Excellent article about how payment to criminal groups has woven its way into everyday life, in every purchase from avocados to lumber to cigarettes.

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faces unprecedented heat danger:

“It is unprecedented, because communities will experience temperatures that they have not faced. It is the task of the Institute to make it known to the citizens so that they can take appropriate measures.”—Jorge Zavala Hidalgo, Director, ICAyCC

“Most of [Mexico City’s] metropolitan area's 21 million residents — accustomed to more temperate weather — lack air conditioning.”

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Tzompantli album is fantastic. It takes some time to grow on you, but it's a smooth sail when that happens.

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What Scotsman was caught up in a civil war before the age of twenty? Wrote a book that became the inspiration for an Oscar-winning film? Met a runaway teenager in Paris and married her against the wishes of his family? Lost his ranch to raiding Apaches?

Buckle up – it’s going to be a long, wild 🧵 …


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You’ve made it to the end! Have a FREE book: 3 short stories by Cunninghame Graham—“A Hegira”, “The Goldfish”, & “Beattock for Moffat”. Set in , , & they are about journeys & frontiers, & about tenacity, loss, & death.


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They say the haze in the city is Sahara desert sand, I think it is pollution, but whatever, maybe it is a metaphor for the visibility we all have, it is never clear.

Foto: Monumento A Hidalgo, Merida Yucatan, Mexico

#streetview #evening #sunset #Merida #yucatan #Mexico #Statue #streets #traffic #Sun

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Some days on a roadtrip you pass through villages that you think: God maybe I could live here.
But it is always merely a stop during the journey, sometimes for a drink, or some food, or gasoline.

Sometimes just for the night.

Foto: El Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico

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A vet holds a baby howler monkey rescued from the jungle after dozens of animal deaths were reported amid a fierce heatwave, in Cunduácan, Tabasco state, Mexico

Photograph: Reuters


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The Texas Observer and Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting have found that armed vigilantes have forged relationships with local and federal law enforcement—ties that appear to elevate risks of violence in already volatile #border regions. From Francesca D'Annunzio and Avery Schmitz:

#politics #USpol #news #immigration #extremism #police #Texas #Arizona #Mexico

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I don’t think any of us really understand how quickly collapse can happen:

> About 85% of the country expected to see highs of at least 40°C
> Almost 40% of the country’s dams below 20%
> 40% are between 20 and 50%.
> Mexico City (Population 22.51 million) forced to reduce water supply as reservoirs that feed city dry up.
> Stores running out of mineral water.

#ClimateCrisis #Heatwaves #Mexico

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The admin has a plan to shut down the . But it needs 's help.

The admin hopes to unveil a series of executive actions that President Biden can sign but will likely have to wait for the outcome of Mexico's June 2 presidential .

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At least 9 dead as strong winds topple stage at a campaign rally in Mexico.

NBC News reports dozens were injured in the accident near Monterrey:

#Mexico #News

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Urban Spaces, what to do with an ugly fly-over? In Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico they have the answer. Make it a creative space for artist?

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The Seagull’s arrival is expected to intensify the competition among #EuropeanAutomakers as they transition to the post-combustion-engine era. The vehicle, which has received acclaim for its #BuildQuality, #design, and #technology, is already performing well outside of #China, particularly in #Mexico. #BYDSeagull #ElectricVehicles

#TeslaKiller Lands In #Europe: BYD's Seagull #EV Poised To Disrupt With Sub-$21K Price Tag Even After Tough Tariffs

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How about this for a view?
The joys of being a nomad is that my backyard is different every time I move on.......and some backyards are better than others.

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Monkeys ‘falling out of trees like apples’ in Mexico amid brutal heatwave | Wildlife | The Guardian

peterdutoit, (edited ) to climate avatar

This is our doing because we refuse to stop burning fossil fuels.

Fossil CO2 emissions are projected to rise by +0.5% in 2024.

+1.63ºC 12-month running mean above preindustrial in Berkeley Earth and ERA5 datasets.

1.5ºC imminent.

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:06 and :29 seconds into this Trump ad

text on the newspaper graphics:

"Unified Reich"

Almost half of American voters and "conscientious objectors": this is fine.

Trump ad literally spelling out the reich part

HistoPol, avatar


You are right, the end of the headline below ! really says, "the creation of a Unified Reich."

What is TFG targeting? Doing one better than and annexing and/or ?!?


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This cute and colorful house you can find in Las Coloradas, Yucatan Mexico.

I found it yesterday in my photo collection and again fell in love with it.

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"Ten cities in #Mexico have registered record-high temperatures, including the capital, authorities said on Friday, amid a searing #heatwave that has prompted blackouts nationwide and pushed the power grid to the brink."

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

"Threatened howler monkeys have been dropping dead from trees in #Mexico’s southeastern tropical forests in recent weeks.

The country has been grappling with soaring and deadly temperatures for weeks. Mexico’s health ministry reported a preliminary count of 26 people who have died from #heat related causes between the start of Mexico’s heat season on March 17 and May 11."

CelloMomOnCars, avatar

" ’s drought, heatwave and shortages have gotten so bad that even police blocked traffic in protest Wednesday.

The officers stood blocking six lanes of traffic, saying their barracks hadn’t had water for a week, and that the bathrooms were unusable."

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