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I've been doing a lot with userstyles and userscripts lately!

First, I've just released idkbin 1.3.7 and Dropdown Menu Icons 1.1.0, both of which add icons to the "more" button's dropdown menu.

Second, I made my first userscript: Improved Channel Select Menu! This is my first time making something with —a good bit of the code is based of raltsm4k's Floating Subs List—but I'm really happy with it! Earlier today, I released version 0.2.0 which adds a settings button and some new features. If you have any feedback, please share here.

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I did made another magazine on another KBin instance, but I don't seem to make it work when i pasted the community handle on my main instance. Sure, it worked on my Mastodon, but on my home KBin instance, it doesnt show that community. I'm gone wrong.

OC Improved Channel Select Menu 0.2.0 — Makes your subscribed magazines and liked channels more accessible (

One of my most wanted features as of late has been for the channel select menu to have my subscribed magazines and liked collections. Right now, it just contains some general feeds, but I thought it'd be super useful to also have your mags and collections there for easy access! However, given that Kbin development priorities are...

A screenshot of the channel select menu with the userscript enabled.
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almost forgot about this cool guide to kbin > although the last update was about three months ago (quite some things have changed on kbin since then), it is still a well written introduction, covering the basics en detail - recommended ​:bun_love_rev:​


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Implemented menu icons in idkbin 1.3.6! They make the UI feel a lot more polished imo.
I also made these a standalone userstyle if you just want those.

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upvotes from kbin don't reach hometown

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kbin fails to fetch replies to microblog posts ...

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Re: last boost - something i noticed with my medic friends here, even with (or especially because) our public healthcare, they tend to be very right-wing/neoliberal with regards to personal choices. I've got some thoughts why, but it's also why I'm unsurprised by the performance of the just-replaced minister.

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kbin tagged nina's kbin acc in my reply above without me selecting it btw

@cendawanita @rakyat

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Just learned that you can have dropdowns in Stylus settings, and I've implemented that in idkbin 1.3.5! Now you can choose from both of the "more" icons I was considering, among many other new options.

View the changelog here. #kbin #kbinmeta #kbinstyles

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idkbin 1.3.4 is out! This time around, I added a small icon next to the expand/collapse button on microblog posts. Like with most things in idkbin, it can be toggled.

View the changelog here.

A case for preemptively defederating with Threads

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

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It's kind of funny how many 1:1 clones of popular subreddits were created on kbin after the big Reddit api debacle earlier this year that were posted in by like one or two people for a month or so, then just completely died. Some with hundreds or 1k + users subscribed.

Just seeing all of them in the abandoned magazine section.

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@btp Yeah, it sucks to see how much #Kbin activity has dropped since the Reddit migration. Monthly active users have dropped from 45,000 to 5000. If you think that a lot of the 45,000 were alts, it's still a huge drop compared to Lemmy (65,000 to 35,000). I think Ernest's long absence was a big factor in the decline.

But even among the few who are here, there's little posting outside of the big news and meme magazines (though that also goes for Lemmy communities). Not unique to the #fediverse by any means — there will always be way more lurkers than posters — but I really wish more people would contribute to the communities that they're active in. #kbinmeta

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idkbin has been updated to 1.3.3! The more button has been replaced with an ellipsis, and the no avatar icon has been changed.

And I fixed more sort icon issues. Again. I'm really bad at this.

View the changelog here.

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