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Nákup v tento týden. Ujišťuju všechny anti-EU konspirátory a podobné komunistické flastence, že opravdu v Německu (a už prakticky ani Polsku) nejsou nákupy levnější než u nás.
Něco se dá sehnat levněji, to je pravda (třeba ten jablečný ocet z paragonu), ale většina je buď stejně drahá nebo ještě dražší.
Plný nákupní košík (o něco menší velikosti než u nás v Lidlu) za 3000 Kč v německém Kauflandu.

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@plink @palestine @israel Having now skimmed through dozens of updates on that link, 1,000s of words, the fact that conducted an illegal act of war against a civilian building on Iranian soil that killed 16 people recently is never mentioned, with the missile strike on is only vaguely mentioned 3 times. It is never labelled an 'unprecedented escalation', despite that being just as true as the latest development.

Also not mentioned by the is the fact that the 1st April Israeli strike was widely condemned as yet another breach of international law —by the , the , the , the , the and dozens of national governments—but was not condemned by the US government.

Also not mentioned at all the highly pertinent fact that Israel (and its primary backer and weapons supplier the ) has spent six months committing atrocities against millions of civilians in , with more children, more journalists, more healthcare workers, more humanitarian aid workers, and more UN employees violently killed than in any other conflict since at least the Rwandan genocide (and in some cases going back to WWII). Israel is responsible for the most rapid deterioration of the nutritional status of a civilian population since WWII.

NYT sucks.

Share better news sources?

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Russia Is Buying Politicians in Europe. Is It Happening Here Too?

A former CIA officer explains how a vast, pro-Putin corruption network uncovered in Europe is a warning sign for the U.S.

#Ukraine #Russia #US #EU #GOP #MAGA #Trump

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AlJazeera reports:

"Syria puts its ground-to-air defence systems around capital, major bases on high alert:
Syria has put its Russian-made Pantsir ground-to-air defence systems on high alert around the capital, Damascus and major bases in the event of Israeli strikes."

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Times of Israel Reports:

"Iraq says it is closing its airspace as Iran launches attack on Israel

Iraq announces that it is closing its airspace and suspending all air traffic after Iran launched a drone attack on Israel."

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UPDATE (from The Times of Israel)

"The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) issues a statement confirming an attack on Israel,...

The IRGC says it will hit specific targets in Israel with dozens of drones and missiles, apparently cruise missiles."

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #Weapons #US #NAFO #Hamas #Palestine #Israel #Syria #Iran #Russia #Lebanon #News #Gaza #Putin #Hezbollah #IDF #WestBank

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Someone remind me again, is it democracy we have in the EU or… no, wait, my bad, it’s the Single Market, that’s it!

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China helping Moscow in biggest military expansion since Soviet times, US says

> US officials are hoping the release of the intelligence will encourage European allies to press China, as Chancellor Olaf Scholz heads to Beijing this weekend and Group of Seven foreign ministers meet next week in Italy. #UkraineWar #Russia #China #EU #Germany #US

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Germany is delivering another unit of the “#Patriot” anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine. Due to the further increase in Russian air strikes, the federal government has decided to further strengthen Ukraine's air defense, the Federal Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday. The handover will take place “immediately“.

#Ukraine #Russia #Germany #EU

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Iran seizes cargo ship in Strait of Hormuz, Iranian media says

> Iran's Revolutionary Guards seized an Israeli-linked cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, the Iranian state-run IRNA news agency reported, days after Tehran warned it could close the area to sea traffic.

> IRNA reported that a Guards helicopter had boarded and taken into Iranian waters the Portuguese flagged MSC Aries. #Iran #Israel #StraitofHormuz

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#GeoPol #Iran #Israel conflict


The #Iranian Regime engages in state #terrorism and #piracy against #EU vessel in international waters

Via Reuters*

"The 1982 #UnitedNations Convention on the Law of the Sea (#UNCLOS):"

"Acts of piracy threaten maritime security by endangering, in particular, the welfare of seafarers and the security of navigation and commerce. These criminal acts may result in the loss of life, physical harm or hostage-...

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"Thank you to the Reader who brought this to my attention."

  • Aure

Belgium’s federal prosecutor has launched an investigation against members of the European Parliament allegedly paid by Moscow, and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo will bring the issue of Russian interference to the top of next week’s leaders’ summit, he said on Friday (12 April).
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #EU #NATO #BreakingNews #Breaking

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As part of the fighter coalition, Norway is preparing to hand over 22 F-16s to Ukraine, 12 of which are already in serviceable condition - Nettavisen.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #EU #NATO

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EU will Verstöße gegen Russland-Sanktionen eindämmen

Beispiellose EU-Sanktionen sollen Russlands Fähigkeit zur Kriegsführung gegen die Ukraine einschränken. Doch nicht immer sind sie so wirksam, wie sie es sein könnten. Das will man in Brüssel nun ändern.


Free_Press, to news avatar

"We're all working as hard as we can. We're raising... God, we're cherishing this plant."

An employee of Trypilska thermal power plant in Kyiv region told about the consequences of the Russian attack on the night of Thursday, April 11.


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You guys still didn’t get it. It’s not a choice between supporting or not supporting Ukraine.

It’s a choice between fighting Russia yourself or with money. And it’s not indefinite, if Ukraine loses you will have to fight.

Not because you want to. But because there’s only one kind of invitation you cannot say no to: “let’s go outside”.

France is smart: they are already discussing reinstating general military service. They are preparing. You should too. 1/2

#ukraine #war #nato #us #ww3 #eu

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@mykhaylo @petit_suisse @VoordeMus

so many people in #EU and #USA are more interested in #Palestine because they think that there #Israel (a Western country) is in control, and so, they think, they can control it

the situation in #Ukraine is outside their "first-world" worldview

they cannot fathom, and the cannot tell to themselves, that a non-"Western" country has its own agency and independent goals, that these motives are imperialistic and that they are willing to wage war to achieve them

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The colonial biometric legacy at heart of new #EU #asylum system

"On Wednesday (10 April), the EU is set to vote on a new set of asylum and migration reforms. Among the many controversial changes proposed in the new migration pact, one went almost unnoticed — a seemingly innocent reform of the EU's asylum database, #EURODAC.

Although framed as purely technical adjustments, the reality is far more malicious. The changes to EURODAC will massively exacerbate violence against people on the move.
Reform of this 20 year-old database will make it the technological sword of EU's hostile asylum and border policies. It will harness the most nefarious surveillance #technologies that exist to date — namely the capture, processing and analysis of biometric data — and enable EU states to have full control over #migrants' body and movements....."

via @edri

#Surveillance #FortressEurope #Europe #FightTheFortress

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Das erwartet Schutzsuchende zukünftig in Europa

"Das Europäische Parlament hat der Reform des -Asylsystems zugestimmt. Es ist eine massive Verschlechterung des bisherigen EU-Asylrechts – in vielerlei Hinsicht.

Schnellverfahren an den Außengrenzen – auch für politisch Verfolgte aus der Türkei

Keine Ausnahmen vom Grenzverfahren für Kinder mit ihren Familien

Märchen der „sicheren Drittstaaten“

Dublin 4.0.: Kürzere Fristen und weniger Rechtsschutz

Verschärfungen im Fall von Krisen, höherer Gewalt und „Instrumentalisierung“.

Man merkt: Von einem wirklich gemeinsamen Europäischen Asylsystem bleibt trotz einer ursprünglich gewünschten stärkeren Angleichung der Verfahren in den Mitgliedstaaten wenig übrig, denn durch die Krisen-Verordnung können ständig unterschiedliche Sonderregelungen gelten. Das betrifft auch die Überstellungsfristen und Solidaritätsmaßnahmen..." via @migazin

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