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Virtue is the health of the soul.

— Aristo of Chios


via #Mastofeed

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« Bhaiṣajyaguru » (Healing Buddha, Medecine Buddha · Unidentified Artist)



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and i just finished another quick doodle! :) hope you all like it :BlobhajBlanketBlue:

timelapse of drawing the doodle

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Archibald Thorburn, from "Coloured figures of the birds of the British islands," vol. 1, issued by Thomas Powys, 4th Baron Lilford London: R. H. Porter, 1885-1897

Edit: Corrected artist + added link

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I drew 2 commissions for a splatoon player~

this is the first one which they will use as their new twitch avatar

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Gentle Evening Bendeth (1938)
By William Wendt (1865-1946)

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Fun idea!

A map-based game where you have to identify locations depicted in famous paintings.

More about the game:

Via @mapsmania

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Eurasian hobby.
John Gerrard Keulemans, from "Coloured figures of the birds of the British islands," vol. 1, issued by Thomas Powys, 4th Baron Lilford London: R. H. Porter, 1885-1897

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My 25 years of palaeoart chronology...

into 2004. I always prioritised palaeo-work, but I was never going to pass on an opportunity to illustrate 5 DUNE covers, by Frank Herbert. Crazy thing was, the publisher accepted & published my colour draft drawings & paid me in full anyway!

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I'm finally sticking to it again: new content on my Ko-fi page. To be enjoyed with and without coffee. ☕ :blobcatcoffee:
And 🤫 you find even there!

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Mein herzliches Dankeschön geht an einen Kunstsammler in Burgdorf für den Erwerb eines Leinwanddruckes meines Acrylgemäldes "Kleines Rotkehlchen" via Art Heroes. Möge es dir viel Freude bringen.

Leider erfahre ich bei Käufen über die Print-on-demand-Agenturen wie Art Heroes oder Fine Art America nur den Ort des Käufers, aber nicht, wer das Bild gekauft hat, so dass ich mich leider nicht persönlich bedanken kann.

#thankyou #happy #art #MastoArt #birds #AYearForArt

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If you are in the US and like my Little Robin painting, you can find it here:

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Thinking about a string of thoughts as a string of beads today.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday's drawing here, but it's on my Patreon and Ko-fi:

#inkyDays #ink #drawing #art #MastoArt

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Zooming in? Kinda. Another take on yesterday's pattern, still inspired by plant stem cross-sections.

Here's an in-progress shot.

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