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I'm personally of the view that 's 2.2 quest was one fo the strongest from a story perspective and one of the weaker ones from a game storytelling perspective.

Turn that plot into a movie or a light novel and I'm all in, but they tried to do a lot of things and I don't think they all worked together particularly well mechanically.

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Gloatingly cackling “素晴らしい!”* at my screen as my characters** earn the game's epilepsy warning many times over in the space of a few seconds.

  • subarashii = "wonderful" = at least if you're an anime villain
    ** Kafka/Black Swan/Gallagher/Acheron in SU's Nihility path
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Okay I know it is trite to complain about the loss of media literacy but holy frak.

Some of y'all need words like "problematic" taken away from you until you learn to engage critically with the material you are reading.

There's a world of difference between met-gala-style "we're not reading the room" and "this character is at best morally ambiguous as a deliberate choice in portrayal."

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Perfect aventurine fan song:

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So the new story was amazing, but why was the event so bad :mikudead:
I never wanna do that again

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okay that was indeed very long

... do not play HSR 2.2 if you don't have a chunk of time

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Robin on 2nd acc yesterday c:
The story took so damn long, but it was good
I have to do it all again for her :ds_tanjirodeadinside:

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I am finally watching the HSR concert and now I am at the Luofu part and I am emotions

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Welt and I continue to not be on speaking terms.

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Parties in Belabog be like

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cute video, but Argenti is yet again in the wrong genre

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Colleague went to Sprinkles and chanced on an unofficial Genshin pop up at a tea place that gave away cupsleeve. I'm grateful.

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In other news: I’m dropping I can’t keep up with the content :cat_think: and wanna play other games

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Watching real people dance: ​:blobfoxsignno:​
Watching 2D characters dance: ​:blobfoxsignyes:​

Aventurine MMD:

Length: 2 mins 50 seconds

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The new HSR trailer is already incorporated into an HSR AMV. Wow, people are fast

Length: 5 mins
Note: spoilers everywhere, and some dialogue in the middle of the song

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HSR banners: I'm here to take your money

Laughing. Laughing hard. No, I'm only gonna welkin and battle pass.

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Ugh! I want Robin because she'll make PF easier... And Topaz might be a good Fire DPS... And I've wanted Fu Xuan as a mega-support for forever... And Boothill's character design looks hilariously hyper-American...

I cannot afford this next update.

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Ughhh Hoyo is really trying to make me pull out the credit card this patch. I was thinking of getting Topaz or Robin for a FUA team with Ratio, and I kinda want Fu Xuan too. Plus I wanna save for Jade in 2.3 too...

I do already have Ruan Mei, so it probably won't be the end of the world if I skipped Robin... Robin is so cute though, I really want her more than Topaz :meowmeltcry: Maybe if I built Clara she would be a good alternative for a Ratio teammate? :akko_think2: Decisions are hard...

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These ladies are a force of nature…

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Honkai Star Rail players before 2.0 : Sam the Stellaron Hunter is so badassssss!

HSR players after 2.1: thirsty for Sam.

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Finally managed the Rubert III Cometh path mission for Swarm Disaster (get the countdown to exactly 0 on Difficulty IV). It was easy with Aventurine, compared to my tries with March 7th or Fire TB.

Is this what life with a Gepard would feel like...

(No, Aventurine was doing most of the heavy lifting with his follow up when the bugs were hitting everyone)

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HSR codes:


(valid till April 25)

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I'm worried that Wuthering Waves isn't gonna reach their final goal before launch on May 22nd
They're at 17m pre-registrations rn
If you're a fan of open world gacha anime rpgs like and , definitely check it out! It looks so good and the devs actually listen to feedback
Share to help pls :neocat_pleading:

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