sfwrtr, to food
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Having Caesar's salad for lunch. Wut? you say. Well... Don't think the old roman is in any shape to object!

(The image shows caesar salad with anchovy paste, sheep Romano cheese, and some avocado. Using artisanal romaine, mortar and pestle ground died garlic, as well as the usual mayo and dijon and Worcestershire sauce. )

UrquhartMP, to animals
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It’s Thursday so here’s a photo of Felix.

mrxmrt, to photography
elfkin, to photography
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Tammy (1997) from .

Words, to Fox
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I took this one last night. It's quite typical of recent weeks. Lopa is active and happy to be seen, but a second (male) fox stays in the background watching her, and backing away if I even look like I might approach. http://www.permuted.org.uk/photography/fox-of-the-day/

mostaurelius, to worldnews
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Palestinian journalist Motaz Azaiza features on Time’s 100 most influential people of 2024

Independent Palestinian photojournalist Motaz Azaiza was named one of the ‘100 Most Influential People’ of 2024 by Time magazine on Wednesday for acting as the “world’s eyes and ears” during the ongoing Israeli military offensive that has decimated the Gaza Strip.


simon_diamond, to BelieveInFilm
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Old school pic of an old school ad.

Yashica T4
Rollei Retro 400S

DemocracySpot, to photography
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📷 New dewberry stems under the fringe flower tree.

BeautifulSunPhotography, to photography
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In the past, rowboats were needed to get from the island from the Lower Tahquamenon Falls in Upper Michigan. In 2021, a 420+ foot fabricated aluminum pedestrian bridge was built to enable visitors universal access to the island and better viewing of the Lower Falls.


derickr, to photography
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One rainbow is great, but a double rainbow is better!

RiversideBryan, to Florida
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RiversideBryan, to Florida
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good lens flare or bad lens flare? 🤔

🥾 Losco Regional Park off Hood Road


kevinctofel, to Wyze
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Any project or product page that uses stock to represent camera output should be avoided like the plague IMO. Good on PetaPixel for the sleuthing here. 👏🏻


alkeddie, to photography
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RiversideBryan, (edited ) to Florida
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EDIT - Thanks for your replies! Lens Flare it is! 🙌

😔 i had wanted this to be my ...
🫧 could someone tell me what this is called? Is there a special word for it?

I'm referring to the blue streaks and bubbles. 🤔

🥾 Losco Regional Park off Hood Road


guidobibra, to photography
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guidobibra, to photography
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guidobibra, to photography
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LewisHine, to photography
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Bit_form, to glitchart
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wimi, to animals
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Ett år i dag! 🎂 Familjen åt tonfisk i tomatsås med pasta, Sonja åt tonfisk. Och tonfisk.

wayoutofstyle, to fujifilm
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I know I missed the boat a little but here are my eclipse pictures anyways

Sorry in advance, I'm sure the pictures get compressed somewhat so the color banding may be gross

📷 with the XF 70-300



errebe81, to Flowers Spanish
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stefano, to photography
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Me and my first phone Over 40 years ago.

This photo has been on my grandma's living room cabinet for as long as I can remember. She passed away a couple of years ago, and to keep her memory alive, my wife suggested we keep it in our living room.

A blast from the past looking towards the future.

No, the phone doesn't run Android or iOS 😆

kennethtucker, to photography
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