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New truckers in Canada aren't being trained well enough. How do we fix that?

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‘Mark my words’: Canadian tech investor warns Trudeau of capital flight after tax hike

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Research for ultradeep geothermal in Canada receives major funding
Think GeoEnergy
5–6 minutes

The Cascade Institute at the Royal Roads University in BC, Canada has received $3 million from philanthropic funds to advance research in ultradeep geothermal

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Alberta’s Secret Pandemic Study Is Led by COVID Restrictions’ Critic

“this is a more serious effort to gin up research supporting conclusions the government has already reached, since the report is clearly intended to appear to be a legitimate study. Then again, this kind of thing happens all the time with research by economic “think tanks,” so really all that’s new is it’s being extended to medical research. “
#Canada #Cdnpoli #COVID19 #Alberta #FactsMatter

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This is a shocking and important story to tell…currently on PBS. Hopefully on CBC Gem soon.
#Drama #Canada #TV

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Earlier this month, the #Canadian #Medical Association Journal published a study that said nationally, the annual number of #opioid #overdose deaths doubled between 2019 to 2021. Dr. #GaborMaté, an #addiction expert, says the link between addiction and #trauma is a #ScientificFact. With that in mind, he says ‘it is not accidental’ that #Indigenous populations in #Canada are at a #HigherRisk of developing addictions.

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The common , that of northern , is under threat from due to declining . Published earlier this month in the journal , a study conducted by from & has demonstrated the first clear of an effect of climate change on this species whose distinct call is so tied to the soundscape of ’s lakes & .

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The federal government has added $36.4 million to a program designed to support people who have been seriously injured or killed by vaccines since the end of 2020.

The program was announced shortly after shots first became available to the public, and provides financial compensation to people who were adversely affected by approved vaccines.

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This is the biggest on Earth, and it's in .

The is on Canada's East Coast and it sits between and . And it's enormous.

Twice a day, these waters ebb and flow, and in some places, they rise up to 18 metres — that's nearly 60 feet.

At low tide, the waters recede up to five kilometres, leaving behind 1,000 square kilometres of mud.

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In 2019, a pair of #Winnipeg #moms launched #Lullaland, the Province’s first-of-its-kind #baby #sensory program with the goal of promoting early #bonding between #caregivers and their little ones. Fast forward five years, the pair are set to bring their program to families across #Canada.

“We wanted to create something that was just as engaging and fun for the grown-up as it is for the baby,” explained Fran Hiebert, a co-owner of Lullaland.

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Canada’s biggest is planning a major expansion that will raise as much as $50 million to reach more customers.

based of aims for an issuance later this year that could expand its capital by as much as 50%, with a goal to double its $600 million loan book over the next few years, chief executive Bill Lomax said in an interview. This may be the first of two equity raises in the next couple of years, he said.

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“Every 4 hrs, one acquires HIV. Our rates are not going down & is at the bottom of the in terms of reducing the number of new HIV cases each year.

According to Agency of Canada, in 2022, Canada saw a 25% increase of new diagnosis over 2021 statistics. is leading the country in terms of new cases followed by .

“This rise in new cases has not been seen in over a decade,” said the .

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Daegun Chun, accused by of being the mastermind of a wide human-smuggling network, is now suing the force and Quebec's attorney general for $100 million after all charges against him were stayed.

After all the fanfare over Chun's arrest, Crown prosecutors quietly stayed all charges against him in 2018.

"When they arrested me they have some big show. And when they finished the case, nobody said anything," Chun told in an interview Tuesday.

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Last year saw the birth of the one and only baby on record in Alberta named 'Dude'.

I trust he abides.

You can look it up (and other quirk baby-name facts) with this little web app I made:

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professor from federal advisory group saying funds allocated for are inadequate.

professor Michael Prince resigned from in after being appointed to it in 2020.

In 2023, the federal government passed the to help financially support living with a disability

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I will never underestimate the ability of a team to tell and sell a story, however many examples you want where it happens. But this talk about Mark Carney as a replacement for Trudeau? He is going to desperately need a good story telling team now to rewrite him on a broad public scale. Of course he’s potentially a good fit to lead the liberals. He’s got a small, northern town original story. But geezus when will we reach the limits of relatability

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Canadian health-care professionals urged to share climate disaster mitigation info
The Canadian PressStaffContact
~2 minutes


After last summer's deadly floods, heat waves and record-breaking wildfires, some scientists are urging Canadian health professionals to take an active role in helping their patients better prepare for extreme weather

#health #canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Please donate to the family who lost their son yesterday in a brutal stabbing. Syrian refugees come to #Canada for safety, they didn't find it.

#halifax #novascotia #nspoli #cdnpoli

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'Not a single lie was told,' Japanese resident in Canada shares honest review about living here, and Canadians seem to agree

#brutal #canada

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Please sign

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

  1. Pass a motion in Parliament that condemns the deceptive & manipulative tactics of anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centres,” including the medical misinformation they provide to clients; &
  2. Fulfill its prior commitment to make CPCs ineligible for charitable status due to the false & misleading information they provide to vulnerable clients.
    #HealthCare #Canada
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Still makes me smile to see images from this time in 2017 along the north shore of Lake Superior. Lyn and I were reminiscing about how much fun photo projects were with a friend of ours who we did a bunch with. Days start at 4 AM to 10 AM then from 4 PM to 10 PM. And this family living in Marathon, Ontario was amazing to work with. Photographer was Scott Munn

Reuters: Canada grants Airbus waiver against sanctions on Russian titanium (

Airbus has been granted a waiver by the Canadian government, allowing it to continue using Russian titanium after Ottawa became the first Western nation to ban the metal in its latest package of sanctions targeting the Kremlin, Reuters reported on April 23.

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