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"Trump doesn’t understand Putin because he has never fought him"

  • President Zelensky

President Zelensky of Ukraine believes former U.S. President Donald Trump does not understand the goals pursued by Russian leader Vladimir Putin because he has never fought against the latter.

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Via Klasfeld:

An interesting passage from the NYAG's latest letter to the Appellate Division:

The AG does NOT interpret Justice Engoron's prohibitions on certain loans as including appellate surety bonds—if can find a bond company to work with him.

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Why yes, I am rubbing it in.

Via Klasfeld:

Notable passage:

“Defendants all but concede that Mr. has insufficient liquid assets to satisfy the judgment amount; defendants would need ‘to raise capital’ to do so.”

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'Chlamydia Is More Popular Than Trump' Among White Women

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▶ Trump Struggles to Speak, Slurs Uncontrollably

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Forgot the !

🤭👉🏼 “ offered NY appeals court a bond of only $100 mil to pause the more than $450 million penalty he faces in his civil fraud case, a clear sign that the former president lacks the $ to cover the full amount.

..also asked to pause enforcement of finan penalty & wide range of other punishments the judge levied.”

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▶ Trump Struggles to Speak, Slurs Uncontrollably

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will step down as the leader in Nov after a record run in the job

, the longest-serving Senate leader in history who maintained his in the face of dramatic convulsions in the for ~2 decades, will step down from that position in Nov.

McConnell, who turned 82 last week, was set to announce his decision Wed in the well of the Senate….

Nonilex, avatar

’s retirement from leadership will also mark the step back of an orderly counterpart to the tumultuous approach of , the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, and the hardline ahead of the Nov for president, the full of Representatives & a third of the Senate.

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Jeff Clark loses bid to block key officials from testifying in disciplinary trial

The ruling clears the way for high-level figures, like former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, to testify in Clark’s disbarment proceeding.

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▶ Judges Cannon and Chutkan Headed for ULTIMATE FACE-OFF

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Hannity Hypes Trump Border Interview IMMEDIATELY After Raging at Biden's Border Visit

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👀“The New York City judge who oversaw 's civil fraud trial received an envelope containing a white powder Wednesday, prompting an emergency response from police and fire officials, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The envelope was addressed to Justice Arthur , who imposed a nearly half-billion dollar judgment against Trump.”

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There probably is some weight to the theory that " son was just acting out because his mom gives more attention to randos in theaters or than him"

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Former World Leader Says Trump Is 'In Awe of Putin' and Acts Like a 'Boy' Meeting the 'Captain of the Football Team': 'It's Really Creepy'

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'Intrinsically Evil!' Pro-Trump Host Goes On Stunning Rant Against 'Immoral' IVF

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Judge GRANTED ’s motion to keep from co-defendants & .

Cannon's ruling was a no-brainer (for most judges) & it avoids her getting reversed for a 3rd time by the .

Hopefully she’ll reverse herself on full disclosure of names/statements (to avoid 11th circuit reversal).

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Via Aaron Rupar…

Moskowitz: "When Joe says something that is a mistake, all of the sudden it's a story for a week. When Donald says it, it's a story for a minute, mainly because he says it so constant."

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If Biden loses in November, don't blame voters who are angry over Gaza | Arwa Mahdawi

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Big Surprise: Skeevy Trump, Old Joe Biden Win Michigan Primary!

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Three miscellaneous orders this morning on an Idaho execution. Still nothing on the immunity stay. 🤷‍♂️

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An anthropologist who studies extremism, human rights and genocide bought a ticket to CPAC to observe.

He found an audience that is entirely captive to Trump and does not believe any allegations of wrongdoing, criminal and otherwise, that the former president is accused of, and an event which toed an uneasy line between jocular and apocalyptic:
#GOP #CPAC #Trump #Election2024 #USPolitics

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opens w/huge lead in in early results

Joe Biden was leading 's Democratic presidential primary contest Tues, as expected, w/the against him pulling about 7% of the tally.

Biden had 88% of the vote, followed by 7% , 2% for Minnesota US Rep Dean Phillips & 2.4% for self-help guru Marianne Williamson, with 3% of precincts reporting.

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We're going to need a lot more #Democrats to #vote in the #GeneralElection than did in the #primary if we want #Biden to beat #trump. Look at the total number of votes.

Even if Biden picks up 100% of the "#uncommitted" & Trump only gets 50% of #Haley's, Trump still wins #Michigan.

#VoteBlue #Biden2024 #SwingState #democracy #autocracy #Tyranny #PowerOfThePeople

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@TruthSandwich thankfully it’s just the primary, I believe they’re smart & know would’ve allowed to immediately annihilate all not only in , but also in the . Anyone calling a Zionist & refusing to vote for him in the is giving a vote to Trump who is a full fledged & beholden to the who believe ’s possession of will bring the rapture.

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At some point we have to talk about how Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for far less than what Trump and his Republicans did and are still actively doing.

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That discussion has already started, though.
PFor me, from a point of view, only a will do, if is found guilty of and/or :

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