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Climate-friendly cars that fit the planet and the budget - and the cello
Plus climate news


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CelloMomOnCars, to random
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Build It And They Will Ride.

LOTS of them will ride.
"The study by the Institut Paris Region, an urban planning agency, found that Parisians opted for bicycles for 11.2 percent of their trips within the city itself, compared to only 4.3 percent for cars.

Walking was the option for most trips at 53.5 percent, followed by public transport at 30 percent."


CelloMomOnCars, to random
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It's 2024, you can't miss the climate crisis even with blinkers on, and these clowns start charter flights -- for dogs.

Tickets start at $ 6000 one way.
WHAT are people thinking.


lzg, to random
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saw a guy attempting a difficult merge in front of a robocar, using hand signals. good luck to all players.

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How did they do?
I mean both the guy and the robocar.

wellingtonrock, to random
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'In 2021, Debenhams closed its doors after 242 years, with the loss of 12,000 jobs. It was destroyed by private equity which increased debt from £128m to £1.6bn, and paid itself dividends of £1.3bn. The company was strangled by debt which left no wiggle room for investment and collapsed owing £616m to its suppliers.'

Private equity is predatory capitalism with a long trail of destruction - Left Foot Forward: Leading the UK's progressive debate https://leftfootforward.org/2024/04/private-equity-is-predatory-capitalism-with-a-long-trail-of-destruction/

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Debenhams died by private equity?
What a shame.

And now PE is in Thames Water?
There are certain things that really, really must not be let out of public hands. Water is one of them.

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The Little Chef?
Oh nooooo

"The restaurant chain's owners, Granada, had merged with Compass Group before selling the Little Chef and Travelodge businesses to the private equity firm, Permira."


CelloMomOnCars, to Finland
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90-GWh thermal energy storage facility could heat a city for a year

"An energy supplier in #Finland has announced the upcoming construction of an underground seasonal thermal #EnergyStorage facility about the size of two Madison Square Gardens that could meet the heating demands of a medium-sized city for up to a year."


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"Rapid growth in electric vehicle (EV) adoption has raised the question of how EVs affect the electricity rates paid by all households, including those that do not own EVs.

[An analysis by Synapse found] that, since 2011, EVs have contributed much more in utility revenues than costs. Because of this, EVs have helped apply downward pressure on rates."


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Sharp eye!
The statement in the article is " EVs have contributed much more in utility revenues than costs."

it's not clear whether those revenues went to a discount in the consumer price, or to shareholder dividends.

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69.5 – 21 = 48.5

"About 69.5 gigawatts (GW) of plant capacity came online last year, of which two-thirds were built in China, according to the report. There were also plants built in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Greece and Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, a slowdown in coal plant shutdowns in the US and Europe led to more than 21GW retiring last year.

The net annual increase is almost 48.5GW for the year, the highest since 2016."


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plants have been migrating, generally from the developed world where they're now being shut down, to developing countries who also want to develop. Even though rich countries have already depleted the .

You can see the migration on this beautifully designed interactive map, covering 2000 - 2020.
(Well before this time span, coal plants were only found in Europe, then in North America).


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Coal is moving where people need the energy to develop their economies.

Coal is being shipped around just like oil and gas: the majority of Australia's exports is coal, for instance.

So yes: once we get off fossil fuels, that also ends about 40% of the world's shipping, leading to knock-on emissions cuts.

CelloMomOnCars, to australia
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"The Heat-Health Risk Index is an approach and evidence base that helps us understand the ways that health-risk varies socially and spatially across #Australia.

It uses the latest data and thinking on the social, economic, built, and natural environments to create indicators of how communities are at risk to adverse heat-health outcomes."

Interactive and very granular maps:

#HeatRisk #heatwaves

CelloMomOnCars, to climate
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Biden administration puts $830M to helping protect from -fueled

"Most of the funding, $621 million, will go toward 36 projects aimed at bolstering the resilience of existing infrastructure through things like improving draining, moving roadways, and lifting up bridges.

An additional $119 million will go toward protecting, strengthening, or removing at-risk coastal infrastructure like highways."


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The corporate media has got very good at generating clicks, which generate revenue. Which it has achieved by giving up on providing the news we need. They're still mostly covering this year's elections as if it were a normal election year. History will not be kind to them.

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"Various government research arms are already gaming out scenarios, looking at who might decide to carry out climate engineering and how.

Once #ClimateEngineering is deployed, countries may be more likely to blame climate engineering for extreme events such as hurricanes, floods and droughts, regardless of the evidence.

Climate engineering may spark conflicts among countries."


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How to Build a #ClimateBomb

"Starting and then stopping solar #geoengineering would cause the warming that had been temporarily held in abeyance to show up quickly and with a vengeance.

To me, the failure of humanity to maintain a solar radiation geoengineering project, once it has started, is not a remote risk; rather, it’s the most likely thing that would happen."


CelloMomOnCars, to TeslaMotors
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"The head of the IPCC has compared the rollout of carbon capture and storage () to "trying to push water uphill," questioning a technology that the oil and gas industry has long touted as integral to net-zero emission plans.

The International Energy Agency has previously called for the oil and gas industry to let go of the "illusion" that carbon capture is a solution to climate change, pushing instead for energy majors to ramp up investments in clean energy."


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@thezenlady @oldguy52

The fossil fuel denial and disinformation campaign looks a lot like that of tobacco - because a lot of the same people were working it. The playbook for challenging them in court is also the same: #TheyKnew, and still peddled their product. I hope they get nabbed sooner rather than later; or that their investors abandon them, which results in the same thing.

CelloMomOnCars, to Bulgaria
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"Right-wing politicians have launched a bid to block the passing of the #EU’s flagship nature protection law, which scientists have described as a “cornerstone of food security and human health”.

Derailing the law could come at significant cost to farmers, who are facing increasingly uncertain conditions due to climate #breakdown and #biodiversity loss."


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Over 80% of the #EU’s farming subsidies support #emissions-intensive animal products – new study

"These products overwhelmingly drive the EU’s food-related greenhouse gas emissions, #biodiversity loss, #water consumption, #AirPollution, water pollution and more.

These subsidies are also influencing production and consumption in other countries that import food from the EU."


CelloMomOnCars, to climate
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Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme within decades, study shows

"The results showed that it’s headed in that direction. If that happened, average temperatures would drop by several degrees in North America, parts of Asia and Europe, and people would see severe and cascading consequences around the world."


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"A full collapse would be a massive, planetary-scale disaster. We really want to prevent this from happening.

We are talking about risk analysis and disaster prevention. This is not about being 100% or even just 50% sure that the AMOC will pass its this century; the issue is that we’d like to be 100% sure that it won’t.

The studies discussed here, which came after the 2021 IPCC report, point to a much larger risk than previously thought."


CelloMomOnCars, to Hawaii
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"’s supreme court on Thursday will hear attempts by companies to dismiss a accountability lawsuit."

The “personal jurisdiction” excuse: defendants argue that they did not conduct enough business in Hawaii to be hauled into the state’s courts.
The “failure to state a claim” excuse: claims that the lawsuit should be dealt with by lawmakers, not state courts.
The first amendment excuse.

These have all been tossed out by other courts.


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"It’s not just industry groups: nearly half of the country’s chief legal officers are asking the nation’s top court to intervene in a local government’s .

To understand how these 20 state attorneys general are connected to the fossil fuel industry, you first must understand The Republican Attorneys General Association, known as ."


CelloMomOnCars, to climate
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The will make the 2008 mortgage crisis look like a walk in the park. With ice cream.

" Rising seas, bigger , and other increasing hazards have created a dangerous instability in the U.S. financial system. "

That, on top of developers building in flood plains and wildfire-prone places, and the US government providing the .


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"If Lustgarten and the scientists he cites are right, tens of millions of Americans, or more, will pack up and move to them. If #ClimateMigration on that scale comes to pass, it will dwarf the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s.

Lustgarten’s central argument is that #HomeInsurance companies and government subsidies are perversely masking risks in threatened areas, making migration overdue."


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"An Insurify report published April 1 found is projected to have the third-highest homeowners rate spike in the nation on a percentage basis in 2024, with a projected increase of 14% and an average premium of $2,095.

The first- and second-highest percentage increases are expected in (23% to $7,809) and (19% to $1,571)."


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No man is an island, right? Your house may be on higher ground, but you still rely on municipal water and sewer, and the electricity lines, and so on. You still need the roads to get places, and also you would like places to get to.

For now, the higher lying parts, say of Miami, farther from the beach, are "gentrifying", that is, rich folks are pushing out the poor people who before couldn't afford the beachfront properties.

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Excerpt from “On The Move: The Overheating Earth and the Uprooting of America,” by Abrahm Lustgarten

"Another great American migration is now underway, this time forced by the warming that is altering how and where people can live. For now, it’s just a trickle. But in the corners of the country’s most vulnerable landscapes — on the shores of its sinking bayous and on the eroding bluffs of its coastal defenses — populations are already in disarray."


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I was wondering what climate risks Michigan has got to justify this rate hike. Maybe it's that Florida rates are already through the roof.

CelloMomOnCars, to theyknew
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The #gas industry has thrown shade on recent findings of indoor #pollution for gas #stoves. But

"Now, newly discovered documents reveal that the American Gas Association was studying the health and indoor pollution risks from gas stoves as far back as the early 1970s — that #TheyKnew much more, at a far earlier date, than has been previously documented."

#FossilGas #gaslighting #lies

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"It’s no longer a secret that the US oil industry was well aware as early as 1957 that its products threaten the #climate.

Less known is the fact that the #gas utility industry has been engaged in the same kind of deceit. The industry has been gaslighting us by promoting the idea that “#CookingWithGas” is a good thing, despite knowing as far back as 1970 that gas stoves pose a threat to public health and the environment."


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